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Published: April 11, 2019

Going to the gym for the first time can not only be intimidating but also overwhelming. Seeing all of those gym machines and not being sure where to start can have a bad effect on your motivation and self-esteem. However, there is a way to avoid any stress and start your beginners’ workout sessions properly. All you have to do is research a bit in advance and follow a few simple, yet important gym tips our exercise experts have prepared for you.

Set your goals

Whether you want to exercise on your own or are looking to hire a freelance personal trainer Dubai the very first thing you need to do when planning your workout routine is to set your goals.

a professional gym
Incorporate your gym sessions into our everyday schedule

One of the most common mistakes any gym beginner makes is setting unrealistic goals. Driven by the motivation to improve their health, appearance and overall fitness, people tend to create an exercise routine that can be difficult to maintain. In order to avoid losing the motivation and ensure you reach your goals, you will need to create a workout routine that can easily be incorporated into your busy everyday lifestyle. Set your goals and create a timeline for achieving them.

Consider hiring a personal trainer for the professional gym tips

a coach giving gym tips at a workout session
Hire an expert to help you reach your goals

If you are a beginner that’s searching for the best way to achieve your gym goals, hiring a professional fitness trainer in Dubai can be the best solution for you. With the help of a trained and experienced exercise expert, you will be able to exercise at the time and gym that suits you the most. All while improving your health and reaching your fitness goals in a safe and efficient way.

Choose your personal trainer wisely

Just by being licensed and experienced, a specific personal trainer doesn’t necessarily represent the best choice for you. You need to keep in mind that you will be spending a lot of time with your trainer. Therefore, you need someone you can trust and enjoy working out with.

Here are a few important guidelines to  follow when looking for the best trainer:

  • Research and find licensed personal trainers in your area.
  • Evaluate their services, and compare their prices and recommendations.
  • Find a trainer that has flexible work hours and is willing to train you at the gym of your choice.
  • Pay close attention to your trainers’ specialties. Search for trainers that can provide you with services and gym tips that will meet your expectations and needs.

Hiring a personal trainer will not only provide you with guidelines and tips you need as a gym beginner. A professional private fitness instructor will also advise and motivate you on the best ways to create a healthy lifestyle and improve your eating and everyday habits. Your trainer will follow your progress and adapt and improve your workout regular exercise routine.

Improve your diet

The best gym tips you need to learn, go beyond just a basic workout routine. In order to work out efficiently, you will need to make some changes to your everyday habits. Improving your diet is the most important one.

Proper nutrition will boost your metabolism, energy level, improve your health and help your body to recover from exercise sessions. Therefore, planning and preparing your meals in advance can help you reach your fitness goals much faster.

healthy food
Improve your diet to help you reach your gym goals

People often think that eating healthy is expensive and that they need to hire costly nutrition experts in order to ensure they have a balanced diet. However, with some research and a few professional tips from your personal trainer, you will be able to educate yourself on the best ways to plan your meals. Therefore, don’t be shy, ask your trainers for some guidelines and look for online tutorials on how to make healthy meals quickly and easily. There are many great online sources like YouTube, that you can go to for step-by-step guidelines and healthy recipes.

Make this process simple. Write down your weekly meal plans ahead. Therefore, you will be able to do grocery shopping in advance and save time on deciding what to cook. Avoid eating out and pack your meals for work. This may seem time-consuming at the beginning. However, when you get used to planning your meals in advance, you will be able to prepare your food much quicker and have complete control over your calorie intake.

Results take time – One of the most important gym tips you need to learn

Gym beginners tend to get highly motivated at the beginning and create unrealistic exercise plans. Not only that this can be dangerous it is also not sustainable for your long term fitness goals. Therefore, keep in mind that losing weight, improving your strength and health will take time. Don’t rush and focus on creating a regular work out routine that you can follow for a long time. This process should be about becoming a more healthy, fit and a stronger person.

Exercising should be fun!

Ok, some of you might think that this was an overstatement. However, after you learn the basics of working out properly you should ensure you enjoy your workout sessions. Therefore, try out different exercise routines. Hire a boxing trainer in Dubai for the more intense exercising regime or look for yoga classes if you prefer stretching exercise.

a woman smiling
Don’t push yourself. Choose a routine you enjoy

Don’t make yourself follow a routine you don’t like. By making your workouts fun, you will fall in love with exercising regularly and look forward to your next training session.

Feeling tired? Rest, don’t quite

Find time for yourself. Unwind and relax. Giving your body time to recover and rest is one of the most important gym tips we can provide you with. Make sure you sleep enough and find time to do things you enjoy like taking walks, reading books or going to a beach.

woman sleeping
Find time to relax and unwind

Need more help than just gym tips?

Asking for help and guidance is important. Especially if you are a beginner. Therefore, make sure you find trainer health and exercise professional you can go to for additional gym tips. Find a trainer and follow a  blog with information on working out in Dubai, that can provide you with reliable information.


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