Getting back in shape at 40 – All you need to know

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Published: February 21, 2020

Do you think that your time to get in shape is over? Feel too old to start a new fitness routine? You are wrong! It is never too let to get fit and start working out! Even when you are over 40, you can still call professional personal trainers Dubai to get some helpful starting tips! What’s more, if you increase your physical activity a bit later in your life, then you reap the same rewards! The risk reduction of cancer, cardiovascular disease as well as all-cause mortality is the same as when you were in adolescence! But that’s not all! You will also feel better psychologically too! This leads to less depression and having a more energetic life! Finally, you will improve your balance and fall prevention which is important as an elder! That’s why in this article we take a look at getting back in shape at 40!

How to start getting back in shape at 40

Of course, with a later age, there are some risks that you need to consider when getting back into fitness. In order to avoid any injury, which is the biggest concern here, you will need to create a routine in stages or steps. The point is to start slow to get used to it, and then build up to a tougher workout.

This means that you should first go and see your physician. You will want to have an evaluation of your capabilities, and see how far you can go. Make sure to also openly talk to them about your needs. If you, for example, want to start with fat burning workouts for men, they might have some great insight or advice about how to proceed with your routine.

a stetoscope
Make sure you talk to your physician before starting your workout.

Once they say you should start getting back in shape at 40, then you can start with your program. When creating a list of activities, make sure that you include a slow starting routine. This can have some aerobic exercises, or you can go to Pilates classes in Dubai. Then, you can include biking or treadmill, and then move on to weight training. As you go, you can slowly build the intensity and the timing of your exercise.

Another important thing that you need to do at the beginning – as well as whenever you are working out, really – is to stretch. Do stretching exercises before and after every workout. This way, you will prepare your muscles for what’s coming by activating them. You will also stop any injury from happening by working your joints in all directions. The same goes for after the workout – you want to lower your heart rate to normal – and these exercises are great for that.

What you need to get back in shape

Usually, when the person is getting back in shape at 40, there are two things that they will need. The first is to have a specific exercise routine built around their needs. The second is a positive mindset.

After you have come back into fitness, then you should aim for a couple of things. You should be able to do moderate aerobic activity for around 30 minutes each day. Also, three days a week, you should work on your muscle strength. For this one, you can even contact our kickboxing personal trainer Dubai! Finally, you should include balance exercises for at least two days a week. As we mentioned, these are important as we grow older, because they increase our balance and fall prevention.

a man on a skateboard getting back in shape at 40
Balance is extremely important throughout our lives!

Having a positive mindset is the other thing that is extremely important when getting back in shape at 40. Not being in the adolescence anymore, creating a routine might seem tough. So, having a motivational platform will help you achieve this. It can be anyone in your support system – from your spouse or partner to your kids and colleges! What’s more, having a good support system will keep your calendar busy. If you center it around healthy activities and routines, then you will never miss one and still feel healthy and fulfilled!

Problems that might occur when getting back in shape at 40

Of course, when you want to get back in shape, there will be a few problems and obstacles that you will need to overcome. The first one, of course, is the mindset you have. As you probably already know, creating a plan and sticking to it can be pretty hard. What’s more, a lot of people fail to do so easily. Creating a daily routine can be tough, but you need to do it in order to get back in shape. This is why having a good mindset and support system is the key!

stop sign
Examine what’s stopping you from getting back in shape at 40!

The next thing goes to finding the motivation to do so. So, ask yourself – why are you even reading this article? Is there an underlying medical condition that you want to beat? Do you just feel uncomfortable in your skin and want to change that? Whatever the reason, your best bet will be to locate it clearly and address it. Only then will you be sure about getting in shape, and respecting the routine you set out for yourself. That way, you will also have a daily reminder about why you are going through the routine, which can serve as a powerful motivator.


To conclude, although it might seem scary or impossible for some people, getting back in shape at 40 is not that scary at all! As a matter of fact, it can be quite easy if you are careful! Make sure you consult with your physician in Dubai and then call us to create your perfect fitness routine!

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