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Published: June 14, 2022

Nutrition plays a crucial role when it comes to accomplishing your fitness goals. Eating healthy, especially on a budget or busy schedule, can be a challenge for most people. After working out in the gym, getting the appropriate nutrients is all you need to recover your body. Eating before working out is as much as important as getting the best high-protein food after finishing in the gym.  The amount of proteins depends on your fitness level and body, however balanced and rich diet is a must for a healthy body. This is why DubaiPT is here to reveal the secret. Everything you need to know about proper nutrition, you can learn from this article where Dubai personal trainers share top high-protein recipes. Stay with us and learn how to change your body and mind and get closer to achieving your fitness goals.

Protein is essential for building muscles and maintaining your appetite

You have probably heard from various fitness trainers in Dubai about the benefits of protein in your nutrition. A key to every body transformation or a healthy lifestyle is a well-balanced diet. Protein plays a key role in controlling your food intake, appetite, and body weight. Moreover, it regulates your sugar level, blood pressure, and immune system. With the right amount of rich protein food, you will feel satisfied and full after a meal.  It will decrease your desire to look for any snacks or overeat. On the other hand, proteins are made of amino acids that are essential for building and repairing muscles. After working out, your body needs to recover and protein will aid in this process. Your entire family needs to consume protein in most meals for healthy growth. Our best Dubai personal trainers share top high-protein recipes that you can make easily at home.

A women eating a snack after working out
Meal prep and planning meals in advance can help you stay on track when it comes to healthy nutrition.

How much protein should you consume on a daily basis?

If you are following any of the healthy meal plans Dubai nutritionists prepared for you, you are probably aware of its variety. How much protein should your meals contain daily depends on various factors. Depending on your activity level, body size, age, and medical condition, the amount of protein may vary. The best idea is to include 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of your body weight. The greatest sources of full protein are animal-based products (eggs, meat, dairy, poultry, and fish). Moreover, vegetables with the highest value of protein are broccoli, asparagus, potatoes, and Brussels sprouts. If you haven’t already, make sure to include them in your daily nutrition. Your children need this kind of diet as well especially if they are young and still growing. There is a number of delicious healthy options for everyone. 

Pre-Workout high-protein recipes for improved performance

Providing your body with the right nutrients before working out is essential for the energy and strength you will need. Moreover, the timing of this meal is crucial. Try to complete this meal around 2-3 hours before you start exercising. If you wish to combine carbs and protein as part of your weight loss diet plan, then this recipe is for you. You may have two slices of whole-wheat bread, 2 boiled eggs, and a cup of blueberries.  For a long and hard workout, we recommend oats, with a banana and 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt. You may also include peanut butter toast, grilled turkey, or chicken. Make sure to always garnish your meals with a fruit of choice: a pear, raspberries, or an apple. Don’t skip this meal especially if you are doing cardio or running. It is very essential for every workout session.

A bowl of yogurt with oats and fruits
Oats are the ideal fuel you need before a workout. Make sure to consume them at least an hour before running.

Rebuild your body with post-workout nutrients

After every workout, your body needs the right nutrients for post-workout muscle recovery. It is quite important to combine carbs and proteins after working out. If you choose food that you can easily digest, you will promote faster absorption of nutrients. Here are a few delicious and healthy examples of quick easy post-workout meals:

  • whole-grain toast and egg omelet with avocado;
  • sweet potato and salmon;
  • tuna sandwich or tuna and crackers;
  • cottage cheese, the fruit of your choice, and nuts;
  • quinoa bowl with berries and pecans;

Healthy high-protein snacks in between meals

Do you often find yourself in a situation where you feel hungry but your next meal is far away? You end up taking a chocolate bar, cookies, or chips to relieve hunger. This kind of snack will leave you full for the moment but tired in the long run. Instead, you should opt for a high-protein snack that will make you fill full until lunch or dinner. Even if you are following a vegan meal plan diet, you can still enjoy in these delicious recipes. What you should use is warm coconut milk and mix it with orange juice and maple syrup. Add chia seeds and let them rest for a few hours, ideally overnight. Moreover, for others, we recommend deviled eggs with pickled shallots or spinach and cheese egg muffins. Don’t ignore hunger and instead choose a healthy option. 

A woman cooking with her daughter in the kitchen
Involve your children in meal prep or cooking to make delicious and healthy recipes together.

Protein-filled breakfast ideas for a nutritious beginning of the day

A lot of people get their protein only for dinner or lunch and forget about a healthy breakfast. If you are doing this, that means that you are putting on a very important part of your healthy journey. A high-protein breakfast should include around 12 grams of protein. If you are having your yoga session after breakfast then you will need a lot of energy. Our Dubai personal trainers share top high-protein recipes only for you and the best are the following:

  • poached eggs with tomatoes, broccoli, and wholemeal bread;
  • scrambled eggs with basil, tomatoes, and spinach;
  • protein pancakes (eggs, oat milk, and protein powder) with fruits;
  • probiotic yogurt porridge with oats;

20-30 grams of protein for lunch will keep you satisfied

One of the most time-consuming things must be deciding what to eat for lunch. You probably end up ordering food and opting for an unhealthy option. Don’t worry, we got you covered! If you are in a hurry, a simple salad is a nice solution. The grilled chicken and avocado salad will give you healthy protein, fats, and omega-3s from walnuts and avocadoes. If you want something messy and healthy like a sloppy Joe before your next cardio boxing session, make yourself a turkey sloppy Joe that contains only 340 calories. On the other hand, you don’t have to eat turkey or chicken always. A tuna burger will give you enough protein with only 330 calories. By adding cucumbers, and greens in a whole-wheat bun, you will have a perfect lunch! Don’t give up on your favorite food!

Dubai personal trainers share top high-protein recipes that include a burger
Dubai personal trainers share top high-protein recipes that allow you to modify your favorite food.

For muscle growth add protein to your dinner routine

Protein may not be a great idea for dinner since it may cause bloating and slow digestion. However, if you want to grow muscles from your HIIT workout then consider including it in dinner as well. The best one for summer days can be a quick salmon fillet with creamy orzo and mushrooms. Moreover, a Caprese sandwich with crusty ciabatta, sun-dried tomatoes, and fresh basil will leave you speechless. If you are looking for a vegan option, a chickpea sandwich with garlic, lemon, and celery will give you a nice source of protein. For a perfect outdoor evening picnic, we recommend fresh vegetables and fruits paired with mozzarella and prosciutto. No matter your choice, you will definitely enjoy any of the mentioned ideas with your loved ones. 

High protein ice cream for hot days in Dubai

What better than healthy and delicious ice cream on these hot and sunny days in Dubai. If you are having ice cream almost every day, then switch to the healthy and protein-filled version. All you need is a blender, a few ingredients, and an empty space in your freezer. After you finish your fitness session, you can refresh yourself with a healthy creamy snack. In your blender, mix coconut milk and blend until creamy and smooth. Add protein powder and sweetener of choice (dates or vanilla for example) and blend until thick. Freeze for a few hours and enjoy this lovely and refreshing snack while enjoying the sun.

Diabetes-friendly high-protein recipes for a healthy lifestyle

If you are following a meal plan for diabetics, that doesn’t mean that you cannot consume protein. A high-protein diet can aid with type 2 diabetes as well as in controlling blood sugar. Additionally, it can improve your overall metabolic health. A fruit, cottage cheese, and nut bowl has a great amount of protein but is low in carbs. It makes it the most suitable breakfast idea for people with diabetes. Each of the meals should contain at least 15 grams of protein to keep you full during the day. Try a chicken apple wrap or a salmon sandwich that are low in calories. Moreover, kale, chicken and sweet potato salad makes it a perfect choice for meal prep since it can hold in the fridge for 3 days. Who doesn’t love hollowed-out baguettes with creamy Brie cheese and shredded turkey?

High-protein ingredients that you must have in your kitchen

Protein can be found in a variety of foods that you probably already eat every day. However, there are other foods that are high in protein and can offer your body this essential nutrient. To help narrow down your food ideas, here are some of the best protein-containing ingredients that you need to have in your kitchen and meals:

  • Lean beef – 23 grams of protein per 3-ounce serving;
  • chicken – 27 grams of protein per 3- ounce serving (chicken breast);
  • salmon – 19 grams of protein;
  • eggs – 6 grams in 1 large egg;
  • peanut butter – 7 grams in two tablespoons;
  • lentils – 18 grams per 1 cup of lentils;
  • pasta – 6 grams per one cup of cooked pasta;


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