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Published: January 18, 2022

Breathing is one of the things that most of us take for granted. It is an automatic process that we do not think about very much. However, there are breathing techniques that you can use to truly alter your life for the better. In the following article, DubaitPT will show you how to change your breathing and what are the benefits of doing so. Let’s take a look.

Change your breathing by trying one of these techniques

In the following lines, we will show you some of the best breathing exercises that you can do every day. These are the techniques that even the most affordable personal trainer in Dubai will suggest you try. They are easy to master and will have huge benefits on your overall health as well as your workout performance.

a woman doing yoga
There are many great breathing techniques that you can use to improve your health

Pursed lip breathing technique for increasing your performance

Pursed lip breathing is a breathing technique that can be particularly useful when performing activities such as lifting or stair climbing or even demanding workouts like HIIT workout. It is easy to master and you can practice it every day. To do it relax your neck and shoulders and while keeping your mouth closed inhale through your nose slowly for about two seconds. Purse your lips like when you are trying to whistle and exhale slowly through your pursed lips for 4 seconds. Practice it a few times a day to master this simple technique.

Diaphragmatic breathing for relaxing and relieving stress

Diaphragmatic breathing or belly breathing can help your diaphragm function properly. It is also good when you are feeling stressed and tired. To do it lie on your beck with your knees slightly bent while keeping your head on a pillow. If you want, you can put an extra pillow under your knees for additional support. Put one hand on the top of your chest and the other one below your ribs. This will allow you to feel your diaphragm moving. Now, slowly inhale through your nose and keep that hand steady while trying to feel your stomach press into your hand. Finally, exhale through pursed lips while keeping your stomach muscles contracted and your hands still.

Breath focus technique for relaxing

This is a special breathing technique that utilizes imagery and relaxing words and phrases to help you relax. Use relaxing and pleasant words that make you smile and feel good  – words like “relax” or “peace”, for example, or any other word that you choose. To perform it, sit or lie down and make yourself comfortable. Pay attention to your breaths without changing your breathing.  Now, alternate your breathing between normal and deep breaths several times while paying close attention to what you are doing.

An elderly couple doing yoga
Use breath focus for relaxation

Observe how shallow breaths are different than deep breathing. Now, breathe deeply for a few minutes while placing your hand below your belly button and keeping your belly relaxed. Pay attention to how your belly rises with each inhale and goes back with each exhale. Do not forget to let a loud sigh while exhaling. Combine this exercise with focusing on happy imagery and focus words that will help you feel more relaxed. This is one of the more complicated breathing exercises to master. But it will be very beneficial if you do it right

Deep breathing for increasing your lung capacity

The deep breathing technique is one of the best methods for relieving shortness of breath. It is preventing air from getting trapped in your lungs and helps you to breathe in much more fresh air than you do when breathing normally. It can also help you feel more relaxed and focused. You can do it while standing or sitting. Expand your chest by pulling your elbows slightly back. Inhale deeply through your nostrils and keep that breath for about 5 seconds. Finally, slowly exhale through your nose.

Lion’s breath for relieving tension in your chest and face

Lion’s breath breathing technique is a technique said to be good for relieving the tension in your chest and in your face. It is also one of the techniques that every good yoga instructor Dubai can offer will suggest you try. To perform Lion’s Breath sit down on your heels or with your legs crossed and make yourself comfortable. Press against your knees while keeping your fingers wide-spread. Now, inhale through your nose and keep your eyes wide open while doing so.  While inhaling, keep your mouth wide open and bring the tip of your tongue down to your chin.   Exhale while keeping your throat muscles contracted and making a long “ha” sound.

a lion closeup
Relieve the tension in your chest and in your face with lion’s breath technique

The benefits of proper breathing are numerous

These are the best techniques that will help you change your breathing and change your life. But what are the main benefits of applying these breathing methods? First of all, proper breathing lowers stress. In today’s world, stress is one of the biggest threats to our overall health. That is why everything that can help you relieve yourself from it is more than welcome. Besides stress, proper breathing can help you alleviate anxiety and negative emotions. Proper breathing will also lower blood pressure. And we all know that high blood pressure is one of the leading causes of different heart conditions.  Some recent studies also suggest that some practices like yoga, meditation, and deep berthing van actually trigger certain body responses that alter your gene expression and help your immune system.

Get best results by combining different breathing techniques with exercise

As you can see, there are many simple breathing techniques that can help you change your breathing and improve your life and overall health. Of course, proper breathing provides the best results when it is combined with good exercises, for example, CrossFit training or lifting heavy at the gym.


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