Heading back to the gym? Here is how to do it safely

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Published: October 22, 2021

There is nothing as good as starting something well over. If we’re talking about going back to your gym practices, that’s even better. However, you should know that heading back to the gym isn’t that easy peasy. You need to prepare for it both mentally and physically. If you wonder why, well that’s because you don’t want to get carried away. Getting back to shape is a very important, yet slow process. That’s why you should consult with our DubaiPT. We will help you not only get back to shape but get to the best state of your life.

Heading back to the gym – no problem

First of all, many people lost the ability to work out once the pandemic took its toll on all of us. Still, some managed to work around the restrictive measures thus stayed in shape. However, not everyone got that lucky. Regardless of that, we would like to help you get back in shape safely and without pressure. There are so many ways to achieve that, from fat loss workout to yoga and meditation. We will try to cover all these steps as long as you promise yourself you won’t push too hard. 

Girl stretching with a mask on
In order to prevent injuries, you need to warm up and stretch before and after every session.

Whether we talk about heading back to the gym after the pandemic or an injury, the rules are pretty much the same. Anyway, you should focus on remaining healthy from the beginning. Since your condition and shape declined due to the pandemic/injury, we would like to note how to get back to your exercise steadily. Here are some guidelines:

  • Create a physical distance between people in the gym
  • Try to carry a mask when you’re really close to others
  • Slowly get back to shape with some basic warm-ups
  • Understand that your body isn’t a machine
  • It’s normal to get sore muscles
  • Make sure you cool down after a workout session
  • Disinfect the equipment before using it
  • Don’t touch your face

Safe exercises for those heading back to the gym

To continue, you should know that heading back to the gym requires you to be responsible for yourself. Therefore, make sure you take all these measures with precaution for your own safety. Anyway, we will name some of the exercises you should do once you head back to the gym. Bear in mind that before every session, you need to warm up and cool down afterward. Don’t disregard that, because that’s the most important part of your training. Anyhow, here are these exercises:

Prepare mentally for the gym, not just physically

Sometimes it’s hard to go back to practice again. At times people find it excruciating to go back to it because they lost motivation and willpower. Nevertheless, you should know that these things are not so hard to avoid. Every athlete has had that feeling, at least once in their life. If you happen to face that same feeling, breathe in first. Know that it’s a normal part of your growth and that it will go away. Sometimes it will take a while but it will be worth it. Moreover, what you should do in that case is sit down and write down all the pros and cons of you heading back to the gym. Once you did that, you will be able to assess whether you’re permanently done exercising or if that was just a phase.

A man preparing to lift weights
If you train your mind, the body will follow.

Mental preparation sometimes lasts longer than getting back in shape. That’s why you should do your best to work out things in your mind before you start your crossfit training. Anyway, what you should do is forbid your stress from overwhelming you. The thing with stress is that it could be your best friend or your biggest obstacle. It’s up to you how you will channel that stress. A thing that helps in these scenarios is visualization. This means you should imagine every workout you’re going to take. Therefore, you will envision a positive reaction that will spark a change.

Another thing that might sound weird but has a very positive impact on your body and mind, is positive self-talking. That’s how you will be able to find purpose and self-worth. If you create positive thoughts in your mind and project them, you will make a positive change in your life. Know that this helps with any type of exercise from fat burning workouts to stretching.

Get ready to work like a beast

If you got everything covered in your head, it’s time to get to cardio exercises! This is a great start for anyone who wants to make a positive impact on their health and body. Hence, let that be your first and serious exercise after heading back to the gym. Moreover, focus on how you do that exercise. It’s not enough to simply do it. You need to do it right.

On the other hand, if you want to spice things up, try HIIT workout. That is one serious training. It will get you into shape pretty quickly without making you feel drained. Therefore, consider this as a great option to get back to the shape you wanted to. Besides the gym, there are other amazing ways to get back to shape safely. For example, you can go swimming. That’s the safest way to get in shape.

Girl with a mask in the gym smiling at the camera
Stay safe and make sure you follow our guidelines!

Getting back to shape in no time

Finally, we told you all there is about heading back to the gym. It’s your turn now to do the best you can in order to stay safe in the gym while also making a progress. You should definitely follow the advice that the World Health Organization gave and work according to those instructions. If you don’t feel well, visit the doctor and stay at home. Staying healthy is more important than getting back to shape. It can all wait after all.


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