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Published: April 24, 2019

While getting your torso in shape looks great, it’s not the only reason to work on that part of your body. There are also many other benefits to it. With core training, you will improve your overall strength and posture. It’s also great for preventing many injuries to that part of the body. And it will make you look and feel great. Core exercises are very important and should be practiced regularly. 

Why is core training important

There are many reasons why core training is important. For one, it will give you the strength for many other exercises that you might want to try. With a weak core, you can only stick to lighter exercises. Otherwise, you might injure yourself. Or cause pain to your abdomen and back. So, it’s important to work on your core regularly. Many of core exercises would also be included in your HIIT workout. So when you exercise, you will also do work on those muscles. And as a bonus, once you improve your core strength you will be able to work even longer and harder. Without risking injury.

Benefits of core training

One obvious benefit to core training is improving your abdominal muscles and torso. And many of us especially like to work on those regions simply because it looks good. But, the benefits of core training go far beyond looks. Once you understand and improve core strength you will be able to work out harder and longer. You will also gain balance and stability for many more demanding exercises.

benefits of core training
There are many benefits to core training that go far beyond great abs

Core training helps prevent injuries

Most people think that moving puts the most strain on extremities. But, in fact, your core muscles are the ones that take the brunt of it. That’s why improving your core strength will go a long way in preventing many injuries during exercises.

It’s great for protecting the central nervous system and internal organs

Your core is where your body is largest. And almost all vital organs are located in that part of the body. That’s why it’s important to work on your core strength. It will give ample protection to those sensitive organs. That is most evident if you are including boxing or kickboxing into your workout. Your kickboxing personal trainer Dubai will first help you improve your core strength. And only then start working on your punches and kicks. Without it, you are prone to serious injuries.

It’s great for preventing back pain

Core training is also great for your spine. It’s an essential part of our body. And one that is often exposed and ofter over-strained. So, giving it proper support is essential. Even if you are active and don’t spend too much time sitting, without core training, you will start to experience back pain. And doing core exercises for back pain can alleviate and even remove it altogether. Your quality of life will improve and you will feel much better.

back pain prevention
Core exercises are a great way to prevent back pain

You’ll feel better

Once you improve your core strength you will feel much better. Both physically as well as mentally. You will have more strength and endurance. You won’t have to worry about injuring yourself during workouts. And on top of all that, you will look great. You will stand tall and ready for anything.

Improve your posture

No matter how hard you work on your biceps and triceps, without core training you will have bad posture. So, working on your core muscles will provide you not only with strength. But also with confidence. Upright posture is a great show of strength and agility. While slumped posture looks weak.

straight posture
Core training greatly improves your posture

Core training exercises that will help you improve strength

There are many great exercises that you can include in your workout routine aimed and improving core strength. Most of them don’t require any special equipment. And you can start doing them right away at home. They will help you build abs and other core muscles.

Abdominal crunch exercise

These are classic exercises aimed at improving core strength. All you have to do is lie on your back and put your feet up against a wall. Your knees and hips should be bent at a 90-degree angle. Then, you should tighten your abdominal muscles. From that position try and raise your head and shoulders off the floor. If it puts a lot of strain on your neck, you can cross lock your arms behind your head. Or, even better, cross them across your chest. Hold that position for about 3 seconds and then take a 3-second break.

Bridge exercise for core strength

The bridge exercise is great for gaining strength in several muscles at once. And it’s quite easy to do. All you have to do is lie on your back and bend your knees. You should try and keep your back in a neutral position. It shouldn’t be all the way up, but it also shouldn’t be on the floor. And try not to swing or tilt your hips. Then, tighten your abdominal muscles. Raise your hips up until they are on the same level as your knees. Hold for about 3 seconds and make a quick break. Then repeat from the starting position.

One leg abdominal press

This is another great and popular exercises for your core muscles. For it, you should lie on your back with your knees bent. Just like with the previous exercises, try and keep your back in a neutral position. Not all the way up or pressed against a floor. And again, avoid swinging or tilting your hips. Then you should lift your left leg off the floor. Your knee and hip should be bent at about 90-degree angle. Then, put your left hand on your left knee. From that position, use your abdominal muscles push your hand and knee together. Give it as much strength as you can and push harder and harder. Hold that position for a few seconds then switch to your other leg.

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