Boxing for kids: The positive and negative effects

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Published: September 5, 2019

Boxing is a form of martial arts that is becoming more and more popular. People of all ages and walks of life train it. From young kids to older people. It’s a great way to learn discipline and blow off some steam. But, when it comes to boxing for kids, there are many concerns from the parents. How will boxing affect a child’s’ development? What about head injuries? Many wonders if it will increase aggression in children. Well, there are both positive and negative effects of boxing. And here are some of them.

Is boxing for kids dangerous?

Many people fear that boxing is a dangerous sport. Especially when talking about boxing for kids. And some of those fears might be justified. So, they naturally ask if boxing is safe for children. Well, there are two sides to every coin. Some moves and punches might be dangerous even for adults. But, on the other hand, it’s essentially no more dangerous than any other sport. There’s always a chance of injury. And yet, people aren’t as concerned when their kids’ train basketball. 

girl jumping since Boxing for kids is not dangerous
Any sport can be dangerous for kids, and boxing can provide them with discipline

Benefits of martial arts for kids in general

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about karate or boxing for kids. Martial arts, in general, have a very bad reputation for those not knowledgeable enough about them. Many people think that teaching children how to fight is bad. And while that is completely true, it’s not what martial arts for kids do. They do many things that are quite the opposite of that. There’s a big difference in learning to defend yourself and learning how to fight. Martial arts teach kids obedience, discipline, and patience. They teach them not to bully and pick on the weak. Honor and discipline are more important than how they fight. 

Boxing and aggression

One of the concerns about boxing for kids is aggression. In order to be good in any martial art form, you need to be aggressive, right? Wrong. Almost all martial arts focus on calmness, patience, and discipline. You can’t be good at any sport if you are undisciplined. And it’s the same when it comes to boxing. When you sign up your child for boxing Dubai he or she will have to learn how to wait for the right opportunity. How not to let anger control their actions. And most important of all, it will teach them to be self-aware and disciplined. When you think about it, you can’t have a good fighter who acts on instinct. It takes much more than strong punches to win a match. Boxing is more about strategy than fists

angry kid
Boxing doesn’t cause aggression in kids. It teaches them discipline

There’s a risk of head injury in boxing for kids

Just like with any other sport, there’s a possibility for injury. Your kid could just be running on the playground and injure itself. That said, head injury in boxing is something that is somewhat common. Especially when it comes to professional boxers. Repeated blows to the head can very negatively impact brain development. If the hit is strong enough it can easily cause a concussion. And even if the boxes stay on the feet, it can still be a serious injury. And over time those can add up and cause certain brain damage.

This might seem very worrisome. But, those statistics are mainly focused on professional boxers. Who box against other professional boxers. They are not wearing any head protection. And the impacts are many times harder than a kid would get in a sparring match. 

Other boxing injuries

Boxing is a flexible sport. It’s not just about punishing. It’s also about moving around the ring. And many other boxing-related injuries can occur. From twisted angels to joint pain. Boxing gloves are not light. And wearing them on their hands for long periods of time can cause discomfort. 

Preventing serious injuries in boxing for kids

As scary as this might be, there are many ways in which you can prevent those kinds of injuries. From wearing proper protective gear. To work out with a personal trainer. That way your kid will learn how to avoid many of the most common injuries. It will also help your kids progress faster, as well as safer

boxing equipment in Boxing for kids
Boxing equipment can prevent injuries

Boxing for kids is great fitness exercise

Physical fitness is as important for children as it is important for adults. Leading a healthy lifestyle includes taking good care of your body. And boxing for kids is great for that. First of all, there are many types of boxing. It doesn’t have to look like the boxing you see on tv. Actually, boxing classes look much different than professional boxing. It’s more about learning how to move. And how to be faster. And a lot less about fighting each other. 

Stay in shape with boxing

In this day and age kids are spending more and more time in front of electronic devices. Be it phones, computers or TV. And so, they need some way to stay in shape. And boxing is a great way of doing it. 

Boxing is keeping weight in check

Again, just like any other sport, boxing is really good for overall fitness. It’s a sport that requires you to move your legs, arms, and body. Boxing also includes many great exercises to lose belly fat and will help you get stronger and more flexible. So, if a child is having problems with weight, boxing can be a really good exercise. It is fun for anyone who is just starting. And interesting enough to keep them coming back for more. 

Discipline is a positive aspect of boxing for kids

Another great aspect of boxing for kids is discipline. All martial arts require it. And boxing is no different. While it might not seem logical that discipline is important for fighting, it is. It carries more weight than it might seem. When you think about it, the fighter is not very effective if he acts on impulse. And that translates into a discipline in many other aspects of life. Kids learn to respect the authority of teachers and coaches. And they learn to be patient. Martial arts are very goal-oriented. And that can have a huge positive impact on other areas of life.


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