Counting calories – blessing or a curse?

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Published: April 24, 2021

For everyone out there trying to lose weight, the concept of counting calories is probably not new. People have been doing it for years now, as it became popular among nutritionists and fitness experts alike. Even though there are still some debates about should even count calories, the fact remains that calories matter. It might be that you don’t have to keep track of every single calorie you take in or burn out. However, you should pay attention to what you eat and how much physical activity you enjoy. It is part of leading a healthy and balanced life where food is not a number but a source of nutrients and wellbeing. Let us discuss some common truths we know about calorie counting.

You can think of calories as energy for your body

If you want to simplify things, you would say calories are energy you get from food and drinks. Your body needs fuel to function correctly. Also, your body burns energy when you engage in different kinds of physical activity. Walking is a physical activity. Climbing the stairs is a form of physical activity. Even sleeping makes you burn some calories. But nothing works better than exercising with your personal trainer Dubai, focusing on the proper kind of calorie burning. You need to take food and drinks to help you breathe, think, sleep and function altogether. Without this energy, you would be able to maintain your heartbeat. Even though you need the power to survive, you can also have too many calories. Excessive calorie intake can have a negative impact on your physical health.

man standing with healthy food in hands
Enjoying healthy food choices and the right amount of physical activity are essential for your wellbeing

Your body uses calories as fuel for physical and mental activity

Whatever you get from the food you eat, your body can process and take the necessary energy to fuel your metabolism and digestion. Depending on the type of metabolism you have, you burn calories at different rates. Your body needs calories to perform the most basic functions like breathing and thinking. Moreover, it is the most significant proportion of your daily energy needs. Starting to count calories usually means you feel like you are overeating and want to lose weight. Other possible scenarios include you want to maintain your weight or even gain weight. Some stipulate that the best way to monitor your weight is by counting calories, while others do not agree and stress the importance of having a regular fat loss workout for better results.

Counting calories has become a famous routine for everyone trying to lose weight

Whether you are on a diet or looking to maintain your weight, someone might suggest counting calories. It is popular, especially among women, to track how many calories they take or how much they burn. But, not all calories are the same, and no physical activity gives the same results. If you have been jogging for 30 minutes, you burned way fewer calories than if you did CrossFit training. If you think of why this has become so popular, you should consider how people like things simple. Calories are all about the numbers, and sometimes it is easier to trust the numbers than to understand the complicated mechanisms on which our body functions. Food has some critical effects on our body and overall health and should be boiled to mere calorie counting.

woman measuring tighs
If ever wanted to lose a few inches you have probably thought about counting calories

It is hard to keep track of all the calories you take and burn

Even if you are really into it and have some knowledge about calories, it isn’t easy to keep track accurately. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, you don’t always know how many calories there in the food are you eat. If you eat at restaurants, not all of them display the whole list of ingredients they use when preparing your meal. Secondly, in some countries, there are even discrepancies in counting calories on food labels. Depending on the legislation, food producers sometimes have slight difference when showing calories on their packages. Even some nutrition specialists can tell you right away how many calories are in a meal. That is not so essential like it is burning those calories away until a desirable weight loss rate.

Instead of counting calories, you can eat foods that use more calories

We mentioned before that we need energy for digestion. But, how much energy do we need? And is all energy the same? Many scientists and nutritionists believe that a calorie is a calorie. However, you should pay even more attention to what you eatFoods rich in protein and fiber are a good choice because our body takes more energy to digest proteins. If you eat food rich in protein, you will indeed have more chances to lose some weight. That is especially true for all of you trying to slim down a few inches but have office jobs where you spend most of your day sitting.

woman enjoying lunch not counting calories
Rather than counting calories, you would enjoy food rich in proteins and fiber

You can start all sorts of calorie workouts and quickly have good results

If you happen to work out keeping track of calorie-burning, a power yoga Dubai class is perhaps the best thing you can enroll in. Yoga is a high-intensity exercise that does not require you to sweat but still burns some significant calories. That type of exercise is trendy among women, especially. According to some sources, even a low-intensity yoga class can mean a lot. Restricting yourself from safe and healthy foods is not the best idea. It is better to use your time and resources to learn more about counting calories and other more efficient ways to lose weight.

Rather than counting calories, make sure you eat the right food

The food we eat is the source of all our nutrients and our energy. A well-balanced diet includes a lot of proteins and fats and a little less sugar and other carbohydrates. You want food that is rich in nutrients like fruits and vegetables. You don’t wish to count calories to become your possession, only an additional tool towards your pre-defined goal. And you can reach your goal by choosing a healthy path towards your wellbeing.


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