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Category: Exercise tips

How to continue cardio during Ramadan fasting?

Exercise tips - May 6, 2019

Ramadan is a month of fasting and turning your attention inward. It’s a time when anyone who exercises regularly has ...

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How to choose the best workout clothes

Exercise tips - April 12, 2019

When buying workout clothes, you need gear that fit relatively close to the body. Close-fitting attire is safer than baggy ...

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Best gym tips for beginners

Exercise tips - April 11, 2019

Going to the gym for the first time can not only be intimidating but also overwhelming. Seeing all of those ...

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Best exercises for seniors – Improve your balance and strength

Exercise tips - April 6, 2019

Just like younger people, seniors should also maintain an active lifestyle in order to remain fit and healthy. It carries ...

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Lifelong exercise tips for beginners

Exercise tips - March 8, 2019

Exercising is a must if you wish to stay healthy! However, more than half of the people who start exercising, ...

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Healthy lifestyle-changing time management hacks

Exercise tips - February 27, 2019

Are you feeling not like yourself lately? Is the lack of energy and motivation bothering you? Do you have plans ...

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Walking Exercise – Biggest Benefits

Exercise tips - February 18, 2019

Many people feel like walking is not that great of an exercise. Like that is something done every day, so ...

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How to exercise during pregnancy

Exercise tips - February 15, 2019

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing that every expecting woman should be able to enjoy. That means that you shouldn’t have ...

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Find the best bodybuilding supplements Dubai?

Exercise tips - February 2, 2019

With so many supplement and vitamin choices on the market, it can be tough to choose the right ones and ...

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Best workout apps to get healthy and stay fit

Exercise tips - January 18, 2019

Everyone knows that staying fit should be one of our main priorities in life. Not only it is a necessity ...

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