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Published: April 30, 2019

Every research done so far has shown that sedentary jobs aren’t just bad for the waistline. Sitting all day long leads to dangerous proteins build-up that endangers the heart. It also affects the thinning areas of the brain that cause bad memory, potentially leading to permanent cognitive problems. You are risking Alzheimer’s and dementia by being a couch potato. Maybe you have heard about the amazing benefits of Zumba dance. Zumba Fitness has incredible results in activating people who otherwise hate exercising. If you are already active, read on to find out if it belongs among the best workouts for a toned body. Can some dancing really help you tone up your body? And what do we mean when we say “a toned body”?

Best workouts for a toned body and what does it mean?

If your goal is to lose body fat and gain a little muscle definition, you are reading the correct article. If you like moving, but not lifting weights, our fitness instructor Dubai will know how to sculpt you. Do you want some beautiful muscle definition, but not too much, of course, since you don’t aspire to become a bodybuilder? The bottom line, toned up body means some visible definition, but not huge muscles. The hard part is to first lose all the fat covering your muscles.

Why is Zumba among the best workouts for a toned body?

Dancing engages many muscle groups since it is an aerobic exercise. It can quickly tone up your abs, thighs, and buttocks if you invest yourself properly. Zumba dancing is a workout that incorporates both slower and faster moves. It is doable in any age group, and beneficial for all fitness levels. It actually leads to the strengthening of the bones. Any workout routine maintains your immune system healthy, so you will be protected in those flue seasons.

In addition to being among the best workouts for a toned body, it is fun. A great and not a difficult way to exercise and tone up, you can enjoy it through your favorite music. Depending on your fitness level you can choose to avoid some moves or just improvise! Create a set of unique movements. Do your own thing. What is amazing about these kinds of classes is that they give you energy and motivation to keep going. They are not repetitive like lifting weights so you can achieve your goals, in no time. Whether those be shaping your body, or toning your muscles.

Fit girl in pink top and sweatpants knows all the best workouts for a toned body
Absolutely entertaining, this type of workout will become addictive because you will enjoy every minute of it.

How to get the most out of your Zumba class?

Best workouts for a toned body incorporate the whole body. While at a random fitness class you have programs called “Perfect bum in no time”, when you join a Zumba class, you get a complete regime. Basically, you’ll get more for your money.

Zumba can be similar to the old type aerobics. But it doesn’t require constant jumping. That’s why it’s the perfect workout to incorporate into your lifestyle. As mentioned above, slower and faster alternate, interrupted by squats, lunges, leg lifts and so on. One of the best things about Zumba is that you decide how hard you will go or if you want to keep it simple. This is a great way to de-stress after work, dancing to energetic music and not think about anything! Dancing is a form of meditation, where your body gets to awaken. A win-win situation, we reckon. If some days you feel like you have extra energy, you can work out hard. On those occasions, concentrate on keeping your abs and arms tight all the time. That’s how you create a tough toning class. You’re welcome.

Dance your way into a fit body

Dancing to salsa, flamenco, or the meringue will feel more like a dance party than a workout, which is exactly what makes it popular. The Latin-inspired dance class is one of the best workouts for a toned body and the most popular group workout in the world.

The high-energy classes blast upbeat music and incorporate fun dance choreographies. They resemble something you might see in flash mob type of happening at a nightclub. Don’t worry about not being an experienced or a great dancer to feel like you can participate in a Zumba class. When it comes to moving to the music, it’s important to have a good time, and rhythm is not a requirement.

Types of Zumba classes

There are several different kinds of Zumba classes. There are Aqua Zumba and workouts like Zumba Toning that provide dancers with weights. This is amazing for additional calorie burning and is a great regime if you are interested in faster toning and strength training. There are even Zumba classes for kids.

Dancing away for sweaty 60 minutes each class burns an average of 369 calories. That is even more than cardio kickboxing or step aerobics. Zumba means you got yourself into a great cardio workout that melts fat, strengthens your core, and improves flexibility. Intensity is at a medium. It activates the core, but traditional Zumba classes do not target the arms.

A girl Zumba dancing
You can work on your arms at the Zumba Toning classes where you will use weights to strengthen and tone the arms.

Fun and creative way to exercise

The jumps and lunges in the choreographies strengthen the quads and hamstrings, meaning you really tighten the legs. You’ll also feel the burn in your glutes while you feel the rhythm but will skip on back muscles. Though the workout involves your whole body, your back muscles would need more focus to be awakened. The good news is that all the Latin dance moves will enhance your full body flexibility.

This excellent cardio workout also strengthens the core, while Zumba Toning workouts use weights to build muscles in preferred areas. The classes are not sports though, but are high-energy and incorporate jumping, bouncing, and other high-impact moves.
It is a worldwide craze adaptable for just about any fitness level. Though Zumba involves high-impact moves, it is easily adjustable for individual needs.

Girl standing on the court in sport geart
Zumba is one of the most fun and makes one of the best workouts for a toned body because of its versatile nature.

Is Zumba the best workout for a toned body even if I have a health condition?

  • Zumba remains to be the best workout for a toned body even during pregnancy! But always check with your ob-gyn, of course. It’s also a great postnatal exercise routine. A wonderful way to ease back into working out.
  • Avoid high-impact moves if you have knee or back pain or arthritis. Use other ways to get a good workout that will be gentler on the joints.
  • There are even wheelchair Zumba classes, for a good, fun, no weights workout.
  • For the diabetics, Zumba helps to lose weight and lowers blood sugars as your energy level rises.
  • In addition to losing weight, dancing fights bad cholesterol and boosts good cholesterol.

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