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Published: February 11, 2019

Six pack is a dream for many people. And many by weight loss usually mean they want to have a flat belly. As the fat in this area can be quite difficult to get rid off, you should improve your usual workout routine by adding some additional exercises to lose belly fat.

Great exercises to try

measuring scale and tape
With a personalized workout plan, you will easily reach your fitness goals

Not only that losing fat from your belly will make you look better it will also strengthen your muscles and have a good impact on your overall health. Therefore, by practicing some of the best fat burning workouts for men and women you will lose belly fat, improve your fitness and boost your metabolism and energy level.

Howeverkeep in mind that focusing only on abdominal exercises won’t allow you to reach your goal. Here are some exercises to try :

  • Crunches, of course.
  • Burpees.
  • Mountain climber.
  • Side planks.
  • Kettlebell exercises.
  • Dumbbell Lunges.
  • Bosu ball exercise.
  • Running, bicycling and walking.
  • HIIT workout routines also include many great exercises to lose belly fat.

Crunches – Top fat burning exercises

chrunces - onr of the the top exercises to lose belly fat
Combine various types of crunches

Even though we said doing just crunches won’t build you a six pack, it is definitely one of the workouts you need to practice.  And all personal trainers in Dubai will most likely include them in your regular workout routine. Therefore, here a few types of these exercises you need to add to your training sessions in order to burn the belly fat:

  • Regular crunches. – Lay flat, fend your knees and keep your feet on the ground. Keep your hands behind your back or on your chest.
  • Side crunches. -Be in the same position as for the regular crunches. Out your hands behind your head and tilt side by side (towards your knees)
  • Twist crunches. – This is a modified version of side crunches that will give effective results. Lay down, cross your legs (right ankle goes on your left knee, and otherwise).

Burpees are great exercises to lose belly fat

This a more intense fat loss workout that will help you activate different muscle groups at the same time. Go into the position for a push-up, stand up and jump. This exercise can be modified and you can add a side plank. This is a great workout for strengthening your core muscles. Therefore, we recommend you listen to your personal fitness trainer in Dubai and repeat the exercise. It is going to be tough, but the results will be great!

Mountain climber – a great exercise to lose belly fat

This exercise resembles a plank and will activate all of your core muscles. Try it out by going into the position for a plank and move your legs like you are climbing a steep mountain (by switch-jumping bring your knees toward your chest).

Side Planks

As a more challenging type of plank, these great exercises to lose belly fat will help you create a more intense workout routine. With your body balancing on only two points on the floor you will strengthen all of your core muscles.

Kettlebell fat burning workouts

woman with a kettlebell
Kettlebell will be a great tool for losing weight

A kettlebell is usually one of the most popular pieces of workout equipment. And for a good reason. You can use it for various exercises. here are two top exercises to try in order to get a waistline you want:

  • Kettlebell swings.
  • Turkish get up.

Dumbbell overhead lunges – burn belly fat with basic workout equipment

Use only one dumbbell and lift with the hand that is opposite to the leg you are bending forward. This exercise will only help you burn your belly fat but will also be good for your entire body.

Bosu ball plank

BOSU ball will test your balance, help you burn your belly fat, and build arm muscles.

Running and walking – Simple exercises to lose belly fat

In order to have successful fat burning workouts, you will need to include some of the best cardio exercises into your regular routine. This does not mean you will have to run a long distance each day. If you are a beginner and prefer talking walks rather than sweating in the gym, you can always just speed up the pace a bit. Walks like these will be good for your overall fitness as well, not just the fat loss. The same goes for bicycling. Therefore, if you have a busy schedule and don’t have enough time for long gym sessions, commit to riding your bicycle to work. Eco-friendly and healthy at the same time!

woman jogging
Don’t forget about cardio exercises to lose belly fat!

Have you heard about HIIT exercises? Lose belly fat with intensive training!

HIIT ( High-Intensity Interval training), even though a new workout routine, became a popular cardio exercise routine all over the World. Adding some of the best HIIT workouts to your regular training regime will help you improve your workouts and make them more fun. Therefore, by combing some of the best exercises to lose belly fat with HIIT, you will be able to create an intense workout routine that will allow you to reach your goals and build a six-pack.

What else do you need to know about losing belly fat?

Creating a good fat loss workout routine will be much more effective if you make sure your diet is healthy and you stay hydrated.

measuring scale
Proper nutrition and hydration are crucial to any workout routine

Make sure you make the whole process much easier and faster by following a few important guidelines:

  • Stay away from food with trans fat. This type of nutrition will only help you gain abdominal fat and have a bad impact on your overall health.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol. Besides all the obvious health risks that come with a large consumption of alcohol beverages, drinking too much can make you add more abdominal fat.
  • Make sure you are well hydrated and drink water throughout the day.
  • Plan your diet. High-Protein food is not only healthy, but it will also help you burn your belly fat.
  • Avoid sweets and sugar. Keep in mind that even some organic choices when it comes to sugar can make you gain more body fat.
  • Get enough sleep and improve your everyday lifestyle. Make sure you make healthier choices each day. By combining healthy habits with some of the best exercises to lose belly fat, you will be able to quickly start to notice an increased energy level and the results of your hard work.

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