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There are not many sports as dynamic and explosive as boxing. Boxing is one of the oldest sports in existence, together with running. Ever since the dawn of man, it has been the front of human competition. When the primitive men started hitting each other, either to fight for food or territory or to assert dominance, boxing was born. These are just some of the facts about boxing and it’s conception. It is also one of the simplest sports since all you need for a good match is a few men and an iron will. If you think this is the sport for you, there are plenty of gyms for training boxing Dubai has to offer. Over time, however, boxing has adapted and evolved. The days of hunting and gathering are behind us, and with them, the primitive fighting that boxing once was.

one man striking another on a boxing match
Ever since man learned to contest for food and territory, boxing is present.

In modern times, boxing has become a multi-million dollar industry. With big fights broadcasted all over the world, and masses of people supporting their favorite fighter. All this just adds to the legacy and confirms that boxing is the original sport. Today, people practice it across the world, both for fun and recreation. It is one of the better fat burning workouts for men, as it uses a lot of body movement. Not only does boxing improve stamina, but it also teaches discipline and control, as well as respect toward the fellow fighter. Here, we will tell you about a few interesting facts about boxing that you may find fun, curious, and surprising.

A brief history of boxing

Some of the earliest known depictions of boxing in its more primitive form were found on Sumerian reliefs, dating back to the 3rd millennium BC. Newer Egyptian reliefs, from roughly 1300 BC, are the first to depict boxers together with spectators. During the time of the ancient Greeks, it was first introduced to the Olympics in 688 BC. Fighters would wrap leather straps around their hands for protection. Seeing as there were not as many fighting rules as there are today, there were no rounds or pauses in the fight. The combatants would fight until one of them was physically unable to continue, or verbally admitted defeat and yielded. There were no weight categories and the primary target in the fights was the head of the opponent. The competitors went against each other inside of a circle drawn on the ground, and this is where the term “ring” came from.

man wrapping red cloth around his knuckles
The more primitive forms of boxing utilized a simple cloth to protect the knuckles

After the fall of the Roman empire, people switched to weapons and fist fighting lost its popularity. It resurfaced in London during the 16th century and went by the name “prizefighting”. The first set of rules was introduced to the sport in 1743 by champion Jack Broughton to protect the fighters as death was a common occurrence. Kicking, scratching, headbutting, or striking a downed opponent were banned thanks to these rules. In modern times, boxing developed great popularity and became an exercise rather than just a competitive sport. Boxing also gained popularity as a form of arm workouts for women, since it helped them stay in shape, and teach them to protect themselves. Even today, many new aspiring athletes are dreaming of becoming the future of boxing.

Some more interesting facts about boxing you will like

Here we have prepared a lot of facts about this gentleman’s sport that we’ll sure you’ll enjoy. Regardless if you’re browsing for random trivia, or if you’re a boxing fan looking to expand his knowledge, you’ve come to the right place.

“Boxing” isn’t even the official name of this sport

Yes, you heard that right. The official term is “Pugilism”, and the proper definition for it is “The skill, practice, and sport of fighting with the fists”. Now, the term pugilism doesn’t have a marketable ring to it, so it’s fairly obvious why everyone skips it. The term “boxing” first came to be used in 1719. The term “pugilism” is derived from the Latin word “pugnus”, which translates to “fist”. Boxing, in turn, originates from “pyx” which means “with clenched fists”. Different styles of boxing, as well as several other methods of fist fighting, are categorized as pugilism.  Some people argue that the term originated because of the way the street fights have been organized. To form a ring, people would tie a rope around 4 stakes in the ground, forming a rectangle, this the term “box”. This, however, has never been confirmed.

Shocking facts about boxing gloves you wouldn’t expect

If you were told you’re about to enter the ring without gloves on, chances are you’d second guess it. Your hands would most likely go limp, knowing they are about to shatter. The first recorded use of boxing gloves is in ~1500 BC in Sardinia. Bare-knuckle boxing exists to this day as its sport, and gloveless fights have been contested as late as 1920. Many people are under the impression that the padded glove is there to protect the fighter since the force spreads over a larger area. You’d think that, but you’d be wrong. Turns out, gloves do not lessen the blow to the head, as the brain still rattles in the skull on impact. Gloves make matters worse by adding an extra 10oz of weight to the fist projectile flying toward your face.

a pair of pink gloves on the floor showing facts about boxing
The introduction of gloves encouraged faster rounds and head blows

One of the more unsettling facts about boxing is that an ungloved blow to the head has the same force as a 12-pound wooden mallet. This comes as a shock, especially when you realize this is exactly the reason why gloves even exist. Fighters mainly used to protect their bodies in a brawl. The head wasn’t a primary target, but the torso. Mainly because a well-placed blow to the head would cause the opponent’s hand to break. This has lead to slower, tactical fights, rather than the hard-hitting action we are used to. To counter this, gloves have been brought into the ring. Using gloves encouraged more head blows, and much less blood in the ring. Which in turn resulted in cleaner, more dynamic fights we know and love today.

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