Creative exercise ideas for kids with ADHD

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Published: November 4, 2021

Finding the right exercises for kids isn’t easy. Unlike adults, kids ask for a lot of attention. You need to provide them a lot of time and energy and if you don’t do it with a smile, they won’t feel right. So, finding good exercise ideas can be a bit difficult. However, finding exercise ideas for kids with ADHD is especially hard. Kids diagnosed with ADHD are very energetic, ask for a lot of time, and love to be outside or at least engage in some really fun activity. You need to provide them with some great entertainment that’s gonna be healthy as well.

What’s especially nice about these exercises is that they don’t only help the child with their ADHD but they help develop social skills and improve their attention, which is a really important part of the health of a child with ADHD.

Education can go together with exercise ideas for kids with ADHD

According to a recent study, If kids spend 30 minutes exercising before school, it can have a really powerful impact on their ADHD focus, as well as help them manage their moods in a much more stable way. Just 30 minutes of exercise with a personal coach Dubai can also decrease or sometimes even eliminate the need for stimulant drugs kids are used to using to treat ADHD symptoms.

So, exercise is highly beneficial to kids with ADHD. If done properly, kids can have a much nicer life. Now let’s see some exercise ideas for kids with ADHD.

Three kids are running around carrying a big old airplane toy.
If you want to cope with your kid’s ADHD successfully, you will need to know some good exercise ideas for kids with ADHD.

Dance is a great way for kids to burn excessive energy

Dancing is a big part of a healthy lifestyle and one of the great exercise ideas for kids with ADHD. It’s also a really nice way for kids to enjoy time spent together with their parents. Try making a playlist full of fast-paced and groovy songs that will make everyone, no matter their age, get on their feet and start dancing. You can ask your kids to join you to make a list of songs both of you enjoy.

If dancing for half an hour without a break seems to be too much for you or your kids, try breaking it up into short segments. You can do it a few different times throughout the day. You can just turn on a song when you see your child getting restless and remember that it’s very beneficial for their muscles, spine, and their brains.

Aerobic helps children with coordination

Any type of aerobic exercise you can imagine will have a positive effect on your children. Most importantly, it will help burn all the extra energy which is the main point of this article. However, there are certain exercise ideas for kids with ADHD that improve focus and concentration better than other activities and that is great to do with a cheap personal trainer Dubai has to offer. If you want the best results possible, find exercises that have aerobic elements and accuracy in them. This helps the brain work better as well as control body movement, which has been linked numerous times to a better mental focus in children with ADHD.

The best-case scenario for your children would be to play games that help improve accuracy, as well as coordination. The more complex the game, the more benefits are in it for your child. It’s a great way to cope with ADHD.

A kid and their mom are dancing.
Dancing with your kids will make them release all the energy they otherwise couldn’t because of quarantine or because there are no other activities they can take up.

Great games and exercise ideas for kids with ADHD

Here are a few examples of indoor games that stimulate your child’s brain and help the body:

  • Lava floor: It’s already a fairly known game all over the world. Just imagine that the floor is made of lava and you can only survive if you stay in designated spots. The trick is to challenge your kids to cross the floor without falling into the lava and getting burned.
  • Hopscotch: This one is fairly simple. Use some tape to create a hopscotch court on the floor. Hopscotch is supposed to make kids identify numbers while exercising coordination. It’s exactly what kids with ADHD should be trying out.
  • Horse: Indoor basketball goals are a great way to make it safe for kids to play inside with an affordable personal trainer Dubai. Games like Horse make children improve physical accuracy while using letters. Try developing your own kinds of games that use different words, or even some numbers. That depends on the age of your child.

Martial arts are a great way to improve a child’s focus

Martial arts like karate and judo give kids structured environments. Those environments encourage mental focus as well as physical development of children. Many children just love learning martial arts. They get to practice many different kinds of moves. That kind of exercise helps them release all the extra energy and keep them interested in something and physically active. It’s a form of exercise that entertains the kids and literally, anyone can practice it at home. It requires little to no equipment so it’s really economical. There are other sports that may offer the same benefits, but you can’t practice those indoors.

A kid and a teacher are practising karate.
Martial arts are a great way to help your kid release all the extra energy and learn how to focus well.

Don’t push it if the kids aren’t into it

There are many great exercise ideas for kids with ADHD that are great to do with a good personal trainer for kids. However, you should never try to force activities on kids. If a kid doesn’t like some kind of activity, you should leave it alone. Of course, you should make it as attractive as possible, as well as entertaining. Do your best to make it seem like a fun activity and wait to see if your kid will like it. If it does, that’s some great news. If it doesn’t, don’t push it. There are many other ways to help your kids cope with ADHD using physical exercise.

Don’t despair if your kid doesn’t like the first two or three exercises. There are many exercise ideas for kids with ADHD and we assure you, at least one will be attractive to your toddler. So, no pressure and prepare to enjoy it.


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