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So you want to start practicing fencing? There is a lot of mystique about this sport that maybe makes it even more popular than it already is! Fencing isn’t all that you see in the movies or at the Olympics! It’s much work and practice! But it is not only the subject of some high fiction! What’s more, with some of the best personal trainers in Dubai, it can become your everyday reality too! This is why in this article, we take a look at what fencing for beginners is, and what you need to know about it before you start practicing this sport!

Should I start fencing?

One of the questions we often receive is if fencing is right for beginners. Or better yet, when you should start practicing? Is there an age limit to fencing? With reflexing slowing down as you age up, you might think that you are not the best suited for the sport. Or is your height or weight right for the sport? Is there such a thing as too un-athletic for fencing?

a man balancing on a pole
Fencing can help your balance and much more!

Well, the answer to all but the first two questions is one big no. There is nothing wrong about starting fencing at any point in your life. However old, young, short, thin or not you are, you will fit right in with a little effort. As a matter of fact, fencing is also one of the best fat burning workouts for men – so anyone can join it! A great example of just how accessible fencing is the fact that there is a huge competitive scene in wheelchair fencing!

However, this is not to say that your physical attributes will not matter – at least at the start. For example, taller people will excel early in epee and those who are more physically fit will be able to train longer without getting tired. But as you go along, you will learn more of the fencing for beginners’ tactics and techniques, and your training will outweigh any advantages you might have come into the sport. You will learn how to deal with those taller and shorter than you, or those stronger, faster and so on. Of course, you will get fit as well! Fencing is an Olympics sport, after all!

All you need to do is find a fencing club for beginners

So now that we handled the fact that anyone can start fencing, let’s talk about the logistics! In order to start doing any sport, you should talk to someone who already knows it. Finding a club in your area or good Dubai trainers would be the best bet. You can do this by searching online. A quick search will show you many results that you can go through and find what suits you the best. All you need to do is put “fencing clubs Dubai” or something similar in it!

people fencing
Find a club and start fencing!

Once you find the club that seems great for you, make sure you do some extra research. Visit their website to learn more about them, or read up their reviews on their Facebook page. You will also want to figure out when they meet, where and how often, and if they offer fencing classes for beginners. It might also be a smart idea to contact them just to make sure. Sometimes a website can be outdated, or a club might have a satellite location where they meet – like local recreational centers.

If Google search doesn’t work for you, then make sure to keep searching! There are many forums that talk about fencing in your area – and you can even ask your friends or colleges for help! The sport is famous, but it is pretty small. Finding the right place might be hard – but everyone will also be very eager to help you! This, however, means that you might need to travel a bit further out for training sessions – so expand your search further!

It’s time to take your beginner class!

After all of that is done, it is time to take your first beginner fencing class! To do this, just contact the club and find out more about what kind of class they offer. You will want to find what its structure is. There are a couple of things you will want to figure out. Ask how the classes work and if there is a start/end date, or if you can jump in at any time. Will you need to rent the equipment yourself or if they will provide it. Make sure to know whether it is included in the cost of the class!

fencing equipment
Make sure to ask about the equipment.

Then, it’s a smart idea to talk about moving further from fencing for beginners. Ask about your options after the class is over. Maybe you will want to find out about different weapons they work with, and where you can buy your own gear eventually. All of this is important because various clubs have various focuses. They will differ amongst each other even within the same city. There are three weapons in fencing – and some might teach all while some stick just to one. Beginners might be alright with this idea, but as you get used to the sport you might want to expand their skills. Continuing to practice fencing will help you stay in shape while having fun and improving your health.

Want to take your fencing skills to a new level?

Finally, you should think about reaching far beyond fencing for beginners. So make sure you ask around about the competitive levels and leagues. You will want to find out whether you can participate, and how long it might take you to get there. Of course, some people do not have an interest in this. They want to practice fencing only recreationally, and that is also possible. But if you are a completionist, then asking these questions is always a great idea! Good luck!

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