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Published: February 2, 2019

With so many supplement and vitamin choices on the market, it can be tough to choose the right ones and evaluate which would be the best for you and help you reach your goals more easily. Whether you are a beginner or not you should invest in your supplements wisely. Besides being expensive, bodybuilding supplements Dubai can affect your health and influence your exercise results. Therefore, you need to know which supplements are basic and which ones you can implement in your diet along the way.

Are you a beginner?

When first starting with bodybuilding training people are usually excited, enthusiastic and impatient. As they usually want the results to visible as soon as possible they start experimenting with multiple different supplements. While some of them might work others can just be an expensive diet supplement that doesn’t work.

a bodybuilder
If you are a beginner, make sure you research before you start using any supplements

In order to avoid spending too much money and using wrong supplements, you need to be patient. Give yourself time to educate yourself about the supplement, their effect, and other people’s experience.

Keep in mind that there is more to reaching your goals than just using the best bodybuilding supplements Dubai. First, you need to be ready to work hard and design a personalized training plan that will help you reach your goals. As a beginner, you should consider hiring a bodybuilder personal trainer. With the help of a professional coach, you can not only reach your goals faster and more safely but also, gather the necessary knowledge about supplements and the best training routines.

Your diet needs to include appropriate nutrient balance that will allow you to properly benefit from the supplements you are using.  When choosing the best supplements as a beginner, we recommend you stick to the basics. This means that you should use products that have proven their efficiency and are safe.

Ask for help when searching for bodybuilding supplements Dubai

Keep in mind that you will need some help and guidance in order to utilize the supplements in the best way. With so many online sources, magazines, and so-called experts it can be tough to decide whom to trust. Therefore, finding reliable and experienced personal trainers in Dubai will be crucial. Make sure you choose a trainer that has the necessary experience, knowledge, and tools to help you reach your goals. Besides being licensed, your personal trainer needs to be able to meet your schedule, budget and other requirements.

men in a gym
Ask your trainer to help you with your nutrition plan

In order to choose the best trainer, look for reputable bodybuilding and fitness experts in your area. Pay attention to their reviews and credentials. keep in mind that you will be spending a lot of time with your trainer. Therefore, make sure you choose the one you can trust and enjoy working out with.

Basic bodybuilding supplements

When talking about essential supplements we want to focus on the ones have proven results and are also safe for both beginners and professional bodybuilders to use. Here are a few supplements you need to know about:

  • Protein powder- one of the most important bodybuilding supplements Dubai.
  • Fish Oil.
  • Creatine.

Protein powder

Adding protein to your diet can help you increase the size of your muscles. As well as to improve your strength. Protein powder is an inexpensive supplement that will help you increase your everyday intake of protein.

protein powder - one of the best bodybuilding supplements Dubai
Protein powder can help your muscles grow and recover faster

For the people that are not professional bodybuilders and can’t have over than 5 meals a day, the powder can be a great way to consume enough protein.

Even though this supplement can replace a whole meal or a snack, it is recommended you take it after your exercise sessions. This way you will provide your muscles with the right nutrients to recover and grow.

Whey or Casein Protein

We often see people can’t decide between these two types of protein powder. In order to help you make the right choice, let’s compare them!

Whey protein gets absorbed much faster. However, keep in mind that there are even differences in whey protein types and the time they take to absorb. Therefore, if you are a beginner, we recommend you start with the isolate typed ones. Even though they can be more expensive, you will be able to digest them better and faster than the concentrated ones.

Casein protein powder takes more time to digest. However, they might be a great choice of protein to take before bedtime, as they will be absorbed in a few hours. This supplement can allow your muscles to recover during the night. All while providing you with the proper amount of nutrient to stay healthy and build your muscles.

Fish Oils

fish oil pills
Fish Oil is a great supplement for any bodybuilder

This great supplement can be taken as a pill or liquid. Besides providing you with Omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil will increase the flexibility of your joins and reduce any inflammation in your body. There are even indications that fish oil can help with anxiety, depression, muscular degeneration and even some types of cancer. All of the above and the fact this is not an expensive supplement, we must say, fish oil is beneficial not only as a bodybuilding supplement Dubai but should also be used by anyone who wants to improve its health.


Creatine, one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements Dubai. It can help you increase your energy level and recover faster during a workout. It is considered to be a great supplement for high-intensity activities like weightlifting and boxing in Dubai.

An important thing to keep in mind when using any supplement

Whatever choice you make, keep in mind that you shouldn’t use proteins or any other supplement as a complete substitute for food nutrients. There are mineral and vitamin gains that no protein can’t replace. Therefore, make sure you have a balanced diet as well. Whether you choose to hire a male or female personal trainer, any health and exercise expert will be able to provide you with important tips on how to balance your bodybuilding supplements Dubai and food intake into a healthy meal plan.

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