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Published: October 11, 2020

Boxing has become quite a popular sport all around the world – and it has reached Dubai as well. However, due to the pandemic crisis – or any other reasons – many people cannot afford to get into a boxing studio. This is why many decide to pick up boxing training at home. However, if you want to start boxing Dubai, there are still things you will need to do. Without proper preparation and some professional help, you can practice boxing without ever achieving any progress. Luckily, we are on your side. In this article, we take a look at some of the basic principles of home boxing. Read this article to discover the essentials and succeed in taking up boxing.

Always be sure to warm up before every training

Boxing is one of the home workout routines that requires you to use a lot of power. You will be moving your arms in such a way that you can easily hurt your muscles or strain them if you are not careful. This is why the first step to beginning every routine is to properly warm up.

an injured hand
Make sure you do not hurt yourself or sprain your muscles – so warm-up before starting.

Start with your shoulders and so some easy exercises for them. You can so straight arm circles in order to get your shoulder joint moving. Then lift your arm vertically and make smaller circles once more. Add to this some cross body shoulder swings, and then alternate arms forward and back. Finish up with chest hugs and shoulders rolls, and you should be good to go.

Another thing that you want to warm up is the core. Remember that boxing is a whole-body exercise – and this is why you need to activate these muscles as well. You can do some jump rope and cross jacks, then standing side crunches and mountain climbers. You can finish with reverse lunge high kicks and inchworms. This way, you will not injure yourself when doing boxing at home, and you will be able to get the most out of your exercise.

Strength training is an essential part of boxing

What makes best boxing workout work so well is the fact that you can pair it well with staple strength-training exercises. This way, you get an amazing cardio exercises, and these are quite good for you. Doing this mix of exercises will leave you out of breath and will get your heart pumping with ease. By doing so, you can:

  • build strength for your heart as well as your muscles;
  • burn an amazing number of calories (fairly) easily;
  • gain better control of your appetite;
  • start feeling better due to the release of endorphins – the feel-good chemicals of our body;
  • achieve a better sleep schedule;
  • decrease the risk of arthritis and joint stiffness, as well as relieve the pain these cause you;
  • reduce the risks of high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes – as well as help, manage these.

So, what are some of the exercises you can incorporate in your exercise? Well, plank work, push-ups, and squats are the perfect examples of exercises for these. What you can do is include some of these cardio exercises in your breaks. So, instead of just sitting or doing some easy breathing exercises, you can do cardio to balance it out with your boxing.

A lot of people incorporate music in their boxing training at home

When working with a personal trainer Dubai at home, a lot of people find it awkward to work in silence. However, there is help here too. All you need to do is to create a good workout playlist. Pick up some up-beat, inspirational songs that will keep your blood pumping and heart racing just like the regular exercises.

Music can be a great inspiration and a motivator – so use it to push you forward.

Then, all you need to do is to let the music guide you. You can start moving with the beat. Box to the rhythm of the music – and make sure you are exhaling every time you punch. This way, you are engaging your core and getting the most out of your workout. What’s more, if you are careful about which music you are picking, you can get your music to motivate you with ease too. This way, you can work out longer and get the most out of your efforts.

The foundational punches should be a good start

When you are just starting out boxing, there is a proper order in which you will want to start learning your moves. What’s more, even when you know what you are doing, you should still start with the basics. There are your regular jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts. These should be the starting building blocks, and you need to focus on repeating them in sets. You can do them both with equipment – but you can also attempt shadow boxing too.

a man boxing
Start with the basics and build up to more complex routines.

From there, you can start building up using these. For example, you can jab, cross, hook, and uppercut twice. Try to integrate both sides of your body so that you can reap the biggest gains. And this is where boxing training at home shines. You can combine these four basic moves to create complex workout routines. All you need to do is get creative with how you mix these. Then, you can switch the tempo to get even more exercises that differ. This is where you can combine all the elements we mentioned. Just by switching a playlist, you can change up the tempo with ease. Finally, do some leg work to complete the exercises. Things like slips and weaves are perfect for this – and help with defense practice. Keep your arms up – and you will achieve a workout like no other.

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