Four Ways to Help Your Kids Develop Strong Bones

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Published: January 15, 2021

Having strong bones is a trait you want in your children. But in order to ensure that they develop the right way, you are going to need to consider several factors. Things like what your kids eat and drink, as well as physical exercise, can all have a significant effect on this process. The absolute best way to ensure that your children are doing all the right things is to hire a personal trainer for kids. This will ensure that their progress is being constantly monitored. Also, your kids will benefit from professional instructions, which will make all their efforts a lot more efficient. If you want to help your kids develop strong bones, consider enlisting professional help. Other than that, you can ensure that they have all the proper nutrients. This article will cover them in a bit more detail.

Four ways to help your kids develop strong bones!

Here are the main things that you can do if you want your kids to develop their bones properly:

  1. Avoid highly processed foods and soda
  2. Include lots of “good fats” in your kid’s diet
  3. One of the best ways to help your kids develop strong bones – Calcium-rich foods
  4. Physical activities and exercises

These are the most important considerations but there are some others, as well. Obviously, you should consult your kids’ doctor and see if they have to say something specific. Every person is unique and will require a specific approach. That is why the best personal trainers in Dubai are in really high demand. After all, there is nothing better than having a tailor-made program for your child. This will allow for the best results. But that is not the only way to approach the situation. You can also research everything on your own and have similar results. However, it will take some time and effort.

coca cola in cans and glasses
Soda is to be avoided, especially in the early stages of your kids’ lives.

1. Avoid highly processed foods and soda

Your bones require nutrients. It is not only that soda and highly processed foods do not have the nutrients they need, it is even worse. Various soft drinks and processed foods actually deprive your body of nutrients by absorbing some of them. But, more importantly, by drinking soda your kids will not drink the liquids that do have proper nutritional value. Now, this is not something really alarming, you can still have your kid drink a soft drink here and there. However, do not make it a daily habit. That is what makes it dangerous, as well as overindulgence. That stuff is all sorts of bad for their bodies, anyway. Though, if taken in moderation it becomes a non-issue.

2. Include lots of “good fats” in your kid’s diet

Having plenty of “good fats” from avocados, nuts, and similar foods is a healthy way to absorb nutrients and keep the energy levels high. How this pertains to stronger bones is by the fact that the bones themselves will absorb calcium easily if other nutritional needs are met. It is all about nutrition, really, and the way the interactions in our bodywork. For example, another thing that your kids are going to need is plenty of Vitamin D. While this vitamin is present in some foods and supplements, the main way of acquiring it is by simply being in the sun. But how to ensure that they are getting enough of it? Nowadays, kids prefer to look at the screen rather than go out and play. Well, some do, it is a generalization but a solid one.

In some cases, kids will enjoy being outside if they have enough attention. If you were wondering whether your child needs a personal trainer, this might be a big influencing factor. If your kid really likes spending time with the trainer, it will make outdoor activities a lot more common. And that is what it is all about. Spending time in the sun, absorbing that Vitamin D!

3. One of the best ways to help your kids develop strong bones – Calcium-rich foods

But we all know that the prime nutrient for healthy bones is Calcium. Make sure that your kids’ diet includes plenty of foods that are rich in this mineral. However, do not overdo it as that might have consequences of their own. Around 1500 mg/day is a good number to strive to. The thing is, our bodies use this Calcium for a variety of purposes. If the body does not have enough of it, it can take the Calcium from the bones! Which is not something you want happening. Therefore, yogurt, milk, dark greens, etc. are some foods that you need to include in the diet.

glass of milk
Kids need plenty of Calcium. Drinking milk is a great way to ensure they have enough of it!

4. Physical activities and exercises

Like muscles, bones can also be “trained” to be stronger. Every physical exercise and activity helps, but some are better for it than others. Take karate, for example. That is a great martial art while also being one of the best when it comes to forming strong bones and muscles. However, making your kid motivated to stay in karate classes can be quite challenging at times. But if you can manage it for a year or two at least, you are going to see great progress.

Additional way to help your kids develop strong bones – Vitamin D

We mentioned this a bit before, but it is so important that we have to do give it its own subheading. Vitamin D is crucial for the health of your children (and in yours, as well) but can be difficult to come by. It primarily comes from the sun and can be quite challenging to get enough of if hanging out in the sun is not an option. Here is a list of Vitamin D foods, which you might want to incorporate into your daily diet. If you do so, you and your kids are going to lead much healthier lives. Oh, and your kids will have stronger bones, as well!

mushrooms on the table
Some foods have a much higher concentration of Vitamin D than others.

Sources of vitamin D

To recap, here are the main sources where Vitamin D can be found:

  • Sunlight
  • Food
  • Supplements

Try to avoid supplements to the best of your ability. As in, try to get the required amount of Vitamin D by exposure to sunlight and eating foods that are vitamin-rich. Of course, if that is not a possibility, supplements are there to fill in the gap. But don’t rely solely on them, that is never a good idea!


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