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Published: July 29, 2020

Football – or soccer, as they call it in some parts of the world – is the most popular sport on the planet for a reason. Everyone has seen a game – and most of us have tried our hand (and foot) at playing the game! So if you are looking for some Dubai footballthen you are in the right spot! Whether you are an amateur who dreams of becoming the next football star, or an adult wanting to go back to his childhood – we have the exercises for you! In this article, we take a look at the best football training drills for adults. So get your sneakers out and let’s start!

The best dribbling drills you can do

Dribbling is one of the most important skills that you need to develop. There is nothing better than watching a game and seeing someone dribble around their opponents beautifully. Some compare it to dancing – which is absolutely true! Talk to your fitness instructor Dubai and they will tell you that dribbling is also a great exercise. You will need to run with the ball a lot, but also have both close control and spatial awareness, as well as having the ability to change directions and speed in a blink of an eye. These exercises will help you with that!

Include dribbling in football training drills for adults
Dribble before you walk!

First, there is cone-dribbling. This might seem like one of the most stereotypical football training drills for adults, but it is something worth doing. Cone-dribbling will help you discover different ways to control the ball – both inside and outside of your feet. What’s more, you can do it everywhere – exercise in your backyard or in the local park! You can also modulate the speed to get more advanced exercises or arrange cones differently too. For example, one of the most popular versions in cone-circle. This will teach you not only to dribble in a straight line – which is an important skill to have when playing an actual match!

However, this exercise can only get you as far as it can. When you are playing a real game, the opponents do not usually sit still as cones do. This is why you need to add another exercise to your regime – and cut-backs are a perfect choice. This exercise will help you react more quickly and move the ball out of reach of opponents – which is something you will want to do. They are somewhat similar to cone-dribbling, only with together angles and trying not to lose the ball.

Add shooting to your football training drills for adults

At the end of the day, you can dribble the ball as much as you want, but if you can’t shoot, then you can’t score points – and you cannot win! The goal of the game is to score more than opponents, so you will want to practice how to do that as well. But kicking the ball into a goal might not be as easy as it might seem. With so many obstacles, you will need precise control to do it! And you will manage to with these exercises!

First, try shooting from a square pass. This is an “easy” way to score points. You receive a well-weighted pass from a teammate while creating a good space for you to shoot. However, most of the time, you will not have the time for this. The ball is always moving and you will have a single second to send it flying. And this is why a one-touch shot should be something you add to your regime!

a goalie
Defeat the goalie by running shooting drills thoroughly!

Another thing that will help you manage stressful situations are three goal drills. There are many amazing and fun videos of this exercise online, and they will help you learn how to best react and shoot. Then, or even better control of the ball, these three exercises go together in any football training drills for adults – lay-offs, turns, and chest control. They will help you with both shootings as well as passing and – as the name suggests – lay-offs. The last one is very important because it can make all the difference between a good and a bad pass. With it, you can deliver the ball to the striker with perfect precision. This, in turn, leads to a score for your team!

Passing dreams are just as important!

Once you get the basics – the dribbling and the shooting, you also need to learn how to pass the ball to your teammates. After all, football is a team game – which many sadly forget. You cannot be a good striker if you do not have good mid-field players. Most of the time, these are the most important people in the game! All players need to pass the ball – and so you need to include it in your training drills!

First, there is the short pass. You need to know how to pass the ball with the inside of both of your feet. Since they are short, you can practice them both indoors and outdoor – but you do need a group of at least three people. In addition to this, though, you will want to practice shuffling passes as well. When playing football, most of the time you will not get to pass forward – but sideways. This exercise is perfect for learning how to do it.

a long pass
A long pass has been a favorite of many football players.

And while short passes can help you retain your position and be methodical with how you move the ball around the pitch, sometimes you will want to use the space your opponents left open. For this, you will need to conquer the long pass (or a drive). This is often a favorite exercise of many, so make sure you include it in your football training drills for adults! And with this, you will know the basics of the most beloved game in the world! So grab a handful of friends and go out to practice!

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