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Published: March 12, 2021

No matter the gender, no matter the age, everyone should be moving their body and exercising in order to stay healthy. However, we can’t help but notice that there are certain gender differences in training that are quite common. They include fitness and lifestyle habits, nutrition habits, preferences, etc. And even though men and women have some exercise habits that differ, we think it’s important to note that your gender shouldn’t determine the way you exercise. You should be able to do any sort of workout you enjoy. So, today we decided to talk about these differences and give you tips on breaking free from any social stigma or expectations when it comes to fitness. Let’s see what you could change in your fitness journey.

One of the biggest gender differences in training: motivation

One of the key sex differences in training is the motivation behind working out. Something that pretty much every personal coach Dubai could tell you is that men and women have different requirements from them. Men are usually the ones who want to look bigger, stronger and work on their muscles. They want to bulk up. When it comes to women, they want the opposite.

Wake up & workout sign on a lightbox
Though both men and women often embark on a fitness journey, it’s often for different reasons.

Women are looking for workouts that shred weight and make them look leaner and slimmer. Unfortunately, these reasons often aren’t good enough to make people want to continue exercising. Especially if you’re not seeing results quickly. It’s easy to get discouraged.

We say: forget the superficial stuff. You should be working out for your health and wellbeing. Looking toned and fit is just a plus.

The gender differences in working out at a gym

Some of the studies done on male and female fitness habits show that women attend the gym less often than men. The reason is often that they feel insecure or intimidated by the gym. While men enjoy going to the gym, lifting weight and putting the different machines to use, many women don’t feel comfortable doing the same thing. This gender difference in training is something that can greatly impact the way women exercise.

If you’re a woman and you feel insecure about visiting the gym, we get it. But the fact that you’re female shouldn’t hold you back. We have a few tips to help you break free.

  • Find a female-only gym or one where men and women use different rooms. Once you build up your confidence, you might feel completely fine using a unisex gym.
  • Work with a female PT. Look into female fitness trainers in Dubai and hire one you like. She’ll help you get more comfortable in the gym.
  • Get a gym buddy. Going to the gym alone might be scary, so try getting one of your friends to join you. Everything is easier with friends.

Women don’t do strength training as much

One of the biggest gender differences in fitness is the way men and women use the gym. Even if you’re using the gym as a woman, you’re probably not using the same machines as men. Men are more prone to lifting weights and using machines that build their strength and muscles. They hire male fitness trainers who will help them look bulkier and stronger. On the other hand, women usually stick to cardio workouts or group training.

Man lifting a barbell
Men usually prefer lifting weights and working on their strength, while women stick to cardio-based workouts.

And while doing cardio is completely fine and healthy for you, there’s no need to skip out on becoming stronger. Especially if the reason for skipping strength training is not wanting to ”bulk up”. Of course, there are ladies that like lifting weights or bodyweight training, there are many of them who don’t practice this type of exercise.

If you don’t feel like pumping iron in the gym, you can engage in different kinds of exercise that will make you stronger. There are all sorts of bodyweight exercises that are very effective and shape and tone your muscles really nicely. You don’t have to become a professional bodybuilder, you can become stronger on your mat.

Gender differences in training: the holistic approach to exercise

Working out is known as being a very healthy habit, not only for your body but also for your mental health. Releasing endorphins while jogging is a great way to boost your mood, for example. Other than that, there are certain types of workouts that aim to make you more mindful, calmer and focused. One of the major gender differences in exercise is that women are more prone to holistic fitness.

Woman doing yoga on the mat
One of the bigger gender differences in training is the way men and women see holistic training.

A good example of this kind of exercise is yoga. And even though yoga has plenty of health benefits, both mental and physical, men don’t usually take part in itMost of them are focused on gym training and becoming stronger. They think of yoga as ”just stretching”. But that’s far from true. It can be pretty intense.

Even though men are generally a little less flexible than women, it shouldn’t stop them from taking the holistic approach sometimes. Yoga doesn’t have to include bending your body in an unimaginable way. You can do some light yoga, stretching, bodyweight exercises and practice mindfulness. If you’d like to introduce yoga to your fitness journey, try finding a yoga instructor to work with. Your mind and mental health will thank you.

Don’t let your gender stop you from working out

As you can tell, there are quite a few gender differences in training that affect the way men and women approach working out. Whether it’s a psychological thing or a social expectation that’s holding you back from trying out a new workout, you should work toward getting out of your comfort zone. Remember that working out and moving your body is a way of caring for yourself. So, go to the gym, work on your strength, do some yoga – embrace the different workouts. Your mind and body will be very grateful.


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