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Published: December 8, 2022

The new era has brought with it both good and bad things, and we are happy to say that the awareness of the importance of physical activity is one of the good changes. Nowadays, we can see that many people are searching for the best DubaiPT Personal Trainers who will help them get their dream body. While working with a personal trainer will undoubtedly help you achieve your goals much faster, you can also work on being fit and healthy from the comfort of your own home. All you need is some essential equipment for your home gym in Dubai, and you’ll be able to embark on your fitness journey.

Equipment for your home gym in Dubai – what do you need?

To be able to get the toned body you have been dreaming of, you will need to create a well-structured home workout routine. But before you can start working on shedding weight and gaining some muscle mass, you’ll first need to invest in some pieces of equipment. Here are some basics:

  • Yoga mat
  • Kettlebells
  • Dumbbells
  • Resistance bands
  • Jump rope
  • Medicine balls
A pair of dumbbells and a Pilates ball - equipment for your home gym in Dubai.
You don’t necessarily need to invest a lot of money to build a home gym.

Yoga mat

Every good home gym needs one piece of equipment that represents the base of it all – a yoga mat. No matter which abs workout you want to include in your fitness routine, the first thing you will need is a yoga mat. The good news is that this piece of equipment is easy to acquire, and it’s very cheap. Besides, you can transport it from one area of your house to another one, allowing you to do your workout in every room of your living quarters.


Whether you are an amateur or a powerlifter, you can definitely benefit from including kettlebells in your workout routine. There are many things that we love about them, but we’ll start with the most obvious one – the fact that you’ll be able to choose from and use kettlebells that come in different sizes. You can go as low as a 4-pound kettlebell, with the upper being much higher than that. Likewise, this piece of equipment can be used for many different exercises. How useful they are can be best seen through the fact that every personal trainer for muscle gain will include kettlebell exercises in their fitness plans.


Yet another staple of every functional home gym, dumbbells provide variety. They are excellent for resistance training, and you can perform all sorts of exercises with them. You can purchase them in pairs or separately, and we’ll let you decide which option works better for you. However, you should keep in mind that dumbbells come in five-pound increments, and they usually range from five pounds to fifty-five pounds. That being said, you can be 100% sure that every personal trainer for weight loss will recommend dumbbells to their clients. They burn fat while building muscle, giving a person that toned and defined look.

A pair of dumbbells.
Small but mighty, dumbbells will provide you with exceptional variety and muscle gain, which is why they are essential equipment for your home gym in Dubai.

Finally, we can’t forget about the fact that dumbbells are transportable and compact. They will not take up a lot of space in your living room or personal gym. However, they will provide an incredible variety when it comes to the exercises you can do with them. That’s why we consider them to be an integral part of the essential equipment for your home gym in Dubai that you need.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are among the most controversial home gym pieces of equipment in the fitness world. Some find them to be amazing for the body while others consider them to be a passing fad. The general opinion might be divided, but we are all for using resistance bands. Of course, you should combine them with heavier dumbbells or kettlebells if aiming to build muscle. And if your goal is to lose weight, then you should combine them with the best weight loss diet plan. Getting the necessary exercise is great, but it might not be able to get you far unless you pay attention to your nutrition, as well.

Jump rope

Even if your goal isn’t to lose weight, you can still benefit from some cardio. However, you most likely know that the majority of those machines that target cardiovascular health are expensive. But the same cannot be said for jump rope. This is one piece of essential equipment for your home gym in Dubai that can get your heart rate up – and not because you’ll spot its price tag. Jump rope is super cheap and extremely effective – especially if you pair it with the best Dubai meal plans. In our opinion, that presents a recipe for success, as it will help you be in a calorie deficit and maintain the eventual weight loss.

A woman using a jump rope, a piece of essential equipment for your home gym in Dubai.
Whether you prefer to exercise indoors or outdoors, a jump rope can be a great solution.

Medicine balls

We have to admit that not every home gym will have a medicine ball. But that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t. These pieces of equipment are very useful, as they are transportable, and you can perform different kinds of exercises with them. Just taking a medicine ball in your arms and walking around the house with it will probably be a good enough workout. Keep in mind that medicine balls have many purposes, and you can use them for training as well as rehabilitation. For the best results, we suggest you combine them with kettlebells and dumbbells.

Which equipment for your home gym in Dubai will you get?

Which essential equipment for your home gym in Dubai you decide to purchase will depend on your needs. If you want to build muscle and tone up, then you will opt for resistance training. On the other hand, if you want to lose some weight, you’ll probably include some cardio in the mix. Either way, you should feel free to contact us and have our experts on the job. Our personal trainers love doing what they do best – helping you look and feel good. One without the other simply isn’t enough.

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