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Published: October 3, 2021

Fitness seems like a very casual thing anyone can do. However, personal trainers know that’s just not true. It’s actually a combination of sophisticated science that’s put to use and a lot of effort put in by your trainer. So, for a good fitness coach you need someone who knows how to combine those two. There are a lot of people who can do that and who will make your fitness training much more comfortable than it usually is. However, if you want to be a total professional, there are some fitness tips all personal trainers should know.

girls working out with weights
Weight training is more productive than cardio

Let us help you learn which ones they are and help you improve. A personal trainer who isn’t constantly improving isn’t a good personal trainer. With your service improving, so will your clients and their progress, and what can be more rewarding to a personal trainer than that. So, without further ado, let us give you some useful advice.

Always put weight training before cardio if you want to see the results

Try using a system when planning your gym sessions. Your progress will be bigger than you expected. A good way to do so is to put strength train before the cardio if your goal is to achieve maximum fat burn and energy efficiency. Try to save glycogen in your body to push harder and heavier during strength training with DubaiPT and it will be much easier for you to create lean muscle mass. The moment your glycogen is depleted the body will start using fat as fuel. So, first, deal with the strength training session and do the cardio afterward. That way, your muscles will achieve a lean, chiseled look. It’s one of the most practical fitness tips all personal trainers should know.

Fitness tips all personal trainers should know is how to help a girl stretch on mattress
Follow fitness tips all personal trainers should know and imrpove your skills

Don’t hunt for shortcuts to getting lean and ripped, be patient and persistent

Unfortunately, you can just find some bug in the system for this one. It requires hard work, preferably with affordable personal trainer Dubai and it’s as simple as that. The only way to see a long-term difference is to commit to a healthy and safe style of losing weight and getting lean – and don’t forget that your diet is as important as how much you exercise. One of the best fitness tips all personal trainers should know to lose weight is to track what you eat during one day and to be very accurate. Write it down on paper or on your phone, or use an app to register everything you consume during the day.

Make these lists and they will put you in a mindset where you become far more accountable. Not to mention you will stop picking up that bar of chocolate just because you’re bored, and you won’t have that glass of wine before you go to bed.

Using free weights is one of the fitness tips all personal trainers should know

There’s a lot of psychology in this tip and it really increases the results of a workout. It’s really simple. Just try using free weights instead of the usual machine weights. A lot more muscles are active when you use free weights and that helps balance the lift and stabilize your whole body. That process will make your body burn off more calories and build up strength for a much shorter amount of time. Try dumbbells and you’ll probably like it.

The key is in the right mindset for motivation

The biggest battle you will face is actually going to the gym for the first time and making your clients realize this is one of the best fitness tips all personal trainers should know. And the only way to get yourself to do that is to make your mind acknowledge it, so motivate your client. The body will have to follow the mind. Inside any strong and well-defined body is an even stronger mind. If you tell yourself you are exhausted, or that something is just too difficult for you, you’ll be honest. Make your client realize that they are actually much stronger than they think. And that they can only show that by demonstrating it. That kind of process takes time. Just stay patient and focused. Tell this to your clients and make them understand it and they will never fail.

Don’t try doing the exercise if you aren’t sure about the technique

You might bore your client with the constant emphasis on technique but it’s really important to make them understand that! It’s much more important how you train than train heavy. Make sure your client’s technique is correct. That’s especially true for yoga, so it would be very useful for a beginner to find the best yoga instructor Dubai can offer.

smiling girl in a gym
The right mindset for motivation is the key

Don’t hesitate to correct your client at any moment during their exercise. Otherwise, they might learn the stuff the wrong way and you will be blamed for it. Fitness tips all personal trainers should know are usually related to this. No matter how much you try to be nice, you need to stop the client if they are doing the exercise wrong.

Make sure your client uses breathing to lift heavier weight

It’s not only yoga that requires mastering breathwork to stay healthy during exercise. If strength training is your focus at the moment, take a minute to consider how you can use breathing techniques to enhance your ability and capacity. Breathe out as you lift the weight and don’t hold your breath under any circumstances.

That’s one of the fitness tips all personal trainers should know. For example, if your customer is pushing a bench press off their chest, you need to advise them to exhale on the push and inhale as they bring it slowly to the chest. It might not seem like a big deal but it affects a lot of stuff in your body even if it’s just a ten-minute workout. It affects the amount of oxygen in your blood, your heart rate, and the way your heart is functioning. So, make sure your client understands how important it is.


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