How to exercise during pregnancy

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Published: February 15, 2019

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing that every expecting woman should be able to enjoy. That means that you shouldn’t have to miss out on your training if that is something that you had used to do before. The good news is that you can really do a lot of exercise during pregnancy, you just have to be careful. Of course, before proceeding to any workouts, make sure to talk to your doctor about your condition. They will be able to tell whether it’s safe for you to exercise, or not. Also, what are the workouts that you should maybe avoid? If everything is OK with your general health, there shouldn’t be any obstacles for you to enjoy exercising. If you aren’t regular in workouts, try pregnancy yoga Dubai. It will make you feel great. Relax, take a deep breath and enjoy this part of your life.

Who should and who shouldn’t exercise during pregnancy?

Pregnant woman doing yoga
Yoga will help you stay fit and safe during pregnancy

Anyone who doesn’t have health complications related to pregnancy should be able to exercise during pregnancy. Whether you have worked out before or not, shouldn’t have to matter. Except for the fact that if you didn’t, you should start very slowly and carefully. If you had worked out before getting pregnant, there are no reasons you shouldn’t continue. Of course, with caution and a blessing from your doctor. So, ultimately, the only women who shouldn’t exercise during pregnancy are the ones who have some medical problem like a heart condition, asthma or diabetes.

When should you stop doing exercises?

If you don’t have any medical condition, and you were thinking about doing some cardio workout at home, that is a good idea. However, a good idea could quickly go south if you have some condition related to pregnancy. Those can be:

  • low placenta,
  • weak cervix,
  • bleeding or spotting, and
  • if you ever had a miscarriage or gave premature birth.

If you previously had any of these situations or are happening now, you should probably stop exercise during pregnancy. However, you must consult your OB-GYN for any specific case. So don’t rely only on what you read about the subject, because every case is special and different.

Why is working out good for you during the pregnancy?

Now that we have determined who should and shouldn’t exercise during pregnancy, let’s talk about why it will be good for you. Besides the usual fact that exercises are healthy for our body and mind, there are additional benefits. To be clear, we are not talking here about HIIT workouts, but something much calmer than that. Even a good daily walk will help you feel much better. Workouts will be good for your posture and strengthening muscles, so you will be preparing your body for labor. Any physical activity will help you get rid of the fatigue, and hormones will make you feel less depressed. That will ultimately lead to good night sleep. And not to mention the back pain that you will wash off with regular exercises, even in small amounts.

exercise during pregnancy - pregnant woman in a white shirt
Exercises will help you get rid of the back pain

Which exercises to try?

As we already mention it, walking is always a good idea, just like yoga for pregnant women. Why? Because these are the activities that are safe for you and the chances of getting hurt are very small. With that in mind, anything else you can think of, that meets that criteria can probably do the trick. If you decide to try some aerobic exercise routine, make sure to adjust the tempo and intensity. Remember, though, it’s all about caution and not overdoing it. If jogging is something that you use to do before getting pregnant, there is no reason to stop now. Just in moderation, of course.

Swimming is great for the whole body, especially when you are pregnant. It will strengthen your muscle and help you with a backache. We know that pregnancy usually comes with some unwanted weight, right? Well, the pool will help you carry yourself much easier. The important thing is to take your time, follow your heart rate and breathe correctly. The second you notice anything out of the ordinary, you should stop. That goes for any activity.

You can always try indoor stationary cycling because the chances of getting hurt are low. The same goes for step and elliptical machines, so you can relax either in some gym or in the comfort of your home. If you enjoy activities with a ball, you can play racquetball or tennis. Just make sure not to force yourself and be careful, to avoid injuries.

What to do during the exercises?

Whichever of these activities you decide to start or continue, you should prepare yourself adequately. Wear comfortable clothes, and don’t forget a good support bra, you will definitely need it soon enough. Put on proper shoes, you want to make sure to avoid any kind of twisting ankles. Eat right and healthy, but try to have the last meal one hour before working out. And drink a lot of water during the whole day, and not just your exercises. Remember to not make any sudden movements, including fast standing up, because you could get dizzy.

Woman with a salad and meter around belly
Make sure to eat healthily, but not an hour before workouts

Which exercises to avoid?

We know we already said it, but we can’t stress this enough. It is crucial to avoid any possibilities of injuries. All the sports and activities where you can fall can wait until the baby comes. Are you feeling nostalgic about horseback riding? Too bad, it will have to wait. You are going to the mountain for holidays and the snow is perfect for snowboarding? Sorry, but you can do it next year. If you use to play football, basketball, and other contact sports in high school, leave the practices with old friends for some other time. When you are not growing a new life in your belly. All of these activities should wait the time when you are not pregnant anymore.

However, if we are talking about some calm exercise during pregnancy, there are still some workouts to avoid. Full sit-ups will be perfect for when you give birth to a baby. But for now, make sure to avoid them. Also, deep knee bends and double leg raises are something that will have to wait, just as any kind of bouncing. If you decide to visit the gym, talk to personal trainers to help you with your workout routine and tell you what to avoid. Even though you are not training for the competition, good advice is always welcome.

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