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Published: June 17, 2022

Nowadays, the most effective discipline known as the “Art of Eight Limbs” is the Muay Thai discipline. Thailand prides itself on being the country with the most superior sport of all. However, the world of Muay Thai may seem quite challenging and difficult. Still, beginners will find a welcoming surrounding full of friendly trainers ready to help them along their journey. No matter how strong, fit, or athletic you are, everyone can thrive. This is why DubaiPT is here to take you on a journey through everything you need to know about Muay Thai training in Dubai. Also, with the rise of martial arts in the world, everyone is starting to discover the fun and benefits of Muay Thai training. So why don’t you become a part of this world? Let’s learn more about this discipline, benefits, and techniques. Check out our article and learn everything you need to know.

Muay Thai training or Thai boxing – what is it?

If we translate the Thai word “Muay” into English, it means “boxing”. With elements from the traditional Thai martial arts, Muay Thai is a modern sport that first appeared in the early 20th century. It is a stand-up striking discipline, with two competitors in the ring throwing elbows, kicks, punches, and knees at each other. Alongside the 8-point contact, the main difference between Muay Thai and many other martial arts Dubai are the traditional elements. They include a pre-fight dance ritual that goes alongside each fight. Moreover, people consider the stadiums in Bangkok to be the most reputable arenas of the Muay Thai discipline. Local and foreign fighters aspire to compete at the stadiums and explore the beauty of this discipline. The techniques can be classified into the attack, counter, and defense techniques. Becoming proficient in Muay Thai requires constant practice until the techniques form part of your muscle memory.

A man winning a fight after the Muay Thai Training in Dubai
Muay Thai Training in Dubai is gaining popularity due to the beauty of its techniques and tradition.

Is Muay Thai a discipline for everyone?

Any martial artist and trainer will tell you that Muay Thai training Dubai is the most effective workout. If you want to lose weight or tone your entire body for your upcoming summer holiday in Dubai, Muay Thai is right the sport for you. Did you know it’s a fantastic full-body workout for everyone? Muay Thai training will improve your mental strength as well as your physical, allowing you to conquer problems both inside and outside the gym. It gives you an endorphin high and improves your mood after a long busy day at work. Moreover, it teaches you how to swiftly adjust to various situations you will encounter. As a result, you’ll be able to cope better with your day-to-day stress. You’ll train and socialize with other people in Dubai while you practice Muay Thai. These amazing workout buddies will always be there for you in times of need.

Burn extra calories effectively with a Muay Thai training

If you want to lose weight, Muay Thai is one of the most intensive and entertaining workouts you can do. With a suitable weight loss diets plan, Muay Thai is the ultimate workout regimen for shedding fat and gaining lean muscle mass. Simply combine strength, cardiovascular endurance training, and the art of self-defense. It’s all about burning those excess calories, and Muay Thai training is one of the most efficient ways to do so. Warm-up and strength training exercises are all included in each Muay Thai session. Usually, it lasts around 1-2 hours. A two-hour session can burn up to 1000 calories, making it an effective and enjoyable way to shed pounds. You should practice this kind of training at least 3 to 4 times a week. Always keep in mind that practice makes perfect! So, rather than worrying about your strength, concentrate on mastering the appropriate skills and techniques.

A measuring tape on the table
You can still get in shape for the amazing Dubai summer experience with the greatest Muay Thai Training in Dubai.

Strengthen your body and improve your overall fitness

Muay Thai has a lot of quick and challenging movements, and you’ll have to strike your opponent while also defending yourself. As a result, fighters must develop their core because it is the foundation of all forms. The power of Muay Thai is based on core strengths. It will toughen you from the inside out by teaching you how to protect yourself, and it also helps increase your immune system, as do other intense workouts. It not only strengthens your muscles but also increases your endurance and helps you reach the overall fitness you’ve desired. People who have practiced Muay Thai alongside an adequate meal plan for muscle gain swear by its weight-loss and body-toning benefits. This high-intensity full-body workout engages a variety of important muscle groups. When we mention muscles, we refer to your legs, back, core, and arms. In a short period of time, you may tone them.

A great self-defense skill especially for children and women

Everyone needs to learn a bit of self-defense so why not with a Muay Thai training in Dubai. It is frequently seen to be superior to self-defense because you will learn how to fight with all of your limbs. If someone attacks you, it is great to know these skills that you can use and prevent the opponent from kicking you unconscious. Additionally, it will teach you how to punch and kick while keeping your distance from the opposite person. A lot of women often opt to try this kind of training, especially for these reasons. Its punching and kicking techniques will defend them from multiple attackers in any situation. Moreover, Muay Thai training is great for children as well since helps them to learn to focus and improve their motor skills. Children will learn how to enhance social skills and make great friends with their training partners and trainers.

Two people having the Muay Thai traininh
Muay Thai training comes quite in handy if you want to learn self-defense movements for your daily encounters.

A Muay Thai training in Dubai brings numerous health benefits

Everyone knows that cardiovascular disease causes a lot of health problems nowadays. High blood pressure, is one of the most prevalent cardiac diseases, and it can lead to significant problems. Making healthy adjustments, such as engaging in regular cardiovascular activities, is the first step toward lowering your chance of getting heart disease. Just like every HIIT workoutMuay Thai training helps lower blood pressure and strengthen the heart because it is a cardio-intensive sport. Being healthy is a lifestyle, and definitely not a trend, and Muay Thai may help you achieve it. Training Muay Thai helps you to develop mental toughness by pushing one’s physical and mental boundaries. It also requires perseverance. As a result, Muay Thai not only strengthens the body but also the mind. This is why we recommend incorporating this training into your routine. Not just your entire body, but your mind will see improvement quite soon.


A man stretching out before running
Just like any kind of physical activity, Muay Thai has numerous health benefits

What kind of Muay Thai training techniques and movements are there?

If you want to avoid training injuries and ensure appropriate technique, you should train all martial arts under the guidance of a qualified instructor. Furthermore, they will teach you how to use all martial arts methods responsibly and securely. Muay Thai methods people often used in unarmed combat on the battlefield. The techniques usually resemble the weaponry that soldiers used in battle. Let’s take a brief look at the different basic Muay Thai techniques that you will learn and try out if you decide to be part of this amazing world:

  • punches – such as jab, straight punch, and uppercut.
  • elbows – from different angles they can be horizontal, upward, downward, or from a jump.
  • knees –  knee techniques include the straight knee, the diagonal knee which you can throw to the side, and the jump knee which you aim at the head.
  • kicks – the standard roundhouse kick, low kick, and push kick.
Two people trying different Muay Thai tecniques
There are around 800 Muay Thai techniques that you can try and experience with a great trainer.

The basic punching and elbows technique that you need to master

Just as like training before every football match, even here you need to warm up and learn basic moves. Muay Thai began to use western boxing techniques and punching techniques grew as a result of this. You need to know which moves you will practice before every battle. The jab is the punch you will use regularly. You may use it both when attacking or defending yourself. The straight right punch has a lot of power and it is widely used as a knockout punch. The uppercut is a deceptive move. If it makes contact with an opponent, it can be devastating. In Muay Thai, the elbows are one of the most crucial and possibly dangerous shots. Your elbows have the ability to slice or blast your opponent’s face. Muay Thai tightens the elbows and forearms so that they can act as a living shield against your opponents.

Train with a qualified instructor and prepare before the first class

When looking for the perfect gym to exercise at, ask around for recommendations or reviews. An affordable personal trainer Dubai with great certifications and credentials can teach you authentic Muay Thai methods. They will ensure that you acquire the correct techniques rather than a diluted version of the sport. Good trainers should have competed professionally in Muay Thai under full regulations. As for food, we recommend that you have a light meal or a snack around 30-60 minutes before class for energy. However, big meals should be avoided. Make sure you drink enough water before your first Muay Thai class. Moreover, you’ll be in close rings with people, maintaining good personal hygiene is essential. Many competitors choose to take a brief shower or clean their hands and feet before stepping on a mat. Even if you don’t have full training at first, be prepared just in case.

Two boxing gloves
If you want to try out the Muay Thai techniques, make sure you hire a great personal trainer.

Before your first training, gather the right equipment

You will need to use gloves for a lot of Muay Thai techniques. If you’re only going to buy them for the first time, make it a pair of high-quality gloves. Moreover, you need to protect the tendons, bones, and ligaments of the hand and wrist with hand wraps. If you want to continue practicing from the comfort of your home, punching bags with a lot of weight will help you improve your technique and strength. As well as a pad that you need if you wish to practice with a partner. Muay Thai training can be done in any form of comfortable clothes, even the one you use for a fitness class. Tank tops, t-shirts, and shorts are good choices for loose-fitting clothes. There’s no need to be concerned about footwear because you won’t be wearing them while training. Talk to your trainer before the first session.

How to know if you are progressing with your training?

Firstly, it is essential to develop a workout routine Like anything else, there will be times when you start wondering if you have progressed at all. This is a normal part of the learning and training process. You’ll be relying on your trainer’s input at first. You’re more likely to make fewer mistakes if they’re correcting you less frequently. Many people find that their improvement is best visible in a sparring environment. This is because they can see how they’re adapting to problems more easily than previously. Muay Thai training in Dubai is a martial art that takes time to master; nevertheless, don’t let that stop you from getting started! Don’t compare yourself with other partners or opponents. Take your own time and pace, and in no time you will see results. They don’t have to be weight loss results right away, so focus on small things in the beginning.


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