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All you have to know about vegan workout diet

Healthy lifestyle tips - January 10, 2020

When it comes to muscle mass and endurance, many athletes are proof that being vegan can be compatible with high ...

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Top family activities in Dubai

Healthy lifestyle tips - January 8, 2020

Lately, Dubai has become one of the most popular cities in the world when it comes to both vacationing and ...

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Top 10 healthy restaurants in Dubai

Healthy lifestyle tips - January 6, 2020

A tourist arrival – or relocation – to Dubai is an opportunity to try the specialties of different international cuisine. ...

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How to start your day fresh and full of energy

Healthy lifestyle tips - January 1, 2020

What is the first thought you have in the morning? Is it the irritation? That damn alarm clock is at ...

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How to organize your daily routine

Healthy lifestyle tips - December 18, 2019

Today’s world is sometimes too fast to follow. In a relatively short 24 hours, you have to achieve so much. ...

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Elite athletes’ eating habits

Healthy lifestyle tips - December 16, 2019

What do you think about when you see an athlete performing great feats of human endurance and capability? Do you ...

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Hobbies that keep you fit and healthy

Healthy lifestyle tips - December 15, 2019

More and more people try to be as active as possible in order to preserve their health. If you would ...

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Top 10 healthy middle eastern dishes for weight loss

Healthy lifestyle tips - December 8, 2019

The Middle East has so many valuable things in its history and culture. But, one of my all-time favorites is ...

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Top 10 meal prep tips for weight loss

Healthy lifestyle tips - November 28, 2019

If you are getting into weight loss, first, let us say – congratulations! It takes a lot of courage to ...

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Best outdoor activities for children

Healthy lifestyle tips - November 21, 2019

One of the main issues we are facing nowadays is the fact that children are not spending enough time outdoors. ...

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