Best vitamins for muscle growth and repair

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Ask any fitness instructor Dubai and they will all tell you, unanimouslyyour workout is only as good as your diet.  This piece of advice is not something you should take lightly. There is a very good reason they all say it, we will have to agree with every letter in that saying. Your workout will only show results if your diet is right. In fact, if you were split between choosing either to have a good workout or a good diet – we’d say go for the proper diet. However, the two go shoulder to shoulder, and this is why we will be talking about the best vitamins for muscle growth and repair. These vitamins and other nutrients are, you guessed it, mostly coming from the food you chose to eat!

We will try not to smother you with too much chemical lingo, and try to stick to the foods from which you will be able to extract the best vitamins for muscle growth and repair. It is not difficult to eat these foods. On the contrary, it is easier than you’d think. Granted, some of the food will not taste as your favorite food in the world, but it is worth it! This is the food that creates results, and a year from now when you turn around and look at the ‘before and after’ photos, you’ll be happy this food was here for the journey! So, let’s break it down into what you should eat, or at least strive to eat.

Best vitamins for muscle growth and repair come from food!

When we start listing the nutrients and vitamins, your reaction will be ‘hey I knew this one’! The thing is, it is no rocket science. Most of these things you know and will remember many foods that contain them. This makes it even easier, for there is no exotic, rare-to-find, fruit on this list. It is all your common everyday ingredients. So, let’s dig into the list!

Many of the necessary vitamins can be found in everyday vegetables and fruit. They are, in fact, very rich in vitamins!


If we say Calcium, are you surprised? This is one of the things you must have heard of. This is the thing your grandparents would chase you around for. “Drink your milk, you need to strengthen your bones”! Yep, this little thing that they chased you with is called Calcium, and it does exactly that. It has a massive role to play in strengthening your bones and teeth. Muay Thai training Dubai explains just how relevant bone strength is for this sport, considering that most contact is made with none other than bone.

But, how does bone strength help with muscle growth and repair? Well, another cool side of calcium is the fact that it is responsible for muscle contraction and energy metabolism. Furthermore, several studies have shown that a lack of calcium can cause your body to start creating calcitriol, a hormone responsible for storing fat in your body. And we surely don’t want that.

Mostly, calcium comes from cheese, almonds, sardines, and yogurt.

Vitamin D

In contrast with the previous section, vitamin D is mostly connected to calcium. Look at our body as a piece of art, but also as a very complex mechanism. If one bolt is loose, you could have the entire mechanism running slow.

This is where vitamin D comes into play. It is that one bolt, that initially may look insignificant but is fundamental to a well-operating unit. You need to take a daily amount, every day. If you have problems with discipline, it is similar to disciplining yourself to exercise. Vitamin D is responsible for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Not enough vitamin D and your calcium, taken from the above-mentioned sources, will turn into fat and useless nutrients. This vitamin is what holds it together.

Vitamin D is coming from mostly oily fish, oil (coconut and olive), eggs, yogurt, sunflower seeds, and sun.

woman sunbathing
One of the best sources of vitamin D is the sun.

Vitamin C

One of those vitamins that are everywhere and used for everything is vitamin C. And it is always good, no matter what type of supplementation you take – take vitamin C. Ever since we were kids, we used to listen about Vitamin C and its impervious importance for every aspect of life.

Well, whether you want to hear it or not, vitamin C is also a very important supplement for working out. As important as workout tips and tricks, vitamin C is an all-star. So important that it easily made the list of best vitamins for muscle growth and repair. You simply can’t move anywhere without the need for it. But what does it do?

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that mostly helps you process carbs the right way. What does this mean? You can process carbs to simply allow them to run through your system, or you could metabolize carbs to use them for energy. How well you do this is based on the amount of Vitamin C in your body.  Additionally, vitamin C helps and allows your body to absorb iron, which is impervious to your workout quality.

Vitamin C comes from almost all citrus fruits as well as broccoli and green peppers.

citrus fruit
Citrus fruit has plenty of vitamin C and is pretty tasty!

Vitamin B12

Last but not least on our list of best vitamins for muscle growth and repair comes vitamin B12. This very complex vitamin is potentially one of the most important ones as it is responsible for the forming of red blood cells and making sure that the food you take in is converted into energy. This vitamin is probably the most important one, or at least amongst the most important ones. Not only for muscle growth and repair, but for basically any function your body does.

It comes from eggs, meat, and milk. All substances easy to come by.

Best vitamins for muscle growth and repair – high importance

These are all ingredients you can come by easily. If you slack on these, your workout will most likely not show desired results. Furthermore, your workout might be more exhausting then it should, pushing you to quit.

It’s easy and it’s very worth it. Give it a try!


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