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Published: April 15, 2019

There are many benefits of living or vacationing near the beach. From warm weather and all-day sunshine to playing in the water. But, there are more benefits to being near the beach than you might imagine. Doing beach workouts is not only fun, but also very beneficial. Working out on the beach engages more muscles than if you were to do the same exercises in the gym. And the added dose of vitamin D from the sun is just a bonus. It’s a dynamic environment that will also engage your mind as well. So, creating your own beach workout is a good idea. No matter if you are just starting or have a lot of experience working out.

Why are beach workouts so beneficial?

Aside from the fact that doing beach workouts is fun, there are many benefits to doing it. The beach provides a healthy variety. Both when it comes to exercises as well as your surroundings. It’s hard to get bored on a beach.

Sand is a great surface for outdoor workouts

Working out on the sand brings with it many benefits. For one, it provides a nice dose of extra resistance to your workouts. So, when you find your best workout routine, try it on the sand. Be it running or jumping, you will have to work extra hard to keep up your tempo. So, if you are looking to up your game, the beach has the perfect surface to do it on.

sandy beach
Sand is a great surface for a workout since it’s soft and yet provides extra resistance


Sand is a dynamic and uneven surface

On top of that, the sand is not a flat surface. So, during all your workouts, you will have to engage extra muscles to keep your balance. Those muscles would simply never engage when working out on a hard surface.

And it’s not just about the added resistance. Sand is a soft surface that lessens the impact on your body. Especially on your joints. So, if you’ve experienced joint pain in the past, during your workouts, this might be a perfect solution for you. You will be able to keep up with your routine while the sand provides a nice joint pain relief.

Beach workouts are more interesting

Doing countless repetitions of your workout routine can become dull. And many people cut short their workouts for that reason. But, by working out on the beach you get an added benefit of variety. You are not simply locked indoors. You get to experience different weather condition and a very interesting environment. From the wind in your hair to drops of water that reach you from the waves. So, it’s quite hard to get bored on the beach. And it’s a great way to motivate yourself to start working out. You also get an added variety of being able to workout on the sand and swim in the water. You can easily change your surface and your exercises depending on your mood.

Exercising on a beach is more interesting and dynamic

Beach workouts are great – but do them with caution

As you already know, beach workouts are great. But, there are also some dangers when it comes to working out on the beach. The first, and obvious, one is the sun. It’s very important to wear sunscreen. Even if you are working out in the morning, the sun still poses a danger.

You should also pick out appropriate workout clothes. Just because you are on the beach, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be in your swimsuit. And the same goes for shoes. Sometimes it might be beneficial to go barefoot, but sometimes it might not.

Another thing to look out for is swimming in poor conditions. While the wind might not be blowing where you are, if the sea is restless, it’s better not to wander too far from the coast.

Exercises for your beach workout

There are many different exercises that you can do on the beach. And it all depends on your current physical condition and routine. If you are just starting, there are many simple workouts that will get you going. But, if you are not sure, it’s best to find a personal trainer Dubai to guide you. Even on the soft surface like the sand, you can injure yourself. And there are certain things, like warming up, that you must do in order to have good and healthy beach workouts. Here are some of the simpler, more common, exercises that you can do on the beach.

beach workouts
There are many beach workouts that you can do


Running is one of those exercises that is easy to do almost anywhere. And it has many benefits for both your body and your mind. And doing it on the beach has an added benefit of a sandy surface. You can start slow, with longer runs up and down the beach. Or, just can do quick, short bursts of intense running. Either way, you will feel the intensity. Sand might soften the impact of your beach workouts on your joints. But your muscles will have to work overtime to maintain balance. You can also mix things up by running in the shallow water. It will give your legs even more resistance to overcome.

running on the beach
Running on the sand is healthy and exciting

Surfer get-ups

One of the simpler exercises is also one that activates most of your muscles. And it’s very easy to do. It simulates the surfer getting up on the surfing board. Lay flat on the sand with your arms underneath your shoulders. Then, push your upper body with your arms and get up. You can repeat this a few times and then get some rest


There’s nothing better than cooling down in cold water after a good workout. But, swimming can also be a great workout in itself. And when you are doing beach workouts, the sea is just a few steps away from you. You can warm up by swimming, or you can finish your exercises in the sea. And it’s a great place to relax after intense beach workouts.

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