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Published: August 1, 2022

Cardio workouts are beneficial for everyone who wants to maintain their weight, stay healthy, or even transform their body. These exercises will elevate your heart rate and engage your entire core. There are many exercises that you can perform anywhere, from the public park to even doing cardio at your Dubai home. The only thing you have to do is make a list of the top routine exercises from your fitness instructor Dubai. You don’t have to possess any equipment when doing these workouts. Moreover, you can choose the one that suits your fitness level, health condition, and age. Don’t waste any more time and start your new healthy lifestyle. Make sure you include the following exercises in your new workout routine. Start slowly and increase in time while taking care of your safety.

A man on a treadmill in the gym
Doing cardio is one of the top workouts for many people nowadays.

High knees can be done with minimal space anywhere

You can perform high knees exercise anywhere, especially when doing cardio at your Dubai home. While waiting for your lunch in the oven, or coffee, make sure to do a few repetitions of high knees. High knees are beneficial for muscular endurance, coordination, as well as balance. After all, they are considered part of the fat loss workout, so definitely worth it. It is basically like running in place. Thus, it activates your glutes, calves, and hamstrings. All you have to do is lift one knee up towards your chest, lower back, and repeat. Don’t go too fast and keep your balance. You may not be able to do as many in the beginning, but in time it will be much easier. Be careful to maintain stability and balance, so you don’t injure your ankle or feet.

Burn more fat with daily exercise such as butt kicks

One of the best cardio exercises for burning fat and engaging your glutes are butt kicks. It doesn’t matter how many butt kicks you do, it is important to elevate your heart rate and burn fat. After you finish with high knees, you can do butt kicks. All you have to do is bring your heel towards your butt, as much as you can. Alternate your heels and move your arms. If you are a running fanatic, this exercise will aid you to run faster. Moreover, its serves are a stretch for your quads. Whatever the reason is, this exercise is definitely worth it and should be part of your workout routine. Change your routine and add variations of butt kicks. It can be jogging over a certain distance or in place, it will boost your metabolism. If burning calories is your goal, then this is the one for you.

A woman getting ready to workout There are many cardio exercises you can do at your home without hitting the gym.

Tighten your body and burn calories with ultimate jumping jacks

If you ever attended CrossFit training, then you are used to doing jumping jacks. Basically, you can do them anywhere anytime. Jumping jacks offer amazing cardio benefits. If you do them regularly they will control your blood pressure, and increase your blood circulation. Moreover, they are fantastic in burning calories and reducing body fat. This is why they should be in your top workout routine when doing cardio at your Dubai home. If you are a beginner, you should go with 10 jumping jacks increasing to 25 for advanced ones. Make sure you are wearing comfy shoes when doing them. There are many strict exercises that you should perform in order to burn fat around your waist. This is why every fitness trainer in Dubai will recommend you jumping jacks because of the number of calories it can burn.

Improve your coordination with lateral shuffles

If you are already working with an affordable personal trainer Dubai, then you have tried lateral shuffles. They should be part of your routine as they increase coordination and side-to-side movements. All these movements are good if you are doing any kind of sport such as tennis or soccer. Moreover, they will raise your heart rate and strengthen your calves and hamstrings. Ideally, you should perform 30 seconds of shuffles, add a break, and repeat. If you are doing more dynamic and intense exercises, lateral shuffles can be a perfect warm-up exercise. If you are a beginner, you can start with an interval of 10 seconds, and work your way up to 90 seconds. Your fitness level will increase as well as your speed and strength.

A woman working out after discovering that doing cardio at your Dubai home is beneficial
Doing cardio at your Dubai home is amazing for all of you on a busy schedule.

Get rid of those unnecessary love handles with oblique crunches

It’s summertime and everyone wants to be in their best-looking body. A lot of people already hired a cheap personal trainer Dubai to transform their bodies. If you decided to do this on your own at home, then you can get rid of love handles easily. Oblique crunches are amazing for removing that exceeds fat around your waistline. Moreover, it will strengthen your oblique muscles. All you have to do is stand and put your hands on the back of your head. Bend to the left and move your left elbow down and left knee up. Then, return to the previous position and repeat on the right side. It might go slow in the beginning, but don’t give up. Don’t forget to change your diet and add proteins to your meals. A proper and healthy diet is something you need to follow for better results.

Have a full-body workout at your Dubai home with mountain climbers

You do not have to focus on one part of your body and work out with your female physical trainer. Your trainer can show you exercises that you can do at home, but that engage your entire body. Mountain climbers are considered a full-body exercise since they work in various muscle groups. Therefore, they target hips, abs, glutes, shoulder, and leg muscles. Moreover, it is a fat-burning exercise and it will reveal those long-awaited abs. Start in a plank position and place your hands under your shoulders. Lift your left knee towards your chest and quickly switch to your right knee. The faster you go, the quicker and better results you’ll notice. The results will show in about six to seven weeks if you continue to work them properly and consistently. Remember, consistency is key to every workout, especially when doing cardio at your Dubai home.

A woman working out with a roller
With some basic equipment, you can gain muscles and tone your body at home.

Different plank modifications can engage your upper and lower body

Everyone struggles with planks, but once mastered, there are endless variations you can try. If you are looking for some back pain exercises, planks are amazing. They will strengthen your upper and lower body, and you will feel relief in no time. Moreover, if you add plank janks into your cardio workout routine, you will burn more calories and reduce that boring fat around your waist. Start with a high plank and place your feet mat width apart. What you should do is hop your feet together and then go back to the previous position. Try to hold on for 30-60 seconds and then go to the next exercise. Add breaks in between and go back to plank jack once again. You can also try:

  • forearm planks,
  • reverse planks,
  • side plank crunch,
  • plank pulse, etc.

Spice your workout with wrist-to-ankles exercise and your favorite song

What better than working out with your favorite music? It will motivate you to push harder and achieve amazing results. Besides, if you decide to combine this workout with fitness meal plans, then you will transform your body. It will increase your heart rate and engage all of your muscles. It is very simple! In a standing position, raise your right leg in front of you and keep it straight, while you hop on your other foot. At the same time, swing your left hand towards your right ankle. Repeat on your other side and try to hold it for 60 seconds before taking a break. Ideally, you should do four circuits before moving to another exercise. Be careful not to lose balance and to avoid back injuries that might occur if you don’t do them properly.

A woman holding an apple and a donout
Doing cardio without proper nutrition will not show the results you are expecting.

Gain muscles with renegade row exercise combined with a proper meal plan

A perfect recipe for gaining muscles is a 7-day meal plan for muscle gain and proper exercises. Renegade row is an exercise for your entire body that will activate all of your muscles at the same time. If done properly, it can strengthen your upper body and improve your balance. You’ll just need dumbells depending on your fitness level. While in a plank position, hold dumbells in both hands. Engage your abs and keep your left arm straight. Pull the dumbbell towards your waistline until your tricep is in parallel with your back. Slowly return to a previous position and repeat on another side. Be careful to avoid injuries and take a break if you need one. As for the weights, we recommend:

  • for beginners: 10% of your total body weight,
  • for advanced: 30% of your weight.

Get your daily cardio from pilates classes a few times a week

Did you know that you can do cardio even when attending pilates classes in Dubai? Even if you are on a busy schedule, you can do pilates from your own home and achieve results. Pilates is a fantastic workout for your entire body, and it is especially muscle training. Moreover, if you add pilates classes a few times a week, you can get a full cardio workout. You can burn calories and lose weight by doing the cardio exercises we recommended to you. Add pilates to your workout and achieve the flexibility that you never thought you would gain. Fitness trainers recommend around 45 minutes three to four times a week. Don’t think that pilates is only for women. Men can benefit from pilates classes as well, so make sure you try it out.

Burn a lot of calories with burpees as an ultimate cardio workout exercise

In just 15 minutes, you can burn more than 100 calories with burpees. Above all, if you follow weight loss meal plans in Dubai, you can transform your body in no time. Don’t worry if you don’t own any equipment, since you don’t need one. This is the ultimate cardio exercise that you can do at home anytime. To do burpees, you should switch between a plank position and jumping in the air. Make sure to keep your hands flat on the floor and keep your back straight. Depending on your fitness level, start slow and increase over time to avoid injuries.  This should be your top exercise in your workout routine. Moreover, add different variations of this exercise to change your routine if needed. Include burpees in every workout session for quick results.

Kickboxing at home is essential for both your physical and mental improvement

If you want to try kickboxing, you don’t have to attend classes or hit the gym. Doing cardio at your Dubai home should include a few kickboxing sessions. Kickboxing is a combination of boxing and karate and is amazing for your strength. As for the equipment you need, it is a punching bag. You can even play some videos online to get acquainted with the moves and become a better kickboxer. You will burn a lot of calories while kickboxing at home. Moreover, kickboxing is beneficial and removes aggression, stress, and anxiety. It will do wonders for your mind and body. We have given you the best exercises for doing cardio at home, and you should include them in your workout routine. Once you establish a routine, it will become quite easy for you to work out a few times a week.


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