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Published: December 16, 2019

What do you think about when you see an athlete performing great feats of human endurance and capability? Do you think of what they must have on their minds at that very moment? Do you feel pride like their fan? Maybe you think of their life and what led them there. Trials and tribulations they had to endure and overcome to get here. Of their past successes and failures. You might also think of their exercise. They must have sunk thousands upon thousands of hours into practicing their skill just for this one moment of excellence! However, what many don’t think about are athletes eating habits.

First among athletes eating habits – do eat!

There is a pretty big point we do want to emphasize before we move any further. Be it that you are trying to lose weight, live healthy, pair it up with exercises to lose belly fat or trying to become a top athlete, you still have to do one thing. You still have to eat.

Starving yourself is never a healthy option to take. You might have heard of many diets that involve not eating or even drinking. These are not a safe option for anyone who is doing a lot of exercises.

First among athletes eating habits
Don’t forget to give yourself enough energy

While there are some examples of professional athletes doing such diets (for example, some judo and other martial practitioners will have extremely strict diets for a short period of time in order to measure lighter when it comes to applying to a lightweight category on a tournament) this is generally not recommended. Few reasons why:

  • You should not exercise on an empty stomach. What athletes eating habits provide for them is the energy needed for intensive, tough exercise. Do you want a reason why you will not be starving yourself out on these diets? Well, because their whole point is to give you energy in order to make you as good at training as possible.
  • Everything you lose in weight would return. Furthermore, loss of weight through the method of not eating is just not a good plan. You will lose weight, that is for sure, but any such gain is only temporary. It will return, with interest.
  • Your goal is to make the body stronger. You want to have more energy, not less. Want to lose weight too? Just exercise even more! It is all about body mass/muscle, not the pounds/kg.

Similar to a general health

If you want to emulate athletes eating habits of your favorite champions, you might soon notice a trend. Presuming you were also interested in genera healthy diets, you should see a great number of similarities. This is intentional. A lot of athletes’ eating habits are actually pretty much the same as diets for healthy, balanced. living.

This is because being physically capable and having a healthy lifestyle is actually something that goes hand in hand. Remember the objective of your diet. It is not to lose weight, but rather to gather strength. And this is something not only athletes should be aiming for but also all of us. All of us should aim at increasing the resistance and capability of our body rather than trying to lose it.

This is why these diets are so similar to regular ones, with only slight differences in protein intake and strictness. It is because they aim to achieve pretty much the same thing, only on a different scale.

Stay hydrated

What every fitness instructor Dubai will tell you is that at any time during your exercise you should always stay hydrated. Having enough water, not only during exercises but also during any other time of your day is vital! After all, a human being is mostly water and you should do much as you can to keep it that way.

handstand water
Don’t forget to stay hydrated!

Regular water intake will do a lot for your concentration, physical capability, metabolism, and overall balance. You should drink around 2 liters (or 8 average glasses) of water a day in order to keep your body going as it is supposed to. Even athletes eating habits will not compromise on that. Actually, many of them put a special accent on exactly this – water intake.


Fiber intake is one thing that female and male fitness trainers alike are more than ready to recommend. Fibers are very important to a healthy diet. You will also hear them often mentioned in weight loss diets. Fiber-rich food is usually the one recommended for weight loss, as it fills your stomach but offers little energy in return.

However, you will find that it has more than one purposeFiber intake is crucial to a healthy metabolism. We hope that we don’t have to explain how metabolism, the process in which your body converts food to energy, is something that you should appreciate very much. And of course, the reason why it is of special importance for athletes’ eating habits is also rather obvious.

Fruit and vegetables are a huge part of pro athletes eating habits

When it comes to fruit and vegetables, anyone can tell you that they are important. From instructers to the best karate classes in Dubai to the nutritionist office in Kuwait you can find plenty of advice that mentions fruit intake all the time. And this is very telling of its importance.

Fruit and vegetables diet
You need a lot of fruit and vegetables in your diets

Fruit and vegetables are a very natural thing for us to desire. From the dawn of mankind did we eat them, and they are rich in all the necessary vitamins and fibers. Eating them is equally essential if you are just trying to stay healthy or preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Finally, get some sleep

And finally, to sum it all up, there is one more piece of advice that is often given to athletes. And, while this one might not be strictly part of athletes’ eating habits it is definitely an important addition: get some sleep. Sleeping is extremely important for healthy functions of the body, so don’t skip it and try to

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