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Published: January 20, 2021

Due to the covid-19 situation around the world, many people started working out in the comfort of their own homes. This resulted in a variety of different ideas and innovations when it comes to working out. If you are in need of someone to help you with your workout routine, consider hiring personal trainers Dubai. Moreover, in this article, we will discuss CrossFit workouts you can do at home during this period. More importantly, we will be talking about in what ways this can help you maintain your condition and improve it. Thinking about your physique is always important and you should not stop just because you cannot go to the gym.

CrossFit workouts you can do at home

Crossfit is an intense workout consisting of different functional movements with high intensity. Most of the movements you do are things you do in your everyday life without thinking about it. One of the biggest advantages of these workouts is that they are so easy to modify that anyone can do them. Especially in the comfort of ones home. However, it is advisable that you own some of the exercise equipment or at least acquire it in the meantime.

a woman working out on the floor
Because this type of working out is so adaptive, you will be able to exercise without any equipment in the comfort of your home

Regardless if you are someone who has experience with CrossFit workouts or wants to start on your own you can easily adapt. The coronavirus situation, unfortunately, made it impossible for us to train and workout in our usual environment. Due to that, we have to adapt and make our living rooms a temporary gym.

The benefits of CrossFit

As we mentioned above, CrossFit exercises utilize fundamental movements we make every day. However, when exercising, they are much more intense. It incorporates cardio and strength exercises that allow your body to have a big post-workout caloric burn. One of the biggest familiarities with this workout is that they are usually short but very intense. This way they allow your muscles to produce higher strains than other, more static exercises. It will have micro-tears in your muscle tissue that will build new lean muscle as soon as your body starts to repair the damaged tissue. Moreover, by creating these intense movements you will create more functional muscle mass for a longer period of time. This is a good solution for those who love working out but cannot due to covid-19 precaution measures.

Is the equipment needed for CrossFit workouts you can do at home?

Most of the CrossFit workout will require some sort of equipment. Especially because this is something most people do at the gym. However, because the workout is so adaptive, you can easily manage to workout at home without burning a large hole in your pocket. More importantly, several exercises are something you can do outside. If you require assistance with working out, you can always turn to our male fitness trainers to help you stay focused. Here are some of the basic exercises you can do without equipment:

  • Sequence reps
  • Repetition reps
  • Super legs
  • The longest mile
a woman wearing orange leggings and a white shirt doing sit-ups
These simple, yet intensive exercises will help you maintain your physique in your own home

These are just some of the many workouts you can indulge in your own home without any equipment. These CrossFit workouts you can do at home are meant to elevate the intensity of your everyday movements to a new level.

Sequence reps

Sequence reps are a type of workout in which you start with the maximum amount of reps and then work your way towards the lowest one. There are three exercises you will do in this order: Burpees, push-ups and air squats. Set the timer and start doing each of these three exercises one at a time with the full amount of reps. Next, start lowering the reps by one for each workout. Continue until you finish with 1 rep for each workout. This will increase your endurance for future workouts. The best number of reps to start with is ten. After that, you can either lower or heighten the bar, depending on your needs.

Repetition reps

While simple, this workout will have a lot of repetition. Because of that, we advise you to adapt the number of repetitions towards your physique level. The basic of this exercise consists of push-ups, sit-ups and air squats. The way you want to approach this is by setting up a number of repetitions you feel you can do. Next, start each exercise by repeating the number of reps you are doing. For instance, do 50 push-ups, followed by 50 sit-ups and end with 50 air-squats. This will help you build and maintain endurance.

CrossFit workouts you can do at home – Super legs

Legs are something many people neglect when they go to the gym. However, they are as important as your body or arm muscles. In this workout, you will be focusing on legs only. This workout contains the following exercises: air squats, altering lunges, altering split squat jumps and regular squat jumps.

a woman jumping on a mattress as one of many crossfit workouts you can do at home
Maintaining the physique of your legs is just as important as other muscles

It is advisable you start with 20 reps in each workout and repeat each exercise 5 times. This way you will push your limits and ensure maximum results.

The longest mile

Improving your muscles with a variety of exercises means almost nothing if you do not have a proper condition. This exercise is going to change that. You should start by doing burpees. After each muscle workout, you will run 100 meters. This is best done outside. After the first 100 meters, do air squats. Next, run another 100 meters and do push-ups. Later on, you will run another 100 meters and do sit-ups. Finish the workout by running the final 100 meters. This way you will maintain the condition of your body while also working on your muscles.




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