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Published: September 17, 2019

Is it impossible for you to imagine a day where you won’t go jogging and breathing in the fresh air? If you live for that morning or evening jog and you cannot imagine your workout routine without it, we have some good news for you! We did the necessary research and found the best running tracks in Dubai! Whether the temperatures and rising or dropping, these tracks are the perfect place to get your daily dose of exercises while also being in the company of like-minded people. Well, sign us up!

The Dubai Marina is a place with picturesque views

If we were to pick one track that we are sure graces every list of the best running tracks in Dubai, this would be it! For starters, have you seen the Dubai Marina? It’s a gorgeous place filled with high-rise buildings, and it’s what makes it one of the most popular neighborhoods in Dubai. That’s why we can hardly imagine a better place for you to train. Whether running is a part of your Crossfit training meaning it’s intense, or you are just looking to build up some stamina, you can rest assured the Dubai Marina views will keep you going by keeping you motivated. All that sounds perfect, but we do have to admit this track does have one flaw.

The Dubai Marina - one of the best running tracks in Dubai.
The Dubai Marina is going to take your breath away – just like running.

And the flaw is that this isn’t a dedicated synthetic running track. A lot of people do use it for running, but you may also encounter a few pedestrians walking by while admiring the view. Although, is that really such a big flaw when you think about it? We don’t think so!

Jumeirah Beach running track is one of the best running tracks in Dubai by anyone’s standards

How perfect would it be if you could take a brisk jog before work enjoying the sounds of the ocean while letting the waves calm your whole body? Dubai actually has one such place, and it’s right at the beautiful Jumeirah beach. In fact, if you were to ask any private fitness instructor Dubai based to recommend you a good running track, we have no doubt this one would come up. Why is everyone in love with the Jumeirah Beach running track?

This 7km running track stretches from Jumeirah Beach Hotel all the way to Sunset Beach. That means you have 7km of beautiful views and calming sounds. If you feel like you are ready for a real challenge, why not try to head back the track once you reach one end? That would mean you just ran 14km which would be a fantastic result. Although, we are guessing you might feel sore for a day or two after it.

Looking for some luxury? Then the Burj Park running track is the perfect one for you!

For a lot of people, luxury is the first association they have for Dubai when they think about it. And those who choose the Burj Park running track certainly don’t mind the luxurious feeling. Located in the posh Downtown Dubai, this 5km track provides amazing views of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall. Such views certainly have the power to improve your workouts by allowing you to exercise in the midst of beautiful surroundings. But there is something else that makes this track one of the best running tracks in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa at night.
Looking for a workout with a view? What’s better than basking at Burj Khalifa in all its glory?

The Burj Park running track is a dog-friendly place. If you like working out with your furry friend, this is the place where both of you can get loose. So to speak. We wouldn’t wait a minute longer if we were you!

The Dubai Creek Park running track

Parks have always been great places for both running and hiking. Every city has a park which is always filled with joggers and people who are exercising for all different purposes. From training for a marathon to just relaxing after a long day at work, the natural scenery is always good for everyone. Especially if that scenery is as amazing as the one you can find in Dubai Creek Park! Here, you can run, jog, or have a power walk while admiring Dubai’s skyline. If you happen to feel adventurous, you can choose to run along a creek or even hop on an abra ride. The only thing that could be a disadvantage when it comes to this park is the entrance fee.

You have to pay a fee of AED 5, which could make some people look for an alternative running track. But in our opinion, the great jog you are about to have is well worth that money.

Mamzar Beach running track – the best running track in Dubai away from all the hustle and bustle

Characterized as one of the best running tracks for families and Dubai’s residents who are living away from the heart of the city, the Mamzar Beach running track is a synthetic track that stretches for 4km. Due to its location and nature, it’s quite a common sight to see kids playing on the track when passing by. For some, that’s a wonderful and motivating thing. And others would prefer a track with runners only. We guess it all depends on your personality type.

Two boys playing in a pond.
Families love the Mamzar Beach running track.

However, it still can’t be denied that the Mamzar Beach running track is one of the best running tracks in Dubai. Especially if you are living near the Mamzar lagoon and don’t feel like traveling for a whole hour for a 15-minute jog. The beach is one of the most popular public beaches in Dubai and it even has some gym equipment! What more could you need for your workout? Great sights, calming sounds, and FREE gym equipment await. In our book, that’s more than enough to get out of just one place! Don’t you agree?


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