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Published: September 12, 2021

You can hear a lot of complaints and excuses when it comes to working out. Everyone can take at least 15 or 20 minutes each day for this. And what is important to understand is that working out can help your entire body. Excuses such as work, family, and a lot of obligations are just excuses. Everyone can exercise daily, even if it means you need to wake up 20 minutes earlier. Exercises for the entire body with resistance will help you out in many ways. In the first place, you will be healthier. It will be much better when you exercise. There are different types of exercises, but the ones with full-body resistance band workouts are for sure the best ones. You can even consult with your cheap personal trainer Dubai about this.

Two people working out with resistance band.
Full-body resistance workout can be more fun than normal one.

Why is it important to work out with the resistance?

When you are working out, your whole body is working. Every muscle is getting the strenght it needs. But, when you are working out under the full-body resistance band workout, all of the muscles are working even more. By doing this, you are forcing your body more than usual when exercising. And when you are doing this, you are achieving your goals a lot faster than you are doing it normally. It is not only that. Your affordable personal trainer Dubai and many other will confirm your that you can get the better muscle or body shape if you choose the resistance method instead of the normal one. Of course, this all depends only on you and what you actually want. Once you figure out what is the best option for you, you can look for exercises and prepare.

Front squats with full-body resistance band workout

For many people, getting their legs and bottom in shape is principal. So, working on this part of your body but with full-body resistance is for sure much better. For this exercise, you will need to get a longer resistance band. Not too long, of course, because it won’t be useful. Get one that is half of your size, more or less. Now that you have it, the exercise is very simple. All you have to do is put one part of the resistance band on the floor and step on it with both feet.

Don’t put your legs in the same width as your shoulder, but a bit wider. Now pull the resistance band and secure it on your shoulder. Once you are set, it is time to do the squats. You will be the one to decide how many times you want to do it and repeat it. There is something very similar to this exercise. It is basically the same, you just extend your arms completely. First, do a squat, and as you stand back up, put your arms over you and make a full resistance on your body. It is even more efficient.

Guy stretching the resistance band.
Find the proper size of resistance band for you.

Don’t forget to do the biceps curls

If the legs are not the favorite and the most important body part for working out then that must be the arms. This is usually the favorite for guys, but it can be common among the girls as well. The process of setting up the resistance band is similar to the one for front squatting. But this time, you won’t do the squats, and the band resistance needs to be a bit smaller.

Set up everything as for the previous exercise. Instead of putting it on your shoulders, hold it lower with only one hand. Now, pull the hand up. You need to feel the resistance in your biceps muscle ass you pull and put your hand down.
Another exercise for your biceps, and at the same time for your shoulders might seem easy, even though it is not. For this one, you need to simply stand still and put your legs the same way as for the previous exercises. Once you do it, bend a tiny bit in your knees.

Take the resistance band and put it behind your back while you stretch your arms widely. Now when you are sure the resistance band is secured, slowly put your arms in front of you, still extending them. It might seem a bit weird at first, but soon enough you will feel the change. You can ask your personal coach Dubai for more exercises related to biceps.

The best thing about doing the full-body resistance band workout is that you can mix it and combine it with the exercises

The best thing about working out with the resistance band is that you can combine it with any kind of exercise. You can still make your normal weekly plans and workout as you already planed. Just from time to time, add a resistance band into those exercises. For instance, instead of doing normal bridge, do it with the band. Just loop it above your knees, on your ties. Or while you are doing the lateral walk. This is the best thing about working out with the resistance. You are not changing anything. And at the same time, you are making your workouts better and efficient.

Many people are scared of injuries and things related to that. But there is no reason for it. If you are doing the exercise normally and proper, there is nothing to be afraid of. It is easy to hurt yourself even without resistance if you don’t exercise correctly. When you want to have a healthy lifestyle, this is one part of it as well.

Girl stretching out in the gym.
Make sure your stretch out well before any exercise.

What are you waiting for? Get yourself a resistance band

Now once you finally realize why resistance band is a positive and good innovation in your daily exercising, it is time for you to get one. There are a thousand types and models of it. And you can combine and get multiple ones. Or simply for the beginning borrow it from the gym until you realize which one you want the most. Once you figure it out, buy it in the store with gym equipment, or do it purchase it online. However you decide to purchase it, it is not what matters. Just get it as soon as possible, so you can start exercising better.


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