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Published: July 8, 2022

Being a successful personal trainer requires much more than certifications and showing your abilities. The daily practice and training of a number of people striving to achieve their fitness goals are key. You may develop approaches where your clients see the results and benefits of working with you. It is much more than a business and a career. If you wish to incorporate your passion and hobby and earn money in this process then it’s time to improve. DubaiPT is here to offer you the best Dubai personal trainer tips for professional improvement. You will learn so much and succeed as a fitness trainer. So let’s get started and make sure you incorporate these tips into your professional routine. Your clients and your business will thank you in the long run.

Focus on a specific type of training and become a professional

Do you want to stand out from the crowd and improve in a professional sense? You need to have a strong concept of what you want to do. For example, some personal trainers decide to work only with athletes. Others prefer those that want to lose weight. You need to choose your target audience and tailor your services to them. If you want to be an affordable personal trainer Dubai, find your passion! Only then you can focus on this kind of service and improve even more. You can always observe other personal trainers in that field for more experience. You will be able to see their approaches and training yourself to be even better. If you are not sure what to choose, try visiting the gym to see what fits you best. You may see what is in the market and what clients look for nowadays.

A personal trainer in the gym
Becoming a successful and reliable personal trainer requires a lot of work.

Gain your clients’ trust and listen to them and their needs

A lot of people want to hire a cheap personal trainer Dubai. But if you want to stand among others and be their personal trainer, you need to gain their trust. Talk to them and together set the goals they want to achieve. Find out their preferences and previous working out experience. Develop an individualized plan for them, and listen to what they need all the time. Only then you will establish a strong bond between you and them. Treat them like your best and only client. This will allow you to be more respected and valued. Choose equipment and exercises that fit them. For example, if they hate running, recommend other cardio exercises that can bring the same results. Track their progress all the time and follow up to see how far they have reached. Don’t focus only on completing the session, but rather on them and their results.

Separate workout time from nutrition consults for better results

If your client is trying to lose weight or build muscles, nutrition is essential. However, a training session or workout time is not a place to talk about food. In the very beginning, make sure to separate these two things. If you have set up an appointment for a  fat burning workouts for men, then it’s time to sweat and work out. After or before each workout session, you can consult on their diet or special nutrition needed. Focus on them and how they perform exercises and provide them with constructive feedback. Only then you will see what other additional activities they need and how to adjust their nutrition. Give them some tips on how to change their diet and eating habits. Depending on their goals, this may vary. You can help them by giving them some simple recipes or ideas to start with.

A woman exercises at home with the help of a personal trainer
Observe and assist your clients when working out for better performance.

Train movements first before starting any workout session

Before every crossfit training, it is important to know exercises and learn how to move. Instead of simply doing workout training with them, focus on movements first. This will help them to progress faster and train their body to be familiar with these exercises. Once they feel comfortable performing them, you can shift to the actual training sessions. Your goal is to prevent injuries and for the client to see results. Use a variety of exercises during your sessions, from moderate to intense. If your client is a beginner, spend a few sessions simply mastering movements. One of the best Dubai personal trainer tips for professional improvement is to learn movements and techniques first. After mastering this, they are ready to engage in workout sessions and show their best. This will minimize potential injuries in the gym especially for sports like boxing, karate, or lifting weights.

Consistency is more important than intensity

A lot of clients do not have time to work out at home, so they seek the help of a female personal trainer Dubai. One of the most important things every personal trainer should point out is consistency. Often people think that if they do very hard cardio training they will see results the next day. It is so much better to work out and hit the gym once or twice a week for a year, than every day for weeks. Allocate your time to your clients and make sure that you do not over-commit to the number of sessions. Over time, you will switch their exercises, but the most important thing is to be consistent. If it means having a small number of clients, then better. Allow them to create a work routine that will become part of their new healthy life.

A woman rolling the yoga mat before a session
It is important to mix up the exercises and change them once in a while for better results.

Every personal trainer should know that you cannot only do cardio

A lot of cardio activities have many health benefits such as burning calories and improving your mood. However, when it comes to weight loss, cardio is not the key. Advise your clients to try an aerobic exercise and include fitness equipment such as dumbbells and barbells. The more muscle your client has, the higher chances are to burn fat and rest their metabolism. Moreover, chances of getting injured are smaller and the benefits are bigger. So next time, you have a client who wants to lose weight, do not simply recommend cardio. Try out different options together. There are many ideas such as karate sessions, aerobic exercises, or even yoga sessions for ladies.

Remember that one size doesn’t fit all programs

A lot of personal trainers make a mistake and combine different individuals in one workout session. Great sessions are wonderful for beginners or shy clients. But remember that every person is different. You need to adjust the exercise program to their medical conditions, personal goals, and abilities. Some participants will love to lose weight and others would want to try out back pain exercises. Since the number of your clients will vary, you need to choose an approach that will aid them to achieve desired results. Monitor their progress individually and do not try to push so many sessions in one day. If your clients want to train in groups, then adjust it. Assign different exercises to every person and try to monitor them. This way they will stay together but achieve results their body needs.

A woman stretching in a yoga ball
Every person is different and requires exercises tailored to their needs and abilities.

Promote wellness rather than a good physical appearance

Every professional personal trainer should promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle instead of physical appearance. Of course, your clients will come to you with different needs, but being healthy is a top priority. Therefore, you should consider learning more about nutrition that will help you advance as a trainer and your clients as well. Promoting a healthy lifestyle is a great place to attract new clients and offering something different is something that will sell your services. Looking great for a Dubai summer is what everyone wants, but above all, being healthy and comfortable in your body is essential. This is one of the key Dubai personal trainer tips for professional improvement. Talk to your clients and explain to them the benefits of working out as well as what their bodies and mind need.

Support and expand your clients’ interests

A lot of people do not know how to start training or working out. They might think that lifting weight is more for men, while yoga is for women. We all know that it is not that simple. Talk to your clients and find out what their interests and desires are. Show interest in their life and their goals, and it will impact them greatly. When you find out what they want to try or like, you can customize the entire session around it. If your female client thinks boxing is fun, why not try? There are many boxing classes Dubai for ladies, so encourage them to try it out. There are no female or male activities, so support their interests and wishes as much as you can. It is before to try different things than do wrong ones.

A woman doing exercises on the floor
Make sure to give your clients feedback and input on how to improve and progress.

Learn how to be a leader and a teacher at the same time

It is important to give honest feedback to all of your clients if you want both of you to be successful. You need to help them navigate all those changes in their life and body. Motivating them is crucial as well as teaching them how to be consistent. At the same time, you need to offer constructive feedback and advice on how to improve their habits and form. If you see that your client is doing some movements wrongly, even though he is attending the best karate classes in Dubai, let them know. They deserve praise but also constructive input on what to do next and how to become even better. Don’t be afraid to speak honestly, they will appreciate it. It is much better to learn how to properly do exercises than to injure themselves or work out without any visible results.

Don’t forget to give your clients homework

Apart from their regular workout sessions, always give your clients assignments to do at home. They don’t have to be time-consuming and difficult. These assignments can be some simple exercises that they can do on their own at home or in the gym. This way you will know how to adapt or adjust the session. Sometimes it is better to hit the gym two times a week, but do other types of exercises in different surroundings. For example, you may include:

  • practicing stretching and breathing exercises,
  • keeping a food diary or a workout diary;
  • practicing balance exercises,
  • keeping a journal of what struggles them and exercises that they find challenging.
A trainer following Dubai personal trainer tips for professional improvement.
There are many Dubai personal trainer tips for professional improvement that you should follow for better results.

Stay up to date on everything that is happening in the fitness industry

Make sure to stay up to date on the latest happenings in the fitness and personal training industry. If you are specialized in one certain category, then stay updated on all the new changes. If you are a Zumba instructor, you also need to know everything about the latest Zumba sessions. You can always watch Youtube videos, attend different conferences, and follow tips from successful personal trainers. Staying up to date will allow you to adjust all your sessions accordingly. Moreover, you will ensure that you stand out among the competition and offer the best possible to your clients.

Remain flexible especially when unexpected occurs

Whatever happens, remain flexible and approachable to your clients. This will mostly apply to how you treat your clients in case of delays or cancellations. For example, if your clients cancel your session, do not get angry or charge them for that session. Such client will decide to find another personal trainer. Instead, allow them to reschedule for another time without any additional fees. The client will feel that you worry about them and appreciate them. They will continue to be in your best hands and recommend you to their friends and colleagues. This is one of the most important and best Dubai personal trainer tips for professional improvement.



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