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Published: April 4, 2019

The question of the best time to exercise is almost as intriguing as the chicken-egg conundrum. Many people believe the mornings to be most effective when it comes to exercising, while some prefer evenings. Why is the choice usually between mornings and evenings? Well, that’s when most people can set aside time to work out. That is, they exercise either before or after their job. Here are the benefits to both morning and evening workouts which will help you decide what the best time to exercise is for you.

Is the morning the best time to exercise?

Well, in all honesty, the morning could be the best time to exercise. Why? Because there are truly many, many benefits. And really, if you’re more of a morning person, you’re more likely to get up in the morning to exercise than to wait all day to get to the gym. Here are some of the benefits of morning workouts that you may not have thought of.

You get a healthy domino effect

When you work out early in the morning, psychologically, you will feel much better afterward. Exercise, in general, has a great effect on our mental state and this actually may be the perfect way to start your day. With an early-morning release of dopamine, you’re bound to feel happier throughout the day. Also, exercise makes us feel energized, which is something you definitely need if you’re spending your day at work.

You’re also more likely to eat a healthy breakfast after you’ve worked out. This tiny thing you did in the morning can cause a healthy chain reaction when it comes to your choices throughout the day. Instead of drinking coffee, you’re more likely to drink a healthy shake and eat a healthy snack. In addition to the healthy food you’ll choose, you’ll also drink more water.

A plate full of vegetables
Morning exercise is the perfect start of a healthy day

There are no crowds 

If you’re not too keen on fighting for a machine at the gym, mornings may be the best time to exercise for you. Really, there are much fewer people going to the gym in the morning than in the evening. Just take a look at all those options and take your pick. When there are too many people at the gym, not going on the desired gym device can mess up your exercise plan. This, in turn, can put a wrench in your entire carefully thought-out workout process. That is why mornings are great. Fewer people means more devices for you.

Less chance of distractions

How many times have you skipped going to the gym because something popped up after work? You had to take your kids somewhere, or you went on a business meeting that went a bit too long. Things happen and sometimes, we have to adjust at the expense of going to the gym. However, if you exercise before work, there is much less chance of having such distractions. This leaves you plenty of time to run, ride a bicycle or do yoga. Exercising in the morning is one of the ways you can include workouts into a busy lifestyle, which is something many of us need.

Is the evening the best time to exercise?

As we’ve seen, there are convincing arguments when it comes to exercising in the morning. Going for a chain reaction of good feelings and good choices certainly seems compelling to announce the morning as the best time to exercise. But, what about the evening? Are there any benefits to exercising in the evening? Well, of course, there are, and here are some of them.

You let go of all that accumulated stress

After a busy day at the office, many people need something to get rid of all that excess stress. Stress can cause numerous health issues, such as headaches, muscle problems, digestive problems, etc. In short, without releasing it, we risk harming our bodies. That is why the evening can be the best time to exercise. Working out is one of the best ways of actually winding down. And, you can choose some types of exercise that will surely help you with that. You can take up kickbox classes or even go to boxing classes Dubai for ladies. The point is to get rid of all that accumulated stress for a much, much healthier life.

Man sitting in front of computer, frowning
Exercise decreases stress levels

Evening exercises are great for building muscles

If you’re not a morning person, but you’re currently working out in the morning, there are much higher chances that you’re not doing your exercises the correct way. Also, there is a higher chance of injury if you’re sluggish and sleepy in the morning. If you exercise in the evening, you’ve already provided your body with fuel, i.e. food. Your body is much better prepared to deal with strenuous exercise in the evening. In the morning, you may be simply going through the motions, while in the evening, you’re actually putting in the effort.

Some research has shown that it is best to do fat burning workouts in the morning. On the other hand, it is best to do strength exercises in the evening. That is, it has been proven that muscular function actually increases throughout the afternoon. Therefore, if you want to build up muscles, then the evening is the best time to exercise. You’ll be able to push yourself further and reach your goal sooner.

You sleep better

You can have a much better sleep if you work out in the evening. There was a misconception going around that evening exercise might mess up your sleep. But, a recent study showed that if you exercise about one and a half hour before going to bed, you will actually fall asleep faster. Also, after exercise, your sleep will be much less fitful and much healthier. You will feel more rested in the mornings and this will also provide you with a good start of the day.

Woman sleeping holding blue pillow
Evening exercise leads to much better sleep

So, what is the best time to exercise?

When it comes to choosing the best time to exercise, the choice is all yours. There are benefits to both choices, it simply depends on what your goals and desires are. However, the best piece of advice we can give you is – don’t go against yourself! If you’re a morning person, then, by all means, exercise in the morning. But, if you take forever to wake up and you feel sluggish afterward, then maybe the evening workouts somewhere outdoors in Dubai are for you. Choose wisely, and when you do, make sure to listen to your body.

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