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We have all been there. You have so much work to do all day. On the job and around the house. You find yourself constantly sitting by the computer or in your car, being the designated driver to everyone. Your back hurt, your lower back hurt, and to mention a constant headache. Then you have to do some physical work, and afterward, you can’t recuperate from sore muscles. Day after day goes by and you are feeling worse each time. We know how it’s like not having enough time for yourself. Nevertheless, you have a duty to your body and mind to keep them healthy. That’s why we are helping you with a cardio workout at home tips and hints. No more excuses. When you fall tired in your couch after a long day, get up, do some exercises, and you will feel so much better, we promise.

What does a cardio workout at home mean?

Our bodies are made to move in order to stay healthy. Not to mention that a heart is a muscle itself. That’s why it needs proper training to sustain all those years of stressing out and poor nutrition. Cardio exercise is every exercise that can raise your heartbeat. The idea is to make you use large muscle movement over a continuous period of time. Why? Because that will keep your heart rate to a hopefully at least 50% of the maximum level. That’s why you need intense workouts.

Cardio workout at home - Living room
You can use your living room to workout, stop with the excuses

When you have a stronger cardiovascular system, that means that your muscles are getting more oxygen in their cells. Why is this important? Well, that is the key which will help your cells burn more fat. And the best part is that, not only will they burn more fat when you’re working out, but also when you are inactive, too. And who doesn’t want to lose weight doing nothing, right? So don’t let excuses like not having enough time or moving to another country stop you from staying fit and healthy. There are some really easy ways with a cardio workout at home to bring your body to a place you want to be.

Workouts to try

We have prepared some exercises to help you do your cardio workout at home. That means that you don’t have to set aside a few hours in order to do your daily workout routine. You can do it whenever you find it convenient, but try to do to it as often as possible if you want better results. Cardio workout at home will save you time and money, and the best part is – no fancy equipment is necessary. You already have all that you need. There are even some great workout apps to help you and give you more ideas. Now find yourself some self-love and motivation and get to business.

These are the top 5 exercises for a cardio workout at home:

  • jogging in place,
  • jumping jacks,
  • jump rope,
  • burpees,
  • running up and down the stairs.
Shadow of a man running with a briefcase
Don’t let yourself go because of the too much work

Even if you do one round of 10 repeats for every exercise, that would be a good start. So, don’t go nuts, start slowly and work your way up to more and more cardio workout at home. Who knows, maybe you love it so much, that you decide to find time for a gym or even to hire a personal trainer in Dubai. That will certainly help you get to your goal much faster. And that would be a guarantee to have all the proper supervision and guidance.

Jogging in place

This is a really simple exercise for a cardio workout at home. You can do it anywhere, anytime, and it’s great for raising your heart rate up. So you can use it alone, or as a warm up for some more serious workouts. It’s good to use it in combination with other exercises, too. You can combine it with high knees and butt kicks. However, because it can be a little boring, try to spice it up with some music or watching a movie, perhaps. If you join some Zumba class, you will see how much good brought you jogging in place. It is just enough to get you started for anything else.

Jumping jacks

Man doing jumping jack

You can do jumping jacks while you wait for your coffee to be done. Wide your feet while you jump and circle the arms overhead. Once you try it, you will remember your PE classes from elementary school soon enough. Nevertheless, it’s a great cardio workout at home, without any equipment that you need. This is such an effective exercise, that almost every personal trainer includes it in a warm up. Combine it with squatting or jumping holding two bottles of water. Make sure they’re plastic, of course.

Jump rope

While jumping over the rope, make sure to turn the rope with your wrists. Many people make a mistake with turning it with their arms, and you want to avoid that. Don’t jump to high, just enough to clear the rope, and make sure to land softly. Unless you want to upset your neighbors. But also, a soft landing will save your feet and ankles, and prevent injuries. This cardio workout at home will burn you 220 calories in 20 minutes. If that’s not incentive enough to buy a jump rope, we don’t know what is. No wonder boxers look like they do, right?

Jump rope and a blue towel
Jumping rope is great for your shape and heart


This is one of the hardest exercises without equipment, for sure. You need to squat to the floor, then stretch out your legs in a plank position. As soon as you get there, you should jump back in and stand up. It will burn you more than 100 calories in 10 minutes if you have the energy for that much. Be very careful, because this exercise won’t feel good if you have low blood pressure. You can get dizzy from jumping up and down. In that case, do the workout without jumping, like the slow motion, and it will still be great for the whole body.

Running up and down the stairs

If everything else falls through, and you live in a building, the stairs can be your best friend. This cardio workout at home will burn you a lot of calories since you’ll be having many intense movements at a high pace. Just make sure to use your hands. For running, but also in the case you miss a step and start falling. That is the only downside of this exercise. But you can avoid it with practice and with running upstairs, not just downstairs.


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