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Published: June 7, 2019

Martial arts can be a great way for your children to learn discipline, focus, and respect. It’s a positive and healthy activity that matches their interests. But, with so many choices when it comes to martial arts for kids, it’s sometimes difficult to choose. Each discipline requires slightly different skills. And involves different movements and techniques. And each one has a different type of discipline and philosophy. To find the best one you need to talk with a personal trainer for kids. He or she will explain the differences and strong-points of each sport. Also, talk to your children. And see which one matches their interests. It’s very important to get to know both the trainer and the sport before you commit your kids to it. As it will most likely shape them for the years to come.

The benefits of martial arts for kids

There are many different benefits when it comes to martial arts for kids. The first and obvious one is physical activity. With most kids these days spending an increasing amount of time in front of a screen, physical activity is needed more than ever. And martial arts offer a great way of spending that extra energy. There are also many other positive aspects of martial arts. They teach kids discipline and focus. And aid in healthy brain development. On top of that, they provide your children with a healthy social activity. A place where they can learn and meet others their age.

kids exercising
Exercising is one of the great ways for your kid to spend their energy!

Will martial arts make your kids more aggressive?

Many parents fear that enrolling their kids in martial arts classes will make them more aggressive. And while the fear is understandable it’s unfounded. Most, if not all, martial arts for kids focus on providing a positive benefit to kids. They teach everything but aggression. Aside from other benefits of combat sports, martial arts promote discipline above all else. They teach kids about the negative consequences of bullying and train them to remain calm in stressful situations. So, no, martial arts don’t make kids more aggressive. On the contrary. They make them less aggressive by providing them with tools that boost their focus, attention, and self-confidence.

Start by finding the right studio for martial arts for kids

Your search for the appropriate martial arts for kids should start with a search for a good martial arts studio. It’s very important to find the one that corresponds with your beliefs and values. As each studio has it’s own philosophy and culture. While most of the studios focus on teaching kids about discipline and respect, they go about in different ways. And it’s important that you and your kids agree with the methods. So, if for example, your kid prefers kickboxing, you should look up a kickboxing personal trainer Dubai and reach about him or her. See what others say about the classes. Talk to other parents whose kids are enrolled. And if you are satisfied, visit a class before enrolling your kids.

Visit a few martial art classes for kids to find an appropriate one

It’s important that you, as a parent, know what martial arts classes for kids look like. Many parents hesitate to enroll their kids into martial art classes fearing that it will make them more violent. But, once you visit a class you will see that it does everything but that. So, start by looking for a few different classes. If your kid prefers karate, then look for best karate classes in Dubai. If not, you can search for various martial arts, from Judo to Aikido. Read up on them and find a few of them that are close by and that you like. Then, go and talk to the trainer. You can maybe even stay for one class and observe how it goes. That will give you valuable insight into the process and benefits of it.

Trainers are important

No matter which sport or martial art you choose, it’s important that the trainer is someone you align with. He or she will be the main factor in your child’s development. Trainers are often role models for kids. Especially when it comes to martial arts, as they teach much more than sets of moves. A personal trainer Dubai will be the person teaching your kids about right and wrong. Trainers teach about discipline, patience, and many other things. And they form the bases for healthy physical and mental development.

a person with kids exercising martial arts for kids
Trainers are a very important figure for your kids

Which martial arts are the best for your kids?

With so many different martial arts for kids out there, it’s sometimes difficult to choose the right one. And that choice falls on you and your kid’s preferences. Here are some of the most popular martial arts that might help you choose the right one for your kids.

Tae Kwon Do

The focus of Tae Kwon Do is on striking, kicking and blocking. It also involves a lot of jumping and spinning, which make it very interesting to kids. It emphasizes friendly competition in both classes and tournaments.

The main benefit to kids is that it teaches them respect, both for themselves and other students in the class. Kids are tough about the connection between the body and the mind by using various breathing techniques. It’s best for kids age 5 to 12.


Karate is probably one of the most popular martial arts forms in the world. And just like Tae Kwon Do, it involves striking, blocking and kicking. The big emphasis of Karate is self-defense. It helps kids by providing a safe space to spend energy. And it’s structured progress teaches kids about how to obtain their goals. It’s best for ages 6 to 10.

Karate as one of the martial arts for kids
Karate is the most popular martial art among kids!


Judo is one martial arts form that puts a big emphasis on good efficiency. It’s focused less on strength and much more on mental control. It’s a very powerful exercise for kids. And similar to Karate it provides great goal-achieving process. It’s considered one of the safest martial arts for kids. Therefore, kids can start as early as the age of 4.  

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