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Published: December 7, 2020

Exercising is one of the best ways to stay healthy. We, humans, are built to be active. This, though, hasn’t been that easy given how sedentary our lives have been in the last couple of decades. Luckily, there are numerous physical activities we can all do when we snag a chunk of time here and there. For some people, the exercise of choice is boxing. Boxing is a very vigorous workout that activates many muscle groups. However, aside from its obvious benefits, boxing also poses some potential health risks if done incorrectly. Possibly the biggest con of boxing are hand and wrist injuries which if left untreated can become chronic and cause problems further down the line. Fortunately, these injuries are easily avoidable with proper form and inclusion of strengthening exercises. So worry not. If you are hoping to start boxing, there are boxing Dubai PT classes with skilled trainers that will make sure you’re exercising correctly. Still, there are also many boxing exercises to prevent hand injury that you can do on your own.

Necessary preparations

Every safe workout starts with proper preparation. It’s highly unlikely that a professional runner would start a race without warming up his body, or that a professional ice skater would train in ill-fitting skates. Why? Because their bodies are their livelihoods or a source of their passions. And they all know that if they get injured they won’t be able to do what they love. You too should definitely learn from that and treat your body as a temple. A temple that requires the best care to perform well. That said, you can certainly practice boxing at home, you just have to make sure you’re doing it correctly and safely.

A fist hitting a punching bag.
Incorporating daily boxing exercises to prevent hand injury is crucial for all who take boxing seriously!

All of the above-mentioned means that you should invest in quality gear, especially choosing the best boxing gloves for you. Not only that but also investing time and effort into making sure you take care of your body properly. For boxers, that means warming up your hand, wrists, and arms before starting a workout, and also stretching afterward.

A skilled trainer for a healthy body

Especially when starting a new type of exercise it’s important to have a skilled trainer by your side. No matter what the exercise is, anyone can benefit from knowledgeable guidance. Boxing is no different. Including boxing exercises to prevent hand injury is important for all current and future boxers. Still, these exercises should probably be administered by an experienced trainer. At least in the beginning. That being the case, you can definitely benefit from hiring some of the best personal trainers in Dubai to make sure you’re boxing correctly.

Boxing exercises to prevent hand injury that you can do on your own

So far we’ve established that it’s best to have a personal trainer nearby when attempting new forms of exercise. Still, some exercises are safe to do no matter what as long as you practice them cautiously. That said, these exercises are a great way to strengthen arms, wrists, and hands so that you can box more easily without any serious risks of injury.

Hand exercises to prevent boxing injuries

A consistent hand workout routine will definitely lessen your chances of getting hurt while boxing. Hands in boxing are what suffers the most impact and thus should be treated with care. To make sure your hands are well cared for, you should not only exercise them regularly but stretch them too. Your workouts should always start with warmups and end with stretches, and on the off days, you should also incorporate targeted hand exercises.

Necessary equipment for boxing workouts to prevent hand injury

Hand exercises rely heavily on squishy balls and bands. These are luckily quite affordable and easily accessible. There are, however, exercises that can also be done without any equipment. Still, for a complete hand strengthening workout, it’s advisable to acquire a ball and a band.

A woman incorporating boxing exercises to prevent hand injury by doing wrist curls with dumbells.
Make sure to get quality equipment before starting a hand exercise routine!

Easy exercises with ball and band

You can do hand exercises at home while doing other things. That means that there are no excuses for not doing them! There are some simple exercises you can incorporate into your daily routine so that your hands are strong and ready for boxing. These exercises rely heavily on using hand exercise balls and bands. They are also very easy and pose a rather low risk of injury. Still, you should do them cautiously especially if your hand or hands have been previously injured. The exercises you can do daily are:

  • Scissor spreads with a band
  • Thumb extensions with a band
  • Finger extensions with a band
  • Thumb presses with a ball
  • Three jaw chuck pinches with a ball
  • Thumb pinches with a ball
  • Finger hooks with a ball
  • Thumb adductions with a ball
  • Full grips with a ball
  • Finger pinches with a ball
  • Finger scissors with a ball

These exercises can and should be done daily to ensure progress! However, skipping a day here and there won’t necessarily halt your progress.

Wrist exercises to prevent boxing hand injury

The wrist is what stabilizes your hand. When doing boxing exercises to prevent hand injury you should never avoid exercising your wrists. Fortunately, wrist exercises can be done easily even at home while watching TV. Also, to have a productive wrist workout you don’t need any fancy equipment. Dumbells and body weight will do. To exercise your wrists easily you can always do:

  • Mobility stretches
  • Wrist curls
  • Pronated wrist curls
  • Reverse wrist curls
  • Knuckle pushups

Arm exercises to prevent boxing hand injury

Your hand is an extension of your arm and for that reason, the two can’t really be separated when it comes to exercising. Your best bet for hand strength is to also exercise the rest of your arm. There’s a wide variety of arm exercises you can do at home or a gym depending on what equipment you own. Luckily, some exercises don’t require equipment at all! Here are some exercises that are sure to strengthen your arms in order to stabilize your hand when boxing:

  • Mobility stretches
  • Bicep curls with dumbells
  • Wide grip curls
  • Reverse curls
  • Behind the back cable curls
  • Classic pushups
  • Side planks
  • Chinups
A man stretching his arm.
Your hands are an extension of your arms. Working out your whole arms will help with strengthening your hands!

It’s not just your hands that are boxing, it’s your whole body!

Some people simply fail to see that their whole bodies are participating in a workout. And even though it’s most likely that your hand gets hurt during boxing, it can really be anything else. For that reason, it’s extremely important to keep your body in good shape overall. That means inside and out both. Your nutrition should be as much of a priority as your workouts. That may seem impossible especially to busy people. However, there are tips on eating healthily for busy people that anyone who wishes to be in top shape can follow. Still, as a boxer, you can definitely benefit from incorporating safe boxing exercises to prevent hand injury into your daily routine.

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