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Published: July 2, 2019

While exercising we all need to be very careful not to get injured. And one of the best ways to avoid injuries while exercising is to warm-up before we start. There are many ways in which you can prepare your body for an intense workout. And warm-up exercises are one of the best ways. They increase your body temperature and prepare your muscles. Here are some of the best exercises that will help you warm-up and have a good workout.

The importance of warm-up exercises

Exercising is great for both body and mind. And helps you stay healthy and fit. But, you need to prepare your body for the stress it feels during a workout. Warm-up is probably one of the most important parts of a workout routine. It prepares you both physically and mentally for the exercises to come. First, it gets your blood flowing to your muscles. Then it slowly starts raising your body temperature. And finally, it gives you a good stretch. All of that combined prepares your body for a workout. And goes a long way in preventing many workout injuries.

warm up before exercises
It’s important to warm up before doing any exercises

Consult with your fitness instructor to find the best warm-up routine for you

There are many ways in which you can warm-up. From running to jumping rope. But, not all warm-up exercises are the same. Some target specific areas of the body. Some are lighter and some more intense. So, it’s important to talk with your fitness instructor Dubai on how to warm up properly. He or she will give you pointers and advice. And together you will find warm-up exercises that will give you the best preparation for a workout.

Never skip warm-ups and cool-downs

It’s very important to include both warm-up and cool-down exercises into your workout routine. It might be tempting to start working out right away. But, you should never skip them.  Otherwise, you run a great risk of injury during your workout. No matter how experienced you are. They are equally important for both beginners and the more experienced people.

When to start warming up?

time to warm-up before exercises
Start early so you have enough time to warm up

It’s also quite important to start warming up at the right time. If you start warming up too soon, your body will get tired of it. And you can cool down while you rest. If you start it too late you won’t have enough time to complete your warm-up exercises. So, together with your personal trainer Dubai, you should find the right time for your specific situation. Usually warm-up starts up to half an hour before a workout. And last just as much. Sometimes even a 15-minute warm-up will be enough. It all depends on what types of exercises you plan on doing. And how physically fit you are.

How to warm-up exercises properly?

As we already said, a warm-up should start a little bit before your workout. And it should be done according to your workout plan. If you plan on working on your legs today, then your warm-up should focus on that area. If you plan on working on your arms, make sure you warm them up. But, no matter which part of your body you will be working on, your warm-up exercises should cover your whole body. From the neck down. It will give you a good stretch and prepare your body for exercise.

Stretching is also important

While you are warming up you should also be stretching. It will help you with your warm-up exercises and will make sure you don’t suffer any injury later on. Back pain exercises are a great way to stretch your body. And avoid having to do them later on. So, you can start there. But, make sure you stretch every part of your body. It will heat up your joints and prevent a lot of workout injuries.

warm-up exercises
There are many great warm-up exercises that will help you get ready for a workout

Which warm-up exercises are best for you?

Choosing the best warm-up for you is something that you should discuss with your trainer. Everyone’s body is different and unique. And every workout routine requires different sets of warm-up exercises. You should do your warm-up according to the exercise you plan on doing in your routine.

Jogging is a great warm-up exercise

If you plan on running or working on your legs, then there’s no better warm-up exercise than light jogging. So, when you go out to run, start slowly. Walk for a few minutes, then increase the pace to light jogging. Continue doing so for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Or until you start feeling that your body temperature is increasing. Then you can simply increase the pace again and start running.

Swimming is great for beach workouts

There’s nothing better than exercising outdoors. And the beach is one of the best places to do it in. So, in order to warm-up properly, you can include swimming into your beach workout. And it’s good for both warming up and cooling down. So, you can start by swimming lightly and slowly increasing the pace. And then, when you are done with your entire workout, you can do the same in reverse. Start swimming and slowly get to a halt.

Cycling is great for gym workouts

Most, if not all, gyms have stationary bikes. And they are not good just for light exercise. They are a great tool for warm-up exercises. So, even if you’ve come to the gym in Dubai to do some powerlifting, you should start slowly. After you stretch your body hop on the bicycle and warm-up a little bit.

Jumping exercises are great for a warm-up

Jumping exercises are all around great exercises. But, they can also be used as great warm-ups. You can simply jump straight up. And try reaching up with one or both of your arms. If you want something more challenging you can jump rope. Jumping exercises warm up your entire body. And give it good preparation for a wide range of exercises.

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