Effective Power Yoga Routines To Lose Weight Fast

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Published: November 7, 2020

People often get the wrong idea when it comes to yoga, in general, and especially power yoga as a similar but significantly different discipline. There are many benefits to it and a lot of them have an impact on weight loss. Even some of the best personal trainers in Dubai often recommend power yoga routines to lose weight fast. Because it is so effective and healthy for the mind and body, we will share some of the best routines and poses you can use to achieve your weight goal. 

You can use power yoga routines to lose weight fast but what makes them different from regular yoga poses?

As previously mentioned, there is a slight but quite significant difference between yoga and power yoga. The usual and most well-known yoga poses mostly focus on the perfect posture. Power yoga is completely focused on the movement of the body. This makes it more effective for weight loss and sweating, so to speak. Power Yoga Dubai offers is more than popular and many use it to achieve goals that have everything to do with looks and health, both mental and physical.

A woman doing yoga at sunset.
The crucial difference between yoga and power yoga is the concentration on movement rather than posture.

What are the best and most effective power yoga routines to lose weight fast?

Again, we will emphasize that you can lose weight by doing regular yoga but we will focus on the benefits of power yoga for now. We have chosen some of the best routines that we believe will bring you a visually fast change you will be able to notice. Let us begin.

The basic squat or Utkatasana

This probably already seems fairly easy to you but make no mistake, it builds some muscle and requires some serious endurance. This, otherwise known, Utkatasana or chair pose will be a great way to start your journey towards weight loss through power yoga. This asana will help you gain strength, improve your endurance, stretch your muscles, and make you sweat. The entire point is for you to do a squat but halfway as if you are going to sit and get back up. Yet, the point is to maintain your posture, pace, and technique. Make sure your feet are parallel and that your breathing is right. That means exhale when going down.

Be stable the entire way down and up by focusing on the heel and keeping your thighs almost together. Your back must be straights but your backside should almost point down towards the heels. You will feel that the pose is almost natural once you get it right. As for the last bit, parallel, straight-facing arms should slowly start pointing towards the sky and never lose your concentration dot. That is the one dot you keep looking at, straight forward, without moving your neck. Reverse the entire process to get up and then do it again. The slower, the better.

A group doing the basic squat as one of the power yoga routines to lose weight.
The basic squat might seem easy but it is not when you do it properly.

Abdominal churning or Nauli

Start by standing up with your legs apart, your knees should be slightly bent, and your hands resting on your thighs. First, you must inhale deeply, and when you start to exhale, push on your tighs with enough force but not too suddenly. When you feel that your lungs are empty, draw your diaphragm upward. Without taking a breath, start moving your abdominal muscles in and out. When you feel that you must take a breath, do so, and then repeat the process a few times. Once you feel that you are content with this process, is when you start your abdominal churning. Pressing your left arm on your left thighs harder in order to move your muscles to the right, and the other way around as well.

This is a great way to lose weight around your stomach but remember that abs are made in the kitchen. Therefore, a lot of it will depend on what you eat, especially what you eat for breakfast when losing weight. Incorporating a healthy diet with power yoga will do wonders for you but you must be persistent and do these routines constantly.

The reclined spinal twist or Jathara Parivartanasana

Even though the name sounds quite difficult, the pose itself is very relaxing and easy to do. Yet, it still brings quite fast results which just proves how power yoga is great in many ways.  Yet, be aware that, just because it is easy to do, does not mean you should take it lightly. This is one of the most common yoga mistakes people tend to make. Take every pose or asana, seriously because you can always get hurt or not get the wanted effect. Now, to explain Jathara. Begin by lying on your back, comfortably, without pressure to any part of your body. Bend your knees to your chest and spread your arms wide in a ”T”. Keep your palms open and facing the ceiling. Inhale, and press your tailbone to the ground but not hard, gently.

Both of your knees should, now, drop to the right, and your face should face the left. Keep your knees and feet together while keeping your shoulder blades firmly glued to the ground. You should feel a twist and a stretch, that is the entire point. You should do the same process but on the other side, and watch your breathing. Every side should last from 5 to 10 breaths.

A woman in the starting position of a yoga asana.
You must be comfortable and at ease in order to do this routine properly.

This was our pick for the best power yoga routines to lose weight fast

We hope that this was helpful and that you will use these poses to come closer to your goal. Use power yoga routines to lose weight fast but remember to contact professionals in the city of Dubai if you want to do something more drastic or a pose that is advanced. Both yoga and power yoga should not be taken lightly. We wish you good luck!


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