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How to lose weight and keep it off

Healthy lifestyle tips - June 18, 2019

In our quick meal, large and fried portion sized culture, maintaining the desired weight is definitely one of the hardest ...

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Low impact cardio workout for beginners

Best workout routines - June 17, 2019

Starting to exercise can sometimes be scary. You feel overwhelmed and you are not sure what is the best exercise ...

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The biggest exercise myths you need to ignore

Exercise tips - June 14, 2019

One of the biggest positive impacts and ironically one of the biggest downfall of the working out industry has been ...

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How to become a personal trainer in UAE

Finding decent workout assistants - June 10, 2019

Becoming a personal trainer is maybe your lifelong dream! And right now, by all statistics, UAE is a perfect place ...

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The most popular water sports in Dubai

Best workout routines - June 8, 2019

Dubai, the most populated city of the United Arab Emirates, is a global economic centre and business hub in the ...

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Best martial arts for kids

Best workout routines - June 7, 2019

Martial arts can be a great way for your children to learn discipline, focus, and respect. It’s a positive and ...

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Pilates for toning your body

Best workout routines - June 6, 2019

If you are looking for a way to shave off that extra belly fat and tone up your body, you’ve ...

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Jiu-jitsu in Dubai – How to find the best classes

Best workout routines - June 5, 2019

If you are thinking about training jiu-jitsu in Dubai, you are in luck! There are a few venues that may ...

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How to add cross training to your workouts

Exercise tips - June 4, 2019

We make our workout routines so they can produce the most results in the amount of time that we have. ...

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Top 5 powerlifting exercises that anyone can implement

Exercise tips - June 3, 2019

With so many different workout routines out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused. Each one promises great results ...

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