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Published: November 16, 2020

All motion requires balance. Whether you’re reaching down to tie your shoes or slacklining a canyon, balance is what prevents you from teetering over. So, if you’re wondering what you can do to improve it – you’re in luck! Indeed, it is a skill you can train! And in this article, we tackle dynamic balance exercises. Of course, in case you are entirely new to the world of balance training, you can hire a female personal trainer Dubai. But, if you prefer to do it yourself, we strongly encourage you to give these drills for beginners a try.

Reasons why dynamic balance exercises are important

If we look at things from the standpoint of a child learning to stand and walk, it is simple enough to understand the importance of dynamic balance exercises. But it doesn’t end there. Even after we learn how to stand firmly, learning balance continues to be an ongoing practice. The advantages of dynamic balance go far beyond simply being able to walk steadily. Dynamic balance training includes performing exercises that strengthen the brain, the parts of the inner ear, and muscles. Consequently, they improve our overall health, stability, body awareness, coordination, and reaction time. It is crucial for all ages and in all situations.

woman balancing on her arms, representing dynamic balance exercises
The dynamic balance drills improve our overall health, stability, body awareness, coordination, and reaction time.

Some of the most significant benefits of doing exercises that improve your dynamic balance are:

  1. Keeping you young
  2. Improving reflexes
  3. Promoting recovery

#1. They keep everything working as if your body were much younger

As we age, we become increasingly inactive, and our cognitive abilities deteriorate. Consequently, multitasking and proper coordination between the three systems (the brain, muscles, and parts of the inner ear) becomes more laborious. Keeping an upright posture and maintaining balance eventually requires more mental focus and physical effort. What we mean to say is – with old age and inactivity, our ability to maintain decent balance declines.

Consequently, the risks of falling over become greater. Moreover, we take longer to recover from a fall. As it is a continual challenge for our bodies, it demands practice to keep everything working. Static and dynamic balance drills help your entire body to work together.  

#2. Dynamic balance exercises improve one’s reflexive response and reaction time

Each and every one of us has taken a tumble at some point. The situation could be as simple as walking down the street and coming across a pavement elevation underfoot that you didn’t see coming. It happens all the time. However, when you have a good balance, you are able to adjust more quickly to sudden shifts in body position. Being able to re-balance your body in the twinkling of an eye is, you will agree, how we avoid falls and physical damage.

#3. They allow faster recovery from injuries and prevent re-injury

Besides us clumsy mortals, professional athletes suffer injuries all the time. To restore joint mobility and stability, research shows they should perform balance drills. What is especially interesting, it has also been proven that the more balance drills athletes do, the faster they heal from their injuries. Moreover, by retraining your balance after, for example, an ankle sprain, you could prevent re-injury.

Additional benefits of dynamic balance exercises

There are so many other advantages of working on your balance, such as:

  • Dynamic balance-focused activities improve your overall health
  • They are excellent for improving poor posture and elegance with which you move
  • They have a positive impact on your strength and agility
  • Dynamic balance exercises contribute to better overall energy expenditures, maximizing your workout time
  • They help you to assess your center of gravity better mechanically, boosting your athletic performance
    A woman walking heel to toe.
    Dynamic balance exercises have a pretty good reputation when it comes to things such as improving your posture, overall health, and athletic performance.

How to use dynamic balance exercises for beginners to improve your balance

There are many great exercises that will help you improve your balance. They range from hiring a Yoga instructor Dubai to taking up surfing. Doing gymnastics also both requires and improves your balance. Likewise, there are also many much simpler exercises that will improve your balance in no time. These exercises are also great to add to your workouts as a warm-up or as a workout when you cannot go to the gym. 

A man surfing.
Surfing, as well as other sports, requires proper balance. This is where some dynamic balance exercises can come in pretty handy.

What do you need to start doing dynamic balance exercises?

A great thing about dynamic balance exercises is that you don’t need any special equipment. Sure, you might need to go to a gym if you want to practice advanced gymnastics. But to get started, all you need is a chair. That’s right, no need for any fancy equipment. Although it’s important to note that, even though they seem simple, balance exercises can be hard at first.

You do need to have some muscles built up to do some of the more demanding exercises. That’s why hiring a personal trainer for muscle building might not be a bad idea. As time goes on, these exercises will become easier. Many people end up using them either as a part of their warm-up routine or as a way to work out at home without sweating.

Which areas do these exercises target?

You can often hear that balance comes from within. While that’s true for the most part, you do need to have some muscles developed to maintain proper balance when doing more demanding exercises or sports. One of the areas that will work most is your core. They are actually a pretty good abs workout that you can do at your home without any equipment. Your legs will also see great benefits from dynamic balance exercises. Some of your back muscles that are part of the core will also be involved.

a woman doing yoga as part of her dynamic balance exercises
Yoga is a great way to improve your balance

Great balance exercises that you can do on your own

There are a lot of very simple and convenient dynamic balance exercises that you can try right away. Remember that there’s no need to rush through these exercises. The point is to do them slowly, with an upright posture, and to focus on what you are doing.  After all, we’re working on good balance and coordination. If, on the other hand, any of these exercises are too easy for you, or if you are doing them at the advice of a weight loss trainer and want to achieve better results, try doing some of them with your eyes closed. You can even move to a more advanced level by starting with gymnastics. There are plenty of ways to increase the difficulty.

Walking is among the first dynamic balance exercises that you can do

Walking is very much underrated. It’s probably because we all do it without even realizing the benefits of it. Especially when you combine it with one of the healthy meal plans Dubai, you can achieve great results. And as it turns out, it’s a tremendous dynamic balance exercise.

Here are some options:

  1. The first walking exercise that you should try is walking normally, in a straight line, for as long as you possibly can. It’s a great way to improve your balance and have fun. 
  2. The second walking exercise you can try is imagining you are an acrobat on a tightrope. Find or imagine a straight line and walk on it from heel to toe. Do it for at least 20 steps.
  3. Walking and alternating knee lifts with each step is another excellent balance exercise, like high-knee marching.
  4. Stepping with one leg to the side, then bringing your other leg behind it, stepping with the first one again, and then bringing the other one in front of it.
  5. Placing 5 to 6 cones or any other object in your home in a straight line. Space them about a foot or two apart. This activity includes simply stepping up and over the cones. Do this slowly and in a controlled manner.
  6. If the previous exercise is too challenging, you can modify it. Instead of a walk-like movement, you can step over one at a time, each time bringing your feet together between two cones and then moving on to the next cone in the same manner. It’s just like getting out of a bathtub.
a couple walking
Walking is an excellent way to improve your balance while doing something relaxing.

Other simple yet effective exercises that will improve your balance in no time

It’s not just walking that improves balance. Countless other exercises will do the same. And the best thing is that you can do these exercises on a budget. Since there are so many ways to improve your balance, you need to be a little more specific. Which sport are you looking to master? Do you want to surf and need a better balance? Are you a gymnast? Or are you simply looking for low-cost low-intensity warm-up workouts that also happen to improve your balance? Here are some exercises that will do wonders for you:

  1. Sitting down and standing up from a chair without using your hands. It will help you work your leg and back muscles while improving your balance.
  2. Standing with your arms at your sides and your feet shoulder-width apart. Then lift and stand with your weight on one leg and raise the other one to the side or behind you. Touching the ground with your toes and bringing it back to the start position.
  3. Lifting one leg to a 45-degree angle and swinging it back and forth. Do each leg at least 10 times before switching.
  4. For this one, the cones remain in the same position. However, this time, instead of stepping over them in a straight line, you will be weaving around the cones in small steps, all the while moving forward. As your balance improves, you will be able to do this faster.
  5. Rollerskating is another great way to improve balance as well as work on your core and legs

Final words

Now that you know why dynamic balance exercises are important and which ones you can do, nothing is preventing you from starting. You will notice improvements in your posture in no time, and you will see that you can perform other, more complex exercises much more easily and, more importantly, accurately. 

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