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Published: December 10, 2020

We live in an age where everything seems to be at our fingertips – other than our health. With so much information and entertainment we can get from our chairs or couches, too many have forgotten the importance of staying fit. We do not see the consequences of these actions until we get older – and then, things start to hurt. But even at old age, you can still search for a personal trainer Dubai and start living a good lifestyle. And luckily, there are many things that you can change in your day to day habits yourself. In this article, we share some tips on how you too can start living a healthy lifestyle at an old age. Keep reading, use the tips we share, and you will see the improvements in no time.

How your body responds to your age

Before we begin, let’s examine what happens to your body as you age. Without a healthy lifestyle, even when you are younger, you can still end up with high blood pressure, heart diseases, and other problems connected to your quality of life. All of these can be changed by two general ideas – changing up your physical activity, as well as your diet.

a woman in a garden
Take up gardening to stay healthy.

However, as you age, the problems caused by these bad habits can only worsen. First, the obvious – physically, your body starts losing the strength and the flexibility it once had. This applies to everything – your skin, bones, organs, all external and internal systems. You can find it harder to move, your joints might not be what they used to be, you might find your back hurts more and more, etc. The problems can only keep multiplying if you do not address them properly.

However, age also takes a toll on your emotional wellbeing as well. Sadly, as humans, we face many struggles in life. You will change your jobs, lose loved ones, move from one place to another. All of these things will shock your system in some way. The body responds to stress usually through hormones, and these affect your emotions. However, when caring about your body, these responses can often be less severe. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle at an old age can help you both physically and emotionally conquer everything that comes with old age.

Try to stay as active as you can

When researching what activities you can start doing at an old age, you will find an abundance of things. This can be surprising to some. After all, elders do not really go hand in hand with sports and some strenuous physical activity – which is true. However, there are many activities that do not really take a toll on the body as much, nor do they cause stress or carry risk, that you can perform at old age just as easily as you could when you were younger.

For example, there are many Zumba classes in Dubai that you can easily start taking today. There are other activities as well, and they will all work to prolong your life by keeping you healthy. Some studies suggest that even people over 70 years can start with some physical activities, and reap many benefits from them. These include:

  • helping you reduce memory loss and dementia,
  • regulating hormones better – including endorphins, which makes you happy,
  • reducing chronic pain in certain areas of the body,
  • increasing muscle mass and thus improving your metabolism,
  • improving your flexibility and balance, and posture along with these,
  • boosting your immune system,
  • improving your quality of sleep and the sleep schedule.

Work on your mind as well as your body

Another thing you will want to think about is helping your mind – not just your body. When you retire, you do not have to worry about your career any longer – and thus, you can dedicate yourself to being creative. This is one of the many things that will keep your brain alert. You can also take an interest in games, crosswords, languages, cooking, new hobbies, etc.

Games like chess can help your mind stay sharp.

To combine physical and mental, you can find the best yoga instructor Dubai has to offer and take classes for elders. This way, you will be able to relieve any discomfort from things like arthritis, while also keeping your mind sharp. However, make sure your physician agrees with these classes. You will want to start small so as not to injure yourself, and work up to the tougher challenges. You can also take up walking, gardening, or swimming and reap similar benefits.

To keep yourself motivated, you can also grab a friend and get them into the hobby too. Everyone will benefit from a healthy lifestyle at an old age – so have them join. Sometimes, even a short daily exercise will help you both stay fit and connected.

Your diet is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle at an old age

Eating healthily might be most important when you are an elder. As you age, your metabolism slows down. Similarly, your senses of smell and taste change too. All of these affect your dietary habits, which in turn affect your body even further. However, it’s still important to keep your healthy eating habits – or take them up if you haven’t yet.

Sadly, this isn’t’ always possible. Some elders cannot prepare or shop for food. If this is the case, make sure you have friends or family members to help you – or a health provider if there is a need for them. Many communities offer this service to older people, so make sure you ask around. Your diet should consist of a lot of fiber, veggies, and fruits, as well as whole grains and lean protein – which you get from meat. These keep your energy levels high while helping your digestion.

water is a part of a healthy lifestyle at an old age
Make sure you drink a lot of water.

Of course, water is of the essence of a healthy lifestyle at an old age. It helps with your energy levels but also keeps your skin smooth. When you see elders looking younger than they are, this is usually because of a good water intake. So keep eating well, regulate a healthy weight, and avoid putting toxic substances into your body – like smoking or alcohol – and you should be able to amaze everyone around you very soon.

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