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If you are looking to gain muscle, you have come to the right place! Here at DubaiPT Personal Trainers, you will find the best personal trainer for muscle gain! We are experts when it comes to this. Our trainers have years of experience and know exactly what meal plan to recommend to you, and which exercises you need to do in order to get the best results. Our trainers will adapt according to your needs. Even if you are a beginner, thanks to our skilled staff you will be able to transform your body. If you are ready to make a big change and gain some muscle, feel free to browse our website and find the best personal trainer for muscle building.

two people holding dumbells
A personal trainer for muscle gain will help you achieve your goals!

Hire a DubaiPT personal trainer and see your body transform!

The best way to achieve the look you desire is by having a professional trainer by your side. You need someone that is skilled and knows what they are doing. Embarking on this journey alone would be a big mistake. The risk of getting injured is too high. We understand that there are many videos that you can look up online that will help you grow muscle, but one wrong move and you will end up with a serious injury. To avoid this, reach out to us and let us help you choose the best personal trainer for muscle building.

We have a vast choice of trainers. They are all certified and talented. Our DubaiPT trainers are patient and polite, which are some of the most important things. Our experts are here to answer all your questions and help you throughout your journey. They will be your biggest support. We have some of the most reputable male fitness trainers that are dedicated to their clients. Our trainers share the same goal as we do, and that is to see the clients satisfied with the results and the provided services.

For the ladies that prefer to train with a trainer of the same gender, we have some of the finest female fitness trainers Dubai has to offer. Having someone that will create an individualized workout plan is a key to success.

What is muscle gaining and how long is the process?

Muscle gain is self-explanatory. You are basically enlarging the size of your muscle. People often think that only bodybuilders are looking to build their muscles, but in reality, there are many more other people that are interested in muscle gain programs. Everybody’s muscle gain journey is different. We all have different bodies, therefore what works for some people will not work for others. This is why it is important to hire a muscle building personal trainer who will guide you and help you achieve your goal. This journey can take time. But if you are consistent, you will start seeing results already after a month.

personal trainer for muscle gain holding dumbbells
Trainers will provide you with a personalized workout plan

Transform your body with the help of our personalized exercise programs and meal plans

If you think that only exercising will give you the results you are wrong. You need to combine exercise with a good diet. Proper nutrition is an important part of muscle gain. There are certain foods that will help you grow your muscle. In order to gain muscle, you need to up your calorie intake. Essentially you need to consume more calories than you burn daily. There are certain foods that will help you grow your muscle. Moreover, to gain muscle your body requires protein. The amount of protein you need to build muscle depends on your body weight.

Creating a clean meal plan is not a simple thing, especially if you are a beginner. This is why we always advise people to follow our meal plan for muscle gain. A team of experts has meticulously created this meal plan, therefore, if you follow it you are bound to see results.

As you can see, we have thought about everything. All you need to do is show up and tell us your goals and our trainers will tailor a personalized muscle building plan for you. Great exercise and a great meal plan are a combo that will help you unlock your full potential! Therefore, reach out to DubaiPT Personal Trainers and book a consultation with us.

We can help you achieve your goals!

We can help you get in the best shape you have ever been! Once you decide that you want to turn your life around and start working on your body goals, we are going to be there to help you. Our personal trainers in Dubai specialize in many different sports. Here is what you can choose from on top of the muscle building personal trainers:

On top of the personalized trainers in Dubai, we can also provide you with healthy meal plans Dubai residents love and recommend. Every meal plan is adapted to the unique needs and goals of each client. Here is what you can get:

You will get access to various recipes. You will see that having proper nutrition in order to achieve your goals doesn’t need to be boring!

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Your transformation starts from the moment you contact us!

Contact DubaiPT and get a personal trainer for muscle gain that will help you transform your body!

Give us a chance to help you create the body of your dreams! If you want the best muscle gain personal trainer, you can stop searching! Our personal trainers for muscle building have helped many unlock their full potential. Make the first step toward achieving your goals by contacting DubaiPT Personal Trainers and scheduling a consultation with us. We will help you choose a personal trainer for muscle gain that will ensure you get the best results possible!  


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Dunja Zaric - trainer profile image

Dunja Zaric

  • Customized entry-level training
  • Home, gym & outdoor workout
  • Cardio & Strength training
  • Professional nutrition guidance
  • Dance & Bodyweight courses
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Voja Budrovac - trainer profile image

Voja Budrovac

  • Nutrition specialist
  • Providing fast results
  • Home, gym & outdoor workouts
  • Internationally certified
  • Hundreds of satisfied clients
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Aly Mohamed - trainer profile image

Aly Mohamed

  • Fat loss & muscle building expert
  • Over 15 year of experience
  • Level 3 certified personal trainer
  • Speaks English & Arabic
  • Home, gym & outdoor workouts
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Kate Nadich - trainer profile image

Kate Nadich

  • Strength building expert
  • Certified personal trainer
  • Over 6 years of experience
  • Postnatal recovery programs
  • Weight-loss & nutrition specialist
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Djordje Brajkovic - trainer profile image

Djordje Brajkovic

  • Weight lifting & cardio training pro
  • Internationally certified
  • Home, gym & outdoor workouts
  • Faculty degree in sports & fitness
  • Kids' & teenagers' training programs
View Profile