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Published: November 21, 2019

One of the main issues we are facing nowadays is the fact that children are not spending enough time outdoors. The technological advancements have pushed children to stick to screens rather than to play outside. This is a drastic change when I was a kid. Our parents used to push us out, as often as possible. Now, this is rather different. The good news is, if your kids are starting to become constant couch potatoes, you could always have a personal trainer for kids push them to do outdoor activities for children. 

These outdoor activities can vary greatly, but they all come down to having your kids perform movements that will help their growth and development. The less time they spend sitting in front of a computer, or a tablet, the better it is for them! This goes beyond when there is professional spending this time with them, helping them do exercises that will be good for their join growth, as well as overall body development. So, what are the best outdoor activities for children, with or without a personal trainer?

walking in the nature is one of the best outdoor activities for children
Make exercising fun with great outdoor activities!

#1 Outdoor activities for children – good ole ‘go play outside’

In spite of what many experts would say and think, many years ago there were no ‘experts’. Yet, kids grew up healthy and strong. This was due to a good diet without too many processed sugars, and because of outdoor activities for children that are spontaneous. Kids used to spend time outside climbing trees, playing football or simply running around. Getting dirty, and their knees scruffed was the name of the game. And it was good for them. It was really good for them. They used to get a lot of fresh air, and they did what kids do. And this is something all the kids should do!

Granted, this was never led by any professionals. It was just kids being kids. But people saying that this cannot be achieved without professionals is the same as when they suggest sugar-free diets that exclude fruits. This is absolutely preposterous. People have been eating fruits since the beginning of time, but obesity is something present since maybe 100 years ago, so there is no connection. Hence, whatever you wish to do, like some extra activities, your kids should be outside and playing. They should be climbing trees, falling down, running around and playing in the mud. It’s good for their growth and development, its good for their immune system and they will actually make friends.

#2 Outdoor activities for children – add an extra sport event

The important part of this bit is to figure out what your kid actually might like. Pushing him or her into a sport that is not interesting to them might create a counter effect. But, if you can discover something that they love – you hit the jackpot. This can really vary, from football to the best karate classes in Dubai. There should be something out there for them. But if this were to be added to their list of outdoor activities – it will be brilliant. Whichever sport you decide upon, though, should be with groups for kids and trainers that are specialized in children. All routines are very different for kids and adults. The approach is also very different. This is why you don’t really want to push them into an adult group.

Kids boxing
Let your children choose the sport they like the most

They need to learn how to do all the heavy movement properly so that they don’t hurt themselves. The second thing they are learning is discipline. This is something they will most likely not pick up in an adult group. If sports, as such, are not really something your kids are attracted to you can always try with finding Zumba classes in Dubai. Zumba is absolutely amazing for the development of your kids. Granted, it may not be amongst outdoor activities for children, but it is definitely something worth looking into.

#3 Go on hiking adventures!

It doesn’t always have to be sports or games. Hiking is an amazing way to do outdoor activities for children, and to bond with the kids as well! This unique opportunity will allow you to spend time in nature, together. You could go camping, long hikes or even bicycle routes. Not only do you get your kids to spend time outside, and to do physical activities, but you get to do them together! Bonding time spent this way is the best time you could hope to have. Plus, it’s one of the best free things you could do in Dubai!

#4 If you have a dog…

If you have a dog, this is a brilliant reason to have your kid out of the house and doing outdoor stuff at least once a day! The dog needs to go out at least twice a day, and there is a great mixture of positive outcomes for your kid and this responsibility. First, you get your child to actually develop a sense of responsibility, as well as to go into nice long walks or runs with your dog.

A girl playing with a dog
Kids with dogs tend to like spending time outdoors more

The pattern is recognizable. Your child should spend as much time outdoors as possible. Walking, running, doing sports, climbing trees, playing football, it doesn’t matter. It should be done outside, and it should be done frequently. Video game time should be limited. Kids are losing their way spending too much time playing games, and too little time doing sports. This is how obesity snuck into our lives. So, stimulate your kids to go outside and play. They will have a lot of fun and it will be the best thing you could do for them!

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