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Published: May 28, 2021

Having a full-time job while spending all your time looking after your kids doesn’t leave you much room to exercise. With all the stress building up through the day, you probably look forward to a good night’s sleep rather than a run on the treadmill. However, exercise is good for you, and it will most certainly boost your energy. Doing a short run or a half an hour routine could potentially make your day a lot more productive. Even if you are starting to exercise, you can surely squeeze in some time off and look for personal trainer workout tips for beginners. Plan your day and make an exercise schedule for busy moms. Get that energy boos because your kids will appreciate it, too.

Creating a workout plan is something every mom can do

If you are a busy mom juggling work, house chores, taking care of your kids, and keeping with their activities, you are used to planning. Indeed, without some planning, your day would be complete chaos. Use this gift to make a workout plan for yourself. Give yourself a specific time slot or an amount of time to exercise each day. It doesn’t have to be a long and complex workout routine. It can be a simple run-around the neighborhood or some in-home exercises for your core. Whatever it is, it will be beneficial for your physical but also mental health.

woman running
Manage to squeeze in a run when the kids go to sleep and you will feel wonderful afterward

Exercising is not necessary only to get fit or lose weight. It would help if you found other motivators to keep you wanting to exercise even when you feel tired from running after your kids. Think about how you feel when you work out and what kind of emotions you experience. That might be a good starting point in figuring out where your motivation comes from. If you do have motivation but cannot manage your find time to do it alone, another option is to look for the best personal trainers in Dubai. Experienced professionals will know how to help you find the time and will to do what it takes to feel content about yourself.

There are many types of exercises you can try at home

It is entirely understandable if you cannot create time for going to an exercise appointment. You have to juggle work and your kids’ schedules while thinking about a whole lot of other things. However, there are plenty of workout routines that you can do at the comfort of your home, at your own pace, and when your schedule allows you to. Doing a simple abs workout doesn’t require you to have unique props or anything, and it is an excellent routine to keep your core strong. Similarly, a nice run around the neighborhood can be something you can easily manage. A good pair of sneakers and a strong will are the only things you need.

abs workout
Be sure to include simple workout routines in your exercise schedule for busy moms

Things you can do to keep up with your exercise schedule for busy moms

When you figure out what kind of exercises and workout routines best suit you, you can create a program for yourself. When you do make a plan, the only thing left is trying to keep with it. There are certain things you can do that can help you manage your time better:

  • Make a plan beginning of each week
  • Wake up an hour earlier each day
  • Use your work break to do small strength exercises
  • Go for a night run when the kids go to sleep

Remember to eat healthily and choose nutritious food that will give you the needed energy boost. Whatever trick you use to create more time for your exercise, never skip a meal. Skipping meals to finish your chores is never a good idea and a bad example for the kids.

Set a goal you can reach, and don’t give up

One of the common mistakes busy moms tend to make is overworking themselves. You want to do everything and help everyone. Sometimes it’s just not possible. Setting reachable goals and objectives is a skill everyone should learn. When you set a goal you can reach, you will feel a lot more accomplished. Being hard on yourself and expecting too much will not do you any favors. Keep your goals simple and straightforward, like going to Muay Thai training Dubai on Friday. When Friday comes, and you manage to keep the appointment and have a fantastic exercise, you will feel content and proud of yourself. Not only you managed to find time, but you did an amazing workout. Good for you. That’s the spirit.

women doing yoga
Making time for your regular group workout appointment is a great goal you can set for yourself

It is perfectly fine to miss a day of exercise

However organized you are, there will be situations where unforeseen things will happen. You might have a ton of work to do, or you will have to take care of your child that got a cold. You might have to go out of town for a few days and have some other priorities that need handling. Do not over-stress about missing a day of exercise.

Try to stick to your exercise schedule for busy moms as much as you can but not at the expense of raising your stress levels. Working out should be all about reaching a healthy balance, so keep at it at your own pace. You know your body better than anyone, so listen to what your body has to say; if you are tired and need a break, and then do it. If you feel like you can do more push-ups, then do that. Whatever feels comfortable is probably what is best for you. Believe in yourself, and you will do great.


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