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Published: July 28, 2022

It is almost inevitable that you did not hear someone talking about CrossFit. Or even scrolled past an image from a workout session. Nowadays, 4 million people practice CrossFit every day in more than 120 countries. As high-intensity training, it is a combination of strength and conditioning. There are numerous health and physical benefits, but the key is to be consistent and establish a workout routine. You may wonder whether you are fit to be part of it. How and when to actually try Cross fit? You can ask any of the best personal trainers in Dubai, and they will be glad to show you all the tips and tricks. If your goal is to lose weight, build flexibility, or even improve your aerobic fitness – CrossFit in Dubai is perfect for you. So, let’s get started!

Improve your physical strength and stamina with CrossFit in Dubai

If you are one of those who want to gain muscle strength and improve their physical strength, CrossFit training is perfect for you. You can add additional training sessions to increase muscle gain and stress to your body and muscles. You will challenge your muscles and body by doing different workouts every day. Alongside the training, make sure to increase your calorie intake. If you wonder how long it will take, it will take 5 months to improve.

Luckily, the versatility of the exercises means you will never get bored of the training and wish to stop. Many high-intensity movements in CrossFit will help you improve in this area. Moreover, adding more weights to your routine can further aid you in increasing muscle gain and add more stress to your muscles.

A man lifting weights
If you are a fan of lifting weights, there are numerous exercises you can try with CrossFit in Dubai.

Improve flexibility and lose weight with numerous CrossFit exercises

CrossFit training quite often includes various exercises that reflect movements in everyday life. Those movements, such as squats, overhead presses, and kettlebell swings, can improve balance and flexibility. If you need help and assistance, you can always hire a cheap personal trainer Dubai has and work in a team. Moreover, many CrossFit training sessions can help you burn calories more than any other sessions. On average, you can lose approximately 20 calories per minute. Even during a recovery period, you continue to burn them. If your goal is to lose weight, you can combine it with a healthy diet for better results. Remember, if you wish to lose your belly, CrossFit only will not help. You need to combine it with proper nutrition to decrease fat in that specific area.

Is CrossFit in Dubai safe for beginners?

CrossFit training is quite safe compared to other traditional exercises. However, injuries do happen, so it is recommended that you work with a professional. For everyone living in Dubai, you can easily find an amazing affordable personal trainer Dubai has and continue practicing. The common injuries are tendon, muscle, and joint injuries but nothing alarming. You can avoid all these with the correct input and focus and be completely successful.

Warming up before the session and proper execution of CrossFit exercises is the best combination to prevent any injuries. If you ask anyone, they will be happy to tell you that CrossFit is very beginner-friendly and a welcoming sport to anyone who wants to try it out. All you have to do is find the right place for it.

A woman stretching out before the training
Proper warm-up exercises and a good stretch are essential in preventing CrossFit injuries.

How to get started with CrossFit training in Dubai?

If this is your first time getting familiar with CrossFit in Dubai, make sure to hire a female personal trainer Dubai that will help you out. Quality of coaching is one of the essential factors. Your trainer should pay attention, correct your performance and give advice. Moreover, find a great place where you can schedule appointments and create a workout routine. Everyone wants to try different things, so make sure to find a great gym in Dubai that will fulfill your expectations. Additionally, safety is key, so your coach should control your progress and gradually add changes to your routine, Don’t take it personally if they think you are not ready for a certain activity just yet. Over time, you will be a true professional in the CrossFit community.

Make sure to know your “why” and stick to it consistently

One of the most important factors is to set up a goal when starting with CrossFit. Without knowing “why” you’re training in the first place, you will quickly slip off track. Whether you want to do fat burning workouts for men or simply try it out for fun, you need to have a goal. Once you have a goal set up, you need to remind yourself of it consistently. You can do this by telling your trainer what the goal is and making sure they follow it.

Moreover, place visual reminders in your home that you will see daily, reminding you of the purpose. Without clear reminders, you can easily go back to your old habits and decrease your progress. Don’t set up big and unrealistic goals that take you forever to achieve. Start will small ones that you can celebrate achieving them!

A woman practicing with a personal trainer
It is important that your coach knows your goals and desires, so you can both work together towards them.

Prioritize your working out time consistently and don’t skip sessions

Having a clear picture of your workout schedule is quite essential for a number of reasons. For beginners, working out consistently in the first couple of weeks will create a good pattern for forming a routine. If you are taking one of the best karate classes in Dubai, at least 3 sessions a week will give your better results than going occasionally. Your body will quickly start to adapt and you will be ready for each upcoming session. Once you set up the schedule, your classes will become a priority, and you should not skip them. Of course, something can happen, and you can not make it on time. But keep in mind that with every session you have, you will be closer to the goal you set up in the beginning. If you really want to progress and see results, keep it a top priority.

Follow your new nutrition plan and healthy changes in your diet

We all love food, especially on summer days when we have our long-awaited holidays. However, after a few weeks, everyone is rushing to book a fat loss workout that will help us get back on track. Once you have started the CrossFit journey, make sure you are consistent with your new diet and introduce healthy changes over time. It is up to you how fast you want to go in this area, but make sure you follow it. Set up a caloric target; although it might be challenging, you will see quick results. Your personal trainer will make sure you follow these guidelines. You don’t need a strict plan to lose weight or build muscles. Having a proper nutrition plan means eating your favorite foods while being healthy and in shape.

Food and supplements on the table
It is important to have a proper nutrition plan set up for you according to your goals and needs.

Prehab and rehab routine – allow your body to recover in the best possible way

Recovery is key to every workout, as well as when doing CrossFit in Dubai. You need to avoid tear stress on your body and prevent injuries as much as you can. You should introduce a Prehab and Rehab into your routine. With the Prehab plan, make sure to warm up and get ready for a session before starting. Once the workout is completed, the Rehab plan will allow your body to recover and feel better. It is important to emphasize that you should do this every time you have a session. If you made your sessions a priority, then add this 10-15 minute plan part of it as well. You don’t want to end up doing back pain exercises because of injuries. Moreover, sleep is key to a fast recovery and many people don’t care about it. You should try to have at least 8 hours of sleep.

Keep motivated at all times and, if necessary, workout in groups

You need a strategy to get yourself in the gym even if you don’t want to. Whether it is an extremely hot day or you are feeling blue. Even if your schedule is swamped, you need to be regular with your training. Consistency is a key factor and is driven by motivation. It is only up to you to keep this motivation going. You can join a group of other people who share the same goals as you do. This is recommendable for all the ladies out there. Join boxing classes in Dubai for ladies and have an amazing time with your friends. Additionally, other people may encourage you to work out more and enhance your motivation. Moreover, reading books about it is a terrific way to stay interested in your area of specialization while also staying motivated.

A woman doing boxing with an instructor
Boxing is a perfect way to get in shape and create a great workout routine that has many health benefits.

Reward yourself and celebrate your results after a few weeks of training

A wonderful approach to maintaining consistency when doing CrossFit in Dubai is through external motivation. If your objective is to hit the gym 5 days a week, but you are having trouble getting motivated, consider rewarding yourself with something you will like. A night out with friends, a spa day, or a set of aerobic exercise equipment may be the prize you need. To keep up with your CrossFit progress, identify what inspires you the most, and use that as a reward. Take time to reflect on your progress if you keep track of your outcomes. These outcomes, whether in terms of weight loss or the number of workouts completed, would not have been possible without your commitment to consistency in your training

How many times per week should you work out to create a routine?

The answer to this question mostly relies on your level of training, your fitness goals, and how much time you have. Or, more accurately, how much time you want to devote to exercising and doing CrossFit in Dubai. The best recommendation for all beginners who haven’t trained in a while is to start by incorporating training into their weekly plan. Choose the same days each week, and schedule your training sessions the same way you would your job. In terms of frequency, attempt to increase to three times each week. A smart place to start is by working out one day and relaxing the next. For example, work out on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and take the weekend off. Select a frequency that you can keep up over time.

A woman lifting weights during a workout session
Create a workout plan, and don’t push it hard if you are just starting.

It’s all about the CrossFit journey and not about the final destination

Let’s face it right away, some of the exercises are not enjoyable. But when it’s done you feel proud of yourself. Not getting as many reps as the person next to you shouldn’t make you angry. Don’t be too serious with yourself when working out. CrossFit in Dubai is a journey that is motivated by your passion. This journey can be difficult at times, and it is never simple, but it is always worthwhile. The ability to practice the sport you love every day is ultimately what the most accomplished athletes are most grateful for. Listen to your body and remember that workout recovery is aided by good nutrition, enough water, and good sleep. You don’t have to be a professional, so enjoy your time and you will see amazing benefits.

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