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Published: September 6, 2019

Exercises are an important part of every healthy lifestyle. We need to work out regularly in order to keep our body in shape. But, there are many different types of exercises. And it seems that each person needs different sets of exercises. But, some types of workouts are beneficial all across the board. And everyone can and should do them. From improving your strength to being more flexible. They each have their own unique benefits. And the reasons why you should do them.

Importance of different types of exercises

It doesn’t matter if you have exercised your whole life or if you are just getting into it. We all know that we can’t get great results by doing just one type of exercise. While yes, some exercises target multiple areas of the body, you still need to mix things up. And there are many reasons for it. Even though there are benefits to all exercises, some do you more good than the others. And it’s less likely that you will get physically and mentally saturated. That way, you will have more energy and more will power to continue working on your body.

Importance of different types of exercises
There are many reasons why it’s important to do different types of exercises

Avoid injuries by mixing different types of exercises

One of the ways mixing different types of exercises is beneficial is avoiding injury. If you work on just one part of your body all the time, it can quickly get strained. Repeated jumps can cause your joints to start hurting. And you can actually cause more damage than benefit to your body. Same goes for simple things like push-ups or running. So, try and mix things up in order to avoid exercise injuries. That way, you can continue working out for your entire life without feeling any consequences. And you will remain healthy, active and in good physical condition.

Mental benefits of mixing exercises

Working out is a lot of fun at first. Especially when you start noticing the first results. You muscles begin to grow. You start feeling the energy and strength that you have. And it’s even better if you have a good fitness instructor Dubai. But, over time, exercises can get repetitive and boring. That’s why it’s important to mix things up. It will not only allow you to develop different areas of your body. But you will continue to feel drawn to new workout routines and exercise techniques.

Which are the types of exercises that everyone needs?

There are four types of exercises that every person needs. They are not only good for making your body look great. But they are essential in keeping yourself healthy and active. And they are:

  • Endurance exercises
  • Strength workouts
  • Flexibility
  • Balance

These four types of exercises are essential for every good workout routine. They will allow you to develop different areas of your body. And keep things interesting and diverse.

Other types of exercises

Aside from the main four types of exercises, there are many others that can do wonders for your body. While most exercises can be categorized into one of these four groups, they are targeting specific things. For example, back pain exercises are specifically designed to alleviate back pain. Most people who work in an office experience some kind of pain in their back. And these exercises are great for making you feel better.

other different types of exercises
Aside from the four main types, there are also other exercises that can be very beneficial

Endurance exercises are very important

Endurance exercises are the first of four different types of exercises that every person needs. And there are good reasons for that. It doesn’t matter if you are training for a marathon or just want to do more. They work wonders in making you able to walk longer, run faster and reach new heights when hiking. And they also allow you to do more with your other exercises.


Walking might not seem like a big strain on your body. But, it’s actually very beneficial to walk. It’s a great way to build up endurance. And a great thing about it is that you don’t need any special equipment. You can walk anywhere. Why take a bus for just a few stops when you can walk? Why drive to the store when you can get there without getting into your car? And it’s the first step in a good workout routine. Especially for beginners. Therefore, going for a walk around Dubai Marina will both be fun and healthy!

Running and jogging

Just like walking, running and jogging are also very beneficial for building up endurance. And they also don’t require any special equipment. If you are really into running you can hire a personal trainer in Dubai. But other than that, all you need is a good pair of running shoes and somewhere to run. It can be a park, your neighborhood or even a beach.

walking and running exercises for better endurance
Walking and running are two great exercises for endurance

Strength workouts for building up your muscles

Strength exercises are also an essential part of every workout routine. And one of four different types of exercises for everyone. They are used to build up strength. And there are many different exercises that you can do.

  • You can light weights at a local gym
  • Using your body to workout is also a popular type of strength exercise
  • Both home and gym weight machines are also great for strength workouts

Flexibility is one of four different types of exercises that you need

Flexibility is something that we all need. It’s not just about being able to lift your leg above your head. It’s much more than that. There are many health benefits to it. And those exercises are great for alleviating pain caused by the modern lifestyle. They make us more flexible and agile. From pilates exercises to doing yoga, there are many different types of exercises that you can do to improve it. And one great thing about them is that you will feel great afterward.

Stretching exercises are great for both flexibility and to alleviate pain


The final type of exercises that you should do is balance exercises. It might not seem as important if you are not a senior. But they are very important for many different reasons. First of all, they make you more stable. It doesn’t matter if you are prone to falling down or not. We could all use a little extra stability. And secondly, they will allow you to do much more with your other exercises.  And you will feel much more secure about yourself when working out. You can do these exercises with your personal trainer or by yourself. Both at home and outdoors.

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