Has the lockdown made the obesity epidemic worse?

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Published: August 7, 2021

If we assume that the lockdown somewhat influenced people’s lives over the globe, we won’t be wrong. Due to the ongoing pandemic, people experienced a lot of stress and anxiety. That was amplified once the lockdown hit. Therefore, many of us became more lenient toward a more loose lifestyle from home. However, none of this means that we made something that cannot be repaired. On the contrary, changing a lifestyle isn’t hard. If you were able to change it from active to lazy, you can reverse it as well. Try out a kettlebell workout for starters. If you want more, we will help you achieve that. Let us show you whether the lockdown made the obesity epidemic worse.

How has the lockdown shaped the lifestyle this past two years?

Once the first wave of the pandemic hit, society wasn’t sure what to expect. Since everything happened too suddenly, many were left baffled due to potential consequences that were about to strike. Some people didn’t change while others let the pandemic take its toll on them. We are talking about the mental influence the pandemic had. Even to this day, some could feel the consequence of the lockdown and how it has changed the overall lifestyle. Still, it is up to us whether we will stick to that mentality or adapt to the change and overcome it.

Girl measuring her waist
Start exercising from the beginning.

One way to overcome the negative aspect of the pandemic is to socialize again. Many people developed a habit of staying in touch through social media or other apps. That definitely affects people more positively than the complete absence of communication. However, many people miss the opportunity to get back in the physical world among other people. That is, unfortunately, a very negative decision. Another way to restart and turn things better is to start working out. Regardless of whether you exercised at home during the lockdown or not, you should activate your body more intensively.

Developing a workout routine turns out to be very useful. From getting up early in the morning, organizing your time, managing work and other chores, developing a healthy diet, and eventually exercising. You can accomplish all these things if you set your mind to it. Therefore, make a plan for the next three months and start working on it.

Has the lockdown made the obesity epidemic worse?

To start with, if we ask the question of whether the lockdown made the obesity epidemic worse, we will come to a unanimous answer. The pandemic influenced a lot of people especially those who were unable to work properly. Since many businesses turned to work from home, people became lazier and less prone to exercise. After almost two years since the pandemic hit, many people are getting back in shape. With gyms opening and working almost completely normal, the obesity level shrunk a bit.

Nevertheless, the lockdown made the obesity epidemic worse since people let themselves go, and didn’t move a lot. But how can we blame them? There aren’t always appropriate conditions to work out and we are aware of that. Additionally, people saw the pandemic as something stressful and new and subdued to its influence. Not contracting COVID-19 was far more important than staying fit. However, with the help of the best personal trainers in Dubai, you now have a chance to get back in shape.

Even though the lockdown made the obesity epidemic worse, it still didn’t completely draw people away from exercise. Many of them found time and space to work out from home which is worthy of praise. One thing that almost everyone did from home were abs workout. However, people also took care of their diet since you can’t have abs without proper nutrition.

Men in park exercising
Exercising despite the lockdown is worth praise.

If the lockdown made the obesity epidemic worse, how can we fix it?

Even though the pandemic and the lockdown made the obesity epidemic worse, we can’t always blame those for not exercising. As people say, if you train your mind, the body will follow. Hence, make sure to start from the beginning. You can start with something that will initiate your inner creativity such as Zumba dance. Besides, it is up to you how you want to get back in shape. Anyway, here is how you can achieve it:

  • Make it clear in your mind what you want to do
  • Set realistic goals
  • Develop a routine
  • Start exercising one day at a time
  • Learn to love the workout
  • Remember that healthy nutrition is most of the work

Adopting healthy lifestyle

After a few weeks of creating a healthy habit, it’s time to turn it into a lifestyle. The best way to achieve it is to relentlessly continue with your progress. Keep in mind that your progress might be slower than you expect. That, however, shouldn’t be something you take too seriously. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is possible if you stay determined. That is one of the ways to suppress the way the lockdown made the obesity epidemic worse. Here is how you can do it for yourself:

  1. Increase exercise volume by time
  2. Avoid eating processed sugar
  3. Always include green in your meals
  4. Drink a lot of water
  5. Snacks are a part of your nutrition too
Girl working out in the gym
Develop a healthy habit.

Changing everyday habits

As time progresses, you will see how your body will change. Even though it may seem slower than you expect, make sure you don’t give up. The key to success is consistency. Eventually, you will achieve your goal. However, once you do, don’t forget to keep living that lifestyle. You don’t want your work to go to waste, to you?

Turning habits into a long-term lifestyle

Even though life in Dubai is making people stay fit and healthy, some people need more than just a push. However, once people do get active, it’s time to motivate them to continue until they develop a habit. Although the lockdown made the obesity epidemic worse, it still helped people get back on their feet. Therefore, make sure you follow that trend too.


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