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Exercising is important. It doesn’t matter if you are 10 or 110. There are many benefits to having a proper daily exercise. It can be as little as taking a walk or even as much as going to the gym to workout. But, for senior exercise routines, we have to take into consideration many factors. Such as age, body condition and endurance. That’s why they are a little bit lighter then they would be for someone who is 20 years old. But they are, never the less, equally important. If not more so.

Why is it important to follow senior exercise routines

Exercising makes our bodies and minds healthy. And it’s important to have a proper exercise routine throughout our life. Senior exercise routines are even more important. Aside from making you stronger and improving your balance and flexibility, there are also many mental health benefits of exercising as well. From preventing heart disease to allowing you to be mobile and more confident about yourself. It’s recommended to workout at least 150 minutes a week. That way you will get most of the benefits of exercises. And not overexert yourself while doing so. You will feel much better, both physically and mentally. And have more confidence in yourself and your abilities.

importance of senior exercise routines
With regular exercise, you will be able to be more flexible and have more strength

Benefits of senior exercise routines

There are many benefits associated with regular senior exercise routines. Both physical and mental ones. They are great for preventing many diseases that come with old age. As well as good for your overall self-esteem. And it doesn’t matter if you worked out in the past or not. It’s never too late to hire freelance personal trainer Dubai and start. You will both feel good about yourself and be able to do much more than before. You will stay vital and healthy.

Reduce the risk of heart diseases with exercises

One of the most important reasons why seniors should exercise regularly is heart disease. Chances for a heart attack and other heart-related problems increase with age. So, doing light senior exercise routines is highly beneficial in that regard. And when you balance working out with a healthy diet, you will have little to worry about. Exercising regularly and eating properly will lower the level of bad cholesterol. And it will also make your heart stronger and more durable. A heart is just another muscle in our body. And with regular exercises, it too gets stronger.

Reduce blood pressure

Another important benefit of senior exercise routines is the reduced blood pressure at the elderly. It’s something almost every senior has problems with. Since it mostly comes with age. But, with regular exercises, it will be much easier to control it. And keep it in check. That’s because the harder the heart has to work to pump the blood, the more strain you put on it. But, with a stronger heart, it will be able to do its job without “breaking a sweat”.

benefits of senior exercise routines
There are many benefits to senior exercises. From improved stability to better endurance

Better stability and flexibility

With old age come many different conditions that make life harder. And one of those is a lesser balance. But, with regular exercises, you will be able to be as stable as ever. And that can have many other positive consequences. First of all, it will be a major boost to your self-confidence. By staying fit you will considerably improve your quality of life.  You will be able to do more, without worrying about falling down and injuring yourself.

Some of the best senior exercise routines

Now that you know what all the benefits are, it’s time to dive a little bit deeper into the exercises themselves. It’s recommended to have at least 150 minutes per week of exercise. To do harder exercises 5 days a week and to rest for two of them. That way you will steadily gain strength and stability while avoiding injuries during exercises. On those two rest days, you can still do some light exercises, like walking or training your balance. But it’s important to take it slow.


Walking is one of the most underrated exercises out there. While it might not seem like much, it’s a great way to boost your health and even lose weight. It’s not hard to do. You don’t need any special equipment. And yet, there are many benefits to walking. From improved stability to much greater endurance. All you have to do is set aside at least half an hour do to some light walking. You can do it in a park, on a beach or even through your neighborhood.

walking exercise
Walking is a great exercise and can be done just about anywhere

Stretching exercises

Stretching exercises are very important, no matter how old you are. They improve our flexibility and make us feel really good. And there are many ways to do them. You can look for pilates classes in Dubai to workout in a group. Or you can do them alone, at home. They will improve your flexibility and make you much more agile. That way, crouching or tieing your shoes won’t seem like such a hard thing to do.

Water exercise routines

Water is truly one of the most giving resources on our planet. We literally couldn’t live without it. But, when it comes to senior exercise routines, it’s also quite beneficial. Especially to those who haven’t worked out before. It will allow you to slowly get into working out. Without it being too difficult. It’s easier to balance in it and gives your muscles a healthy dose of resistance. You can either do water aerobics or swim or just walk through water.

hiking as exercise for seniors
Hiking is a great way to improve your overall health and have a good time


Once you go through your senior exercise routines, you might start to feel bored. That’s natural. Doing the same exercises over and over again can be exhausting. That’s why it’s a good idea to switch things up a little bit. Hiking is beneficial to many areas of the body. Not just your muscles. But your lungs and bones as well. And not to mention that you will feel great while walking through nature. It’s a fun and social activity that will keep you both entertained and in a good physical condition.

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