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When a lady is pregnant, she often has problems with her lower back because of all the weight that is now concentrated in the belly area. As beautiful as carrying a baby may be, it is very exhausting and affects the female body in many ways. One of them is the said pain that can be quite persistent and very irritating. Luckily, there are certain, so-called, pregnancy lower back pain relief exercises that can help you. We, as experts, from Dubai PT have chosen a few of the mentioned exercises that we believe will help you most.

Our pregnancy lower back pain relief exercises are completely safe and recommended as well

Except in cases where a woman is experiencing a more delicate or perhaps problematic pregnancy, these exercises are completely safe. They are not complicated nor are they difficult to do. The only purpose back pain exercises have is to help you get rid of that horrible feeling. Many women cannot sleep, eat, sit, stand, or do anything at all because of this type of pain. It is all because, during this period of 9 months, a woman quickly, and unevenly gains a lot of weight in her tummy. As long as 9 months sound, this kind of weight gain is actually very fast and unexpected for the body. Some ladies are simply more sensitive than others and, therefore, have a harder time carrying out their pregnancies.

A woman holding her belly with love.
Before your baby comes into this world, you will probably have some painful days, weeks, and even months. The good thing is that you can do something about them.

This is nothing uncommon or anything to be ashamed of. In fact, in the world that we live in today, every woman is battling her own problems when it comes to having a child, and back pain is often the easiest one to solve. Many opt for pregnancy yoga Dubai women tend to recommend as effective. Others decide on a different approach. Therefore, to continue, we will now see what can you do to help yourself feel a little bit better.

The pregnancy lower back pain relief exercises we recommend to you

You will see that these exercises are good for you even if you do not have back pain and are not even pregnant. They are universally useful and helpful. Many personal trainers would recommend them as an addition to your workout regime, or similar.


Stretches are actually one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body. Of course, a lady with a baby in her belly probably should not do the same stretches as a lady who is not pregnant, at least in most cases. Still, she can still do certain ones that will help her and not put her pregnancy in jeopardy. For example, you can give your back a stretch by doing the following. Start on your hands and knees but please place a pillow underneath your belly. Your hands should be in front of your head, just a little, and your knees should be wide apart. Slowly sit back as far as you can without pressuring your stomach and stretch your arms as far as you can in order to feel a stretching sensation in your spine. This can help you a lot.

Two women doing pregnancy lower back pain relief exercises.
There are many pregnancy lower back pain relief exercises you can do as a pregnant lady. Some of them involve stretching.

Wall squats

This one seems fairly easy and it is if you do not overdo it. Remember that each of these exercises is something you should practice according to your possibilities and depending on how you are feeling. Stand with your hands, shoulders, and back glued to the wall. You should position your knees to be at a 90-degree angle, for starters. Once you do that, move your feet just a little bit forward so that you can have your balance. You will feel it when you get it right. This posture should be more or less comfortable but should not have too much pressure on your feet. If it does, they are too far away from the wall.

The 90degree angle is the angle of your squat but the starting position is the one you have when you stand up without moving your feet. Do this a few times and take breaks. You will feel lovely but remember to stop if it turns out to be too much for you.

The cardiovascular exercises

Believe it or not, these are considered as fantastic for the entire body. Pregnancy lower back pain relief exercises can and should be cardiovascular exercises because they have many benefits indeed. If you are wondering what exactly is a cardiovascular exercise, allow us to explain simply. Anything that increases your heart rate for a certain period of time, in a normal manner, is considered as such an exercise.

This means, biking, walking, and especially swimming. All of these are extremely beneficial and are recommended to most women in their pregnancies. Yet, be aware that these will probably make you very hungry and you should watch what you eat while pregnant because that can, but not necessarily, affect weight and then affect your lower back. You would be going in circles.

A pregnant lady talking a walk in the park.
If you speed up your walking, you will be doing a cardiovascular exercise while enjoying the park and some wonderful fresh air.

A word of caution

There are situations where a pregnant lady cannot do any kind of sudden or effort-demanding movement at all. These ladies should be in constant contact with their doctors and avoid doing anything without their approval. There are many things you should and should not do when exercising pregnant, make sure you are well informed before making a mistake you can regret greatly.

Those were the pregnancy lower back pain relief exercises we recommend and we hope that they will do you good

We have given you three different pregnancy lower back pain relief exercises because you can, then, choose to do all of them or only some which you like the most. It is important for you to feel safe and comfortable while doing these because, otherwise, they will not be serving their purpose. Be kind to yourself and we wish you good luck. 

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