CrossFit for beginners – All you need to know before trying CrossFit

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Published: May 3, 2019

CrossFit is one of those terms that you hear very often but are not really sure what it’s all about. While many people claim that CrossFit training is the best possible solution for a good workout, others claim it’s a sure way to get yourself injured. So, if you are considering starting with CrossFit training, you should definitely inform yourself about all the pros and cons of doing it. For someone who is new to this, it can be hard to know what to expect. And you are probably wondering what CrossFit for beginners looks like. But, in short, it’s a great new trend that is actually beneficial for you. And you will probably love it.

Explanation of CrossFit for beginners

crossfit for beginners explained
CrossFit is a nice blend of many different exercises and sports

CrossFit is essentially a set of workouts that borrow moves from various sports. Those sports can include almost anything. From gymnastics to weightlifting. And even rowing. It was created by a former gymnast called Greg Classman. And its main purpose is to maximize the amount of work in a workout in a short span of time. CrossFit for beginners starts slow, with light exercises. But then, as you progress, it intensifies. While working with your personal trainer Dubai you will find the right balance of work and rest for you. And maximize the gains. It’s a great way to exercise on a busy schedule and with not much available time.

Goals of CrossFit

The main goal of CrossFit is to make exercising more interesting and dynamic. And to boost your overall fitness level. And the best thing about it is that it works no matter what you need it for. It doesn’t matter if you are sports players who are looking to improve overall fitness. Or if you are just looking to lead a more active lifestyle. It will help you feel the benefits in either case. It accomplishes this by introducing a lot of moments at high intensity. And it makes you both stronger and more flexible.

Exercise guide for CrossFit for beginners

Many people wonder what is it that you do when in Crossfit training. And the answer is not so straightforward. Going to the gym is pretty much straight forward. You have the tools and machines that you work with. And a simple set of exercises. But CrossFit is different. Especially when talking about CrossFit for beginners. It takes a lot more dynamic approach that your regular workout routine. It involves many different moves and techniques. And is generally more dynamic than working out in a gym.

The course of one class

Generally, CrossFit for beginners and more experienced people are not so different. They involve the same three phases: the warming up phase, skill, and strength faze and the workout of the day, better known as WOD.

Warmup phase

The warmup phase is generally tailored according to the skill and strength phase. And its main goal is to prepare you for it. It will usually be a similar set of exercises. As well as warmup routines that target muscles that you will be working on in the next stage. It usually something light that will just get you going.

Skill and strength phase

In this phase, you will be starting with more demanding exercises. And its main goal is to make you better at those types of physical activities. They can include jumping rope, double-under and so on. The second phase also includes certain strength exercises with the main goal to simply make you stronger. They are especially great for improving your core strength and overall fitness. They will make you more stable, flexible and agile.

Workout of the day

The final phase of the class is your workout of the day. And it doesn’t matter if you are taking classes in Crossfit for beginners or an advanced class. The exercises will be more or less the same. Only the intensity will differ. Those exercises typically include complete body workout. And they can range from 8 to 16 minutes, with the more intense ones lasting as short as 3 minutes. Many gyms have their own workout of the day and they can drastically differ from place to place.

Important notes for CrossFit for beginners

important note for CrossFit for beginners
Before you start with your CrossFit training it’s important to know your limits

It’s a strange feeling starting with something that you haven’t encountered before. And so, you need to be careful with how you approach it. When you first start you will see people performing great feats of strength. And you might be tempted to do the same. But you shouldn’t. You can easily injure yourself that way. First, you need to prepare your body for CrossFit. And then train for some time before you try anything like that. So, don’t be too competitive. Make sure you know that you are just starting. And that you need time to get to that level.

How dangerous is CrossFit?

Just like with any other form of exercise, there is a certain level of risk involved. Especially if you try to do it on your own. You will be jumping up and down, running and generally doing high-intensity workouts. And if you skip the warmup you can easily pull a muscle. But, overall, CrossFit is fairly safe compared to other workouts. You are in a controlled environment with experienced trainers who know how far they can push you. It’s important that you follow your trainer’s instructions to the letter for the first couple of weeks. That’s because most people injure themselves in that period. CrossFit is different than most types of workouts and requires some time to learn all the moves.

Is CrossFit the right choice for you?

crossfit is a good choice
CrossFit is suitable for a wide variety of people

After reading through many CrossFit for beginners guide you should have a clear picture of whether CrossFit is the right fit for you. But generally, it doesn’t require much to get started. There are various levels and intensities. And with enough time and dedication, you can be great at it. It’s a great workout that will help you both lose weight and gain strength. And if you are looking for something more dynamic and flexible, you should definitely consider it.

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